Suzanne and Cuneyt Wedding

Last Saturday Dustin and I had the great pleasure of photographing Suzanne and Cuneyt’s wedding at the Adobe House on the campus of Santa Clara University. The campus is so beautiful, and there is just loveliness everywhere! It was so great to be there. We started the day off with Cuneyt and his family at the Hotel Valencia on Santana Row in San Jose, California. (Can I tell you how much I LOVE Santana Row?!?! I’ll post some pictures from when Dusty and I went back on Sunday.) The Hotel Valencia is AMAZING! It was a lot of fun to photograph there. Then we raced over to campus and got Suzanne’s getting ready and bridal pictures done before Cuneyt got there as they didn’t want to see each other before the ceremony.

After a short but sweet ceremony the REAL PARTY started. There was SO much dancing! It was such a blast, and too much fun to photograph. Suzanne and Cuneyt threw one heck of a party with amazing food, a stunning cake, laughter, tears, and a good time had by all! I can’t even tell you how grateful I am that fate brought Suzanne and Cuneyt into my life. They are the lovliest couple, who are so in love, and so happy it just makes me melt. Take a look at their slide show… you’ll see just how awesome they are!

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suzanne and cuneyt

Tasha Anne “Mess the Dress” Bridal Session

I don’t know about you, but when I was a little girl I LOVED to pretend I was a model. Many an hour were spent in front of the mirror pretending to pose for photographers who would splash my beautiful face across the pages of glossy magazines. I haven’t met many women who didn’t still secretly harbor that girlhood dream. I know I do. Only now that dream has changed a little, and I am behind the camera making someone feel like a star. TashaAnne gave me the fantastic opportunity last week to live my photographer fantasy while indulging her own childhood dreams of being a super model with her bridal portraits photo shoot.

Tasha is a smart girl, I mean you can tell that just from how kickin’ her wedding was. But what makes her brilliant is that she bucked the tradition of formal bridals before her wedding and waited to do them after the wedding when she wasn’t worried about the condition her dress ended up it. So it was with a song in my heart that we tramped through fields, sat on sidewalks, and ran through the streets of downtown Sacramento. We visited a firehouse and a record store, were honked at several times, and had a flat out great time. It was PAINFUL to choose these pictures for her slide show because I hated to leave so many great pictures out. But Tasha is a natural when it comes to being photographed and seriously didn’t take a bad picture the whole shoot! I was so impressed! She climbed walls, walked through debris, and crowds of people fearlessly! She was my dream come true. We were racing the light, and she was absolutely up for anything. I can’t thank her enough for the awesome time and the even more awesome images we made together. So I’m going to stop rambling now so you can check them out!

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bridal 005

I’d like to invite any of my former and future brides to schedule a bridal “Mess the Dress” session and embrace their inner super model! (Don’t worry… we won’t ruin your dress… unless you want to.) The images are priceless, artistic, unique and a GREAT time is promised. Call or email me for more details.

Marlee’s Senior Portraits

Seriously, I am a lucky woman. Seems lately everyone I’ve photographed has been totally AWESOME and willing to do almost anything. Marlee is no exception to this trend at all. I’ve known Marlee for a while, and did some head shots for her a few years ago. I was so excited that I got to shoot her Senior Portraits this year. In just a few months she will be graduating from Del Campo High, and heading off to college. We took these pictures at the Botanical Gardens in Carmichael, CA and on the streets of Old Fair Oaks, CA. I think Marlee’s striking personality and laid back style totally come through. Our photo shoot was an adventure with mud holes at the gardens and chasing off some roosters in Old Fair Oaks, but between the amazing flowers, red wall and cool cars it was totally worth it.

Thanks to Marlee for being such an amazing person and so stinkin’ photogenic! I had a blast making your Senior Portraits as unique as you are.

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marlee sr. portrait

Three Cheers for Dustin!

Well, Dustin worked late into the night last night and put my computer back together again. We’re still working out some kinks, and installing programs, and updating and so forth and so on, but the computer is alive and well! I can’t even tell you how happy I am and how much I love and adore my smarty-pants husband. Where would I be without this amazing genius of a man?

Things should be back on track next week, and I’ll have LOTS of new slide shows for you. Dustin and I will be down in Santa Clara this weekend shooting Suzanne and Cuneyt’s wedding, so things will be quiet around here for the next couple days.

I hope you all have a great weekend!