Beach Family Portraits

I had so much fun earlier in December when I went down to San Diego to do a photo shoot on the beach for some of my favorite people – my sister, Kristin and her family. Her husband is headed back to Iraq with the Marines in a few months and will be gone for almost a year. These family portraits are so important to all of us! I’m glad they turned out so well. We had three young kids on the beach along with my infant daughter. Thank goodness there were two grandmas and a godfather there! It was almost 80 degrees on the beach so flying home to Sacramento that night where is was pouring rain was not much fun. Thanks to Kristin and her family though for letting me have great fun in great weather with my favorite sister and her clan.

A special thanks to Ollie for being my refelctor holder. What a good GodDaddy huh?

McGill Family Portraits

It’s been all about family portraits these days, and since this is where I started in photography I always love a good family photo shoot. I had the pleasure of taking the McGill family pictures a few weeks ago. I have been photographing Jill and Lonnie since they were dating! I was able to shoot their engagement and wedding photos and now their family pictures. It is so much fun to photograph people in all stages of thier lives, not just their weddings. Jill and Lonnie had a beautiful baby girl in April of this year. McKayla was fun to shoot, though at 9 months, she knows what the camera is and how to give me some attitude. We still managed to get some great shots, attitude and all.

Krista and Jeremy Engagements

Holy cow December has been BUSY! I’ve had shoots every weekend, and am booked every weekend until the new year! But, man alive, am I having fun. Here are a few of my favorites from Krista and Jeremy’s engagement session. I’ll share some family portraits of two of my favorite families later this week.

Seriously! What a fun couple!!! I can’t wait for their wedding in March. It is going to be AMAZING and they are just so much fun. I love it when wonderful people hire me to take their pictures. It just makes my job so dang easy!