tina and brett esession

Last Friday Dustin and I headed down to Old Roseville with the lovely Tina and Brett to shoot their insanely rad engagement session. Tina and Brett and stinkin’ awesome and hanging out with them was a blast. They were total troopers who did all the crazy things I asked them to with such joy and spunk that it was contagious! Most cool though was the way these two totally connect with each other. The looks they gave each other were electric! There wasn’t a moment when they weren’t possitivly buzzing with joy

I will have you know that shortly after the above picture was taken we were shooed off the tracks by a railroad worker. I have no idea why, but I think it’s hilarious when I get in “trouble” for being places I probably shouldn’t be all for a good picture. We saw a truck driving toward where we were shooting and I said, “See that truck? He’s coming for us!” And sure enough! Luckily, I had a cop and a future nurse with me, so I felt like all my bases were covered. And really… the pictures we got were totally worth a little scolding. :)

Thanks to Tina and Brett for a super fun afternoon of picture taking and running from security gaurds. :) I can’t wait for your big day in June. It’s gonna be awesome!

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tina and brett esession

lyndsay and mike esession

Sweet, beautiful Lyndsay and Mike. Seriously, if we were in high school I would want to be Lyndsay’s best friend and I’d probably have a crush on Mike. These two are so amazing, and so awesome and so in love that it just makes me all warm and tingly. I love it! And I loved photographing their engagement session.

Dustin and I met up with Lyndsay and Mike at Ink Eats & Drinks downtown on Sunday evening for their engagement pictures. After a drink and some chatting we chased the light around for a few blocks and had a darn fine time doing it. Lyndsay and Mike met while working at Rayley’s during college. And although I could write a lot of puns about the express lane of love, and so forth and so on, I will spare you. What I will tell you is these two definitely have a very deep connection and that connection just jumps out of their images. There were times when they were looking at each other and my heart would just stop! It was incredible to witness so much love.

A huge thank you to Lyndsay and Mike for a magical walk around Sacramento. I am ecstatic about your wedding this July and simply can’t wait to photograph you again! It’s seriously going to rock!

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Lyndsay and Mike eSession

Cute Hubby, Cute Baby

My dear friend Tiffany came over yesterday and today and is helping me get some pictures hung up in the new house. I have loads of frames, but did you know one of the perils of being a photographer is never getting any of your own pictures printed? Me either! But so it goes. I have frames with pictures that are 8 or 9 years old or still have the fake pictures in them from when they were purchased! So, since Tiffany spent so much time and energy doing a kick-ass job of designing my ample wall space, I’ve been forced to edit some of my own pictures and get some prints made. And really it’s about time! The picture above is Lauren doing one of her favorite things in the world, swinging at the park. She is all about the park these days, and running around like a wild child. The picture below is of my darling husband, Dustin. I actually took it only last week while we were waiting to start an eSession downtown. He’s such a hottie! It’s no wonder I like him so much. :)

As soon as the prints arrive I’ll take some pictures of my new house to share with you guys! It’s been fun putting everything together, but I’m really ready to be completely moved in! Dustin has a long weekend starting tomorrow so I think I’m going to put him to work! Because that’s what loving wife’s do, right?


Last week I had the pleasure of photographing the launch party for Dynamite Weddings at Toast Restaurant in Granite Bay. It was a bitchin’ party and I was so excited to be a part of it.

There were beautiful flowers from Blooms by Martha, Florish, Visual Impact and Lilly Grass. Check out some of the awesomeness.

Mr. DJ kept the tunes rolling through the night as we enjoyed signature drinks and yummy foods.

For me though, the best part of the night was the candy bar set up by A Day to Remember and Pfeffier Event Planning. I mean check out the abundant yumminess!

Even Dustin got in on the action!

Thanks to everyone who partied with us and to Jennifer and Nicole for putting together such a fun night! It was most certifiably DYNO-MITE!

Sarah and Brian’s Wedding

I love Sarah and Brian… like A LOT! This wise couple got married on a Tuesday afternoon at the Sacramento LDS Temple, and let me tell you I think that is awesome. For those of you unfamiliar with an LDS wedding, there isn’t any photography allowed inside the temple, so pictures are more akin to a portrait shoot because you don’t cover the ceremony. Sarah and Brian had me come out before their wedding and we did their pictures first so they could enjoy the rest of their day. It was so much fun!

Sarah was such a beautiful bride! And she was so excited to see Brian. These two were just bursting at the seems with love, and their joy was absolutely infectious! They were up for anything, and so willing to have a good time. Brian seemed to know just what he wanted and I hardly had to give them direction at all! I was so sad I didn’t get to spend the whole day with them! But even the little bit of time we spent together absolutely made my day!

Thanks to Sarah and Brian for inviting me to capture their personalities and their deep, soulful love. It was such a joy working with you! Seriously you two… when I’m out in Utah next month we need to play! I wish you both an eternity of happiness together! Check out the slideshow for more pictures of this beautiful couple!

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Sarah and Brian's Wedding