Beth and Michael “Trash the Dress”

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to venture back to Beth and Michael’s wedding site with them to do a post wedding bridal session. Things got pretty hectic on their wedding day, and by the time the vows were said we had run out of light for couple pictures and bridals. So, being the totally awesome people that they are Beth and Michael had me come back out and photograph them again. And just like the first time it was an absolute pleasure.

Beth is just a stunning woman in general, but when she is with Michael she absolutely glows. I really wanted to capture that glow and think the light we were in lent itself perfectly to achieving that. Beth is just an amazing person and I loved photographing her. Her confidence and grace is just stunning.

Once Michael joined in things got even more amazing. There is such chemistry between these two. Their love is so obvious, so deeply planted that I was overwhelmed by how they feel about each other. It’s lovely to witness a couple that have what I am so blessed with – a spouse that holds your soul in the palm of their hand.

Beth and Michael were even brave enough to go into the river (IN OCTOBER!) and Beth even completely submerged herself. I was so impressed with her (as was her adoring husband.) The result of her bravery are some lovely images that capture her grace and beauty in a simply stunning way.

Thank you to Beth and Michael for the chance to photograph you again. You are such a delight to my heart! Thank you for letting me be a part of your love.

Check out their slideshow for more awesome images.

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beth and michael ttd

Life [As An Art Form] or the Workshop of Loveliness

Last week I had the opportunity to share in a wonderful experiment pioneered by the lovely and delightful Jesh de Rox when I attended his Life [As An Art Form] workshop in San Diego, California. I love workshops because I usually walk away with a new technique or a new way of thinking. This workshop didn’t just change my work though, it changed me as a person – and oh my gosh! How grateful I am for the change. I won’t bore you with the blow by blow of just how life altering this little experiment was, but I came home Saturday with my heart full to the brim, and a whole new excitement for the work that I do. I am so excited to share that excitement with not only my family and friends, but the lovely people who have allowed me into their lives to photograph it.

I had such fun with the small group that gathered together for this workshop. Each person in attendance shaped the experience so dramatically. I am overjoyed that these delightful people have taken place in my suitcase heart and will be carried with me always. Below are some pictures of the fantastic Susan Yee of En Pointe Photography in San Diego and of the uber talented Amy Seeley. I wish these pictures told even a tiny part of the story of my love for these people and this experiance. Love is a very, very good thing. :)

Alexis and Brian’s Wedding

First of all, can I tell you how bummed I am that I wasn’t able to get this up like WAY earlier? Seriously! The hotel I was staying at in Carlsbad didn’t have the best internet connection and uploading a slideshow might have made the place implode. And as we were already in the middle of a firestorm, I thought it best not to push my luck. More on that later though… for now it’s all about the lovely Alexis and Brian.

On October 13th Bija and I got to photograph the wedding of this most wonderful couple at the Ryde Hotel out in Walnut Grove, California. It was such a beautiful day! It had poured rain the night before, so things were a little soggy, but the wedding day was clear and beautiful. It couldn’t have been better. Of course we started things off with this beautiful couple getting ready. I love this picture Bija took of Brian as he was finishing getting ready.

Alexis was SUCH a stunning bride. I loved her veil so much. I’m not much of a veil person, and didn’t wear one when I got married, but I adored the one Alexis chose. It was just perfect for her.

Their ceremony was officiated by a dear friend of theirs and was really moving. The best part for me though was how they looked as they came down the aisle as a married couple. It was pretty obvious how much they love each other.

After some group pictures we got to spend some time with Alexis and Brian and take some really sweet pictures in the sweet light. It was pretty much totally awesome (despite the fact I’m a clutz and fell twice). I just love these images of the happy pair.

There are lots more awesome pictures of Alexis and Brian’s big day. Check out their slideshow to see how cool this art deco wedding was. It was so much fun to be a part of their big day! Thanks for letting Bija and I be there.

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Alexis and Brian 001

I [b]elieve!

So Jen and I got to have lunch with the super fun and incredibly wise [b]ecker this afternoon and it was SO much fun! I seriously love the community of photographers that are in California! We have the best bunch on earth. :) Jen and I had a great time with our dear Becker – but I guess you couldn’t guess that from our picture.

The workshop with Jesh de Rox officially starts at 10am tomorrow, and I am so excited! I have LOTS of blogs coming down the pipeline, so don’t dispair. Slideshows are on the way, but the internet here at my hotel isn’t the best for uploading things to the world wide web. I promise to post as much as I can though and share some of the fun I’m having down here with this awesome group of people.