Stacy and Wayne Wedding

I’ve known Stacy and Wayne for several years. Stacy is the older sister of my dear friend Randy and Wayne and I attended the same congregation at church for several years. When Randy’s wife Anne told me she and Randy had set these two up on a blind date I chuckled. They just weren’t two people I’d put together. But when Anne told me a couple months later that they had really hit it off I couldn’t help being really excited for them. They were so much fun as individuals, they would be a powerhouse couple. And sure enough, before long they were engaged. Funny how things like that work out huh? Two people you wouldn’t think to put together turn out to be perfect for each other, proving again that the universe has a great sense of humor.

Stacy and Wayne were married on March 24th in the Oakland LDS Temple and I had the great pleasure of photographing the two of them ALL DAY LONG! I’m sure they were pretty sick of me pointing my camera at them since we were together for 14 hours. We started the day off at the Oakland Temple at 7:30 that morning, hoping the fog would stay away and allow for sunrise portraits of the bride and groom before they were to be married at 10am. Sadly, Stacy’s hairdresser was a little overly thorough and she was delayed by a half hour and we missed the golden morning light. Luckily though, the fog wasn’t thick and gave us perfectly even light that is really a photographers dream. It was such fun to take all their couple pictures before the wedding, and before guests started arriving. I can’t tell you how much less stress there is when pictures are done before hand. It’s amazing! Plus, Stacy and Wayne are totally awesome, and so in love it’s amazing. They totally made me cry just with their sweet words to each other and all the kissing! You know how much I LOVE kissing.

After their wedding ceremony in the temple we grabbed a quick picture of everyone who made it to the temple and then jumped in our cars and raced over to some docks in San Francisco for a luncheon boat trip around the bay. This was my first time photographing anything on a boat, and I learned quickly that I don’t really have sea legs. Luckily, neither did the happy couple or their guests. It made it very funny to take some candid portraits as we all swayed on the deck. It was great fun nonetheless, and a wonderful experience. After the boat docked we were back in our cars and on our way back to Sacramento for reception #2 at the LDS Church in Fair Oaks, CA. What a packed house! There were so many people so happy that Stacy and Wayne found each other! It was amazing to see how excited so many people were for such a great couple.

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Thanks to Stacy, Wayne and their families for such a great experience. It’s good to be a part of so much love!

TashaAnne & Mike Wedding

Friday night I had an absolute blast photographing TashaAnne and Mike’s wedding reception. These two die-hard romantics ran away and eloped in December but kept their wedding reception on the origionally planned date. They partied the night away at Laguna Town Hall with family and friends. Can I just tell you it was so much fun! There was so much dancing even I couldn’t help shake it a little as photographed the action. The hall was beautiful with amazing light design and perfect colors. The cake amazing, beautiful AND delicious as all wedding cakes should be. Plus, the bride and groom an absolute pleasure to work with. It was a great night, and an amazing party to celebrate the very happy couple.

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Simmons Family Portraits

Last week I had the oppertunity to photograph the Simmons Family as they prepare to welcome a new addition to their family. Bethany was a little nervous about baring her pregnant belly, but she is so STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL there was no need for fear. She looks so beautiful, and her family is so excited to welcome a new baby come June.

I made a slideshow of images from the afternoon we spent together in their lovely home. Mike and Bethany wanted intimate family portraits, and that is just what we got. I always cry at weddings, but it isn’t often a family portrait session can make me weep. But this family is amazing, and there love is tangible – you can feel it the moment you walk in their home. It was so important for me to capture the way that house felt, and the way this family felt about each other. I’m not sure these images do any justice to how beautiful this family is. The first time I watched it I couldn’t help crying. This is what being a family is all about.

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Thank you Mike, Bethany and Hailey for the chance of a lifetime. And baby David… I can’t wait to meet you too.

Dress Shopping with JP

This is my best friend JP

I’ve known her since the 2nd grade, and basically she’s my sanity most of the time. We have done a lot of weird things together, had a lot of fun, got ourselves in and out of trouble and done a hundred thousand other hilarious and wonderful little things together that have cemented our friendship. Is it any wonder I named my daughter after her? I think not.

The only thing JP and I had never done together was go wedding dress shopping. JP got married 10 years ago and borrowed her sisters wedding dress. I got married a year and a half ago and I borrowed my good friends wedding dress. We never got to do the dress shopping thing. And while I had a HUGE party for my wedding, JP didn’t get a big shin-dig. She also didn’t get totally awesome wedding pictures. So, in honor of her being married for 10 years, my anniversary gift to her was awesome wedding anniversary pictures, because I’m not sure if you know, but I’m a photographer who happens to specialize in artistic wedding photography. HOW CONVENIENT!

So when I noticed David’s Bridal was having their $99 wedding dress sale JP and I hot tailed it over there and checked “Try on wedding dresses” off our things to do together list.

I’m going to be honest when I say that place was HOPPING! Seriously, there had to be 20 or 30 women trying on wedding dresses (and some trying on prom dresses. Hi Cameron! Call me!) and the $99 selection was slim to be sure. But since our plan is to do this shoot at the State Fair later this summer (can’t you just picture it? Cotton candy, carousels, corn dogs, other things that don’t start with a C). We are also going to go to the American River the next day and so some more fun stuff in the water. Basically, we’re going to MESS THIS DRESS UP! So, I really wanted to only pay $99 for it.

We tried on a few dresses. Some cute… some not so much. Of course I had my camera out the whole time to document our adventure. This picture is officially my new favorite picture of me and JP.

In the end JP picked out a BEAUTIFUL dress that is going to look AMAZING in pictures. It was pretty hilarious to have us two old married ladies running around a wedding dress store, but there is no one else I’d do something so silly with. I am SOOOO excited for August now and the totally cool pictures we’ll be taking. I promise to share!

Krista and Jeremy Wedding

I had so much fun on Friday (March 2nd) at Krista and Jeremy’s wedding. They were married at the Sacramento LDS Temple and then had a very fun reception at the Vintage Park LDS Church in Sacramento. I adore Krista and Jeremy! They were so much fun at their engagement session, and didn’t dissapoint at their wedding. We had a great time taking pictures around the temple grounds. They were great! The reception was a lot of fun with a packed dance floor, great food and A LOT of people helping the happy couple celebrate their marriage.

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A big thank you to Krista and Jeremy for being such an awesome couple and for letting me be a part of their day! Happy forever you two!