Tawny and George eSession: Part Duex

You might remember the lovely Tawny and George from an eSession we did in October while I was down in Southern California. We had big plans for fun beach pictures, but got smoky skies and light that was a little difficult. So, when Tawny and George called me up to say they’d be in Sacramento and wanted to take some more pictures where it didn’t look so much like the apocalypse I was super excited! I couldn’t wait to get these two in front of a camera again!

Tawny and George met us last week on a beautiful Sunday morning. Dustin was kind enough to be my assistant, so the four of us hoofed around Sacramento finding all the color and loveliness we could. Tawny and George were absolute pros! Seriously, they are making me think we should ALWAYS do two eSessions!

Thanks to Tawny and George for letting me know they were going to be in town so we could get together and make some more magic. Check out the slideshow for more awesome images of this beautiful couple and make sure you stick around till the end of it if you feel as strongly about bacon and cheese and fried food as George and I do. :)

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Hemesi Family Portraits

So I have been seriously slacking on the blog. Moving has sucked the life right out of me, and on top of being burried neck deep in boxes, my poor baby girl has two ear infections and is not what one would call happy. So, I’ve been working sporatically between the unpacking and the baby soothing. And one thing I’ve worked on these past few days is something I should have done about 5 months ago – my sister’s family portraits.

My sister Kristin moved back to Sacramento over the summer when she left the United States Navy after 8 years of service and joined us cute little civilians. With a shiny new Finance Degree in her pocket she set off for Sacramento and managing my wealth… or debt or whatever. Along with her she brought beautiful 6 year old Phoenix and the ever dashing 2 year old Michael, both of whom just happen to be her children. See… aren’t they adorable?

The one person who didn’t come was Kristin’s husband Khasha. Khasha is currently serving his second tour of duty with the Navy in Iraq. He has been gone for almost a year, and his little family misses him dearly. In September he was able to come home for 2 weeks R&R and it was during that time we ventured out and took some bitchin’ family pictures. I’m thrilled to finally give my sister the pictures I’ve been holding hostage for the better part of a year. Especially since she just moved into a big house and has ample wall space for large prints. :)

Check out the slideshow for more images of this awesome family! We can’t wait for Khasha to come home and see how the beautiful a 40×60 canvas of him in the living room looks. :)

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kh family

Movin’ On Up!

I’m happy to announce a big change here at Sarah Maren Photography! WE ARE MOVING!!!!! This Friday we’re packing up the 26 foot Penske and heading East to Roseville. We have been incredibly blessed with the opportunity of lifetime with this house. We are excited to live in a house with windows everywhere and a backyard for Lauren. But that’s not all! We will finally have a client area dedicated to my wonderful clients! We will have albums, canvases, seating, displays and more. I’m so excited! Look! SO is Lauren!

So, that means I’m going to be out of the office most of the next few days. I’m doing my best to pack so we’re ready to get out while the gettin’s good. :) If you have any pressing issues please feel free to email or leave a voice mail. I promise to try and return messages as soon as possible. I look forward to showing you the new space! In the meantime check Lauren pointing out the positive!

Wild Flowers

I had the distinct pleasure of doing a little photo shoot with my dear friend Beth Baugher of True Love Photo yesterday. She was shooting some images for Miosa Bridal and I stopped by to pick up a light, and ended up staying and working with her for the whole day! It was so much fun photographing the amazing dresses and these beautiful flowers provided by Blooms by Martha. There is more to come from this shoot… I just had to share these flowers! I’m in love. Zebras and leopard prints together! Seriously, what’s not to love!

Yes We Can! Get Out and VOTE!

I am blessed to live across the street from my polling place, so this morning my mom came over and sat with Lauren as she slept and I walked over to exercise my right to vote. I walked across the street for the woman who fought through Suffrage to give me that privilege, for the men and woman who have died on battlefields to give me that privilege and I walked across the street and put pen to paper for my daughter who lay sleeping in her room. I want nothing more than to give her a country she can be proud to be a part of, to give her a future of hope in a world full of promise. Today I voted so that someday she can walk across the street and do the same.

Get out there and vote! And if you’re not registered for this election get registered for November. We CAN make a difference. The world CAN change. I know it.