Jill’s Trash the Dress Session Pt. 2

So I could hear Jill’s sister Jessica being excited about this all the way in Utah, and it with her in mind that I have spent most of the day getting this post ready. Finally I have the slideshow of last nights “Trash the Dress” session at the State Fair.

I do have to tell you though how much fun this was. Jill was an amazingly good sport, and did everything I asked her and then some. It takes a brave woman to walk around a fair in a wedding dress, and JP did a bang up job.

She encountered many a people wanting to know if she had been married there at the fair (yikes!) or if that was her REAL wedding dress, or just what the heck she was doing. We encountered many a gawking onlooker, but JP remained poised as ever. I couldn’t have been prouder.

So enough of me yakking about how awesome it all was. Take a peek at the slideshow and see for yourself! And brides, SERIOUSLY! If you want to have FUN in your wedding dress you should book a Post Wedding Bridal Session… the dress need not be trashed, but I will most certainly go as far as you’ll let me. Give me a call or shoot me an email for more details.

Click the image below to start the slide show!

Thanks again to JP for her awesomeness, Dustin for his upper body strength, my sister Kristin for her bouquet making abilities and babysitting willingness! You guys are the best!

Jill’s Trash the Dress Session

So, we JUST got home from a wild night shooting Jill’s “Trash the Dress” session at the California State fair and before I crumble into a heap of hot exhaustion on my bed I had to post this picture because when I snapped the shutter I KNEW it would be magic… and it is.

Thank you to Jill for a wonderful night of awesomeness and to my beloved Dustin for being my pack mule. (And thanks to my sister Kristin for watching my sick daughter.) I can’t wait to share more! Check back tomorrow for a slide show! I’m off to bed now!

Alexis and Brian eSession

Dustin and I headed over to Woodland to meet up with Alexis and Brian last week to shoot their engagement session. We were way excited because first of all we LOVE Woodland, and secondly we LOVE Sonic… which just so happens to BE in Woodland. So we had set up to meet this happy couple in front of the Sonic. A tiny part of our hearts broke as we turned in and saw that the Sonic was closed for “minor repairs.” But, we soldered on started take some awesome pictures of this adorable couple.

Alexis and Brian met in college at UCSB. They were friends for a while before they started dating, mostly because Alexis had a car that could trusted more than Brian’s. Who would have thought that a need for transportation could bloom into love? But bloom it did!

Dustin and I had such a great time photographing this happy pair. They are so perfect together! After our walk-about in Downtown Woodland, we headed over to Ludy’s for some super yummy BBQ.

Thanks so much to Brian and Alexis for a great evening of picture taking! We can’t wait for your super fun wedding in October at the Ryde Hotel! Check out the slide show for more fun pictures of this great couple.

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alexis and brian 001

Beth and Michael Wedding

On August 12th Beth and Michael were married on the American River at Camp Lotus in Coloma, California. We had never met the bride and groom prior to the wedding (our second wedding like that this year) so we weren’t quite sure what to expect. We were delighted to find beautiful Beth and her eye for detail and one heck of a handsome Micheal. As we watched everything get prepared our anticipation and excitement grew even more. We knew this was going to be a great wedding, and it sure was.

After photographing the bride getting ready (and making her own bouquets!)as well as the groom and his men we all headed down to the river bank for a sunset ceremony that was so beautiful. Beth was walked down the aisle by her awesome son, Austin. They had a little ceremony right there where Beth wrapped a cord around him, told him how wonderful he was and how much she loved being his mother and what an amazing man he had become. Then she handed the cord to Michael who unwrapped it and talked about Austin becoming a man. Oh my gosh! Poor Bija and I were bawling our eyes out! Seriously, what a thing to do to two mommy photographers. :) It was so awesome to see a family taking shape right before our eyes.

Then Michael and Beth exchanged their beautiful and touching vows. Seriously, this was one of the most emotional weddings I have ever been to, and I’ve been to some doosies! The happy couple kissed as man and wife, and were off to their celebration!

The reception was lit by candlelight and fire light and it was amazing! We took the time to take some long exposers so all the candles would show up. The guests enjoyed wonderful food made by the River Runner’s cook and a beautiful cake from Sierra Rizing Bakery & Coffee House. It was a beautiful night under the stars with a beautiful couple.

Thanks so much to Beth and Michael for letting us document their big day. We had such an amazing time experiancing the love you share not only with each other, but all of your wonderful family and friends. We wish many years more of love and happiness to this great pair!

Check out their slide show for more images of this wonderful wedding!

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MB 001

Alisa and Justin Wedding

Last Saturday the wonderful Alisa and Justin were married at the Heritage House Inn in beautiful Little River, CA. Bija and I drove up the night before and stayed at the super adorable Sandpiper Inn so we could be with the bride and groom bright and early on their big day.

We started things out with Alisa as brides take a little longer to get ready than grooms. That’s a little known wedding factoid. Alisa was an amazing bride who paid the utmost attention to detail. It was such fun photographing the little details from her Kate Spade shoes and clutch (in which she carried pictures of her grandparents) to her stunning Jenny Lee Couture dress to the amazing jewelry she picked out for her big day. Then add on that she designed the invitations herself, and basically she’s wonder woman. Alisa also brought in some great pros for hair and makeup – Julie Evarkiou of Acabello Salon in San Francisco, and make up artist Arabella Blaza. With these ladies on the job Alisa looked even more jaw-droppingly beautiful than usual.

Bija headed on over to hang out with our groom Justin and photograph him getting ready a little later in the morning. Luckily Justin’s mom and dad were there to help him out.

And then it was ceremony time! Alisa and Justin were married by James Sibbet in a beautiful cliff-side, ocean front ceremony. It was absolutely breath taking! After the vows, rings and kisses were exchanged the happy couple was showered with rose petals as they walked back down the aisle as husband and wife.

The reception was held inside the inn and included a beautiful 5 course dinner. Alisa and Justin shared their wedding with 24 of their closest family and friends. It was lovely that everyone got to spend time with the bride and groom, and they truly celebrated with their loved ones. After dinner, Alisa and Justin cut their stunning cake (again, designed by Alisa) from Perfect Endings Bakery in Napa.

After their guests went back to their hotel rooms, we took Alisa and Justin out for a sunset photo shoot. The clouds refused to part, but we took some beautiful pictures of this amazing couple.

Thank you to Alisa and Justin for letting us be a part of your wedding. We love you guys!! Please check out more images from their wedding day by viewing the sideshow below. I seriously could have made a three hour sideshow if I’d had the music for it! It was killing me to keep this to the length of one song! Take a peek for yourself by clicking the image below.

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Alisa and Justin 001