Rhoda and Junie {Wedding}

Sweet wonderful Rhoda and Junie! I love you both, I adore you loads, you’re an awesome couple and your wedding was FANTASTIC! We started the day off with both the bride and groom at Wine and Roses in Lodi, California.

Seriously! How stunning is Rhoda! I knew she was going to be the most beautiful bride, and I was not disappointed. She was just perfect.
She also had some seriously fun bridesmaids! They were the best.
Dustin hung out with Junie and his fellas for some fun portraits as well. I love seeing the images Dustin takes when I’m editing. There is always something fun and unexpected, and with these fellas I love a lot of the images.

Then it was off to Rhoda and Junie’s church for their wedding ceremony! They packed the house with family and friends. There was lots of light which is so rare for many churches. We had a wonderful time witnessing the beautiful ceremony.

This next one seriously stops my heart. I so wish I had a picture like this from my wedding. There is some LOVE in this picture. It is clear how much these two adore each other and it just makes me all kinds of happy.

After the I Do’s we headed back to Wine and Roses for the celebration and of course some pictures!

Rhoda and Junie had some awesome details at their wedding. I loved them all! :)

Then it was party time! Rhoda and Junie shared a wonderful afternoon with their great family and friends. There was a lot of laughter and tears of joy and just a WHOLE lot of fun. It was nothing short of AWESOME!

A BIG thanks to Rhoda and Junie for having Dustin and I share in their wedding day! It was a joy to be with you, to witness your love and devotion and to celebrate with you! HUGS to you both!!

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R+J coming soon!

I heart NY

Kristin and I are here in the NYC and can I just tell you… I LOVE IT! We went to the Met and the Guggenheim and saw some AMAZING art, bought my first hot dog from a street vendor, went to the top of the Empire State Building (see photo above… I was rockin’ some long exposures in crazy winds without a tripod.), had a yummy sushi dinner, rode on a subway for the first time in my life and walked back to the hotel via Times Square. Basically… one of the most fun days ever!

Tomorrow we’re going to Canal Street for some fake purse shopping, meeting up with my lovely pal Rachel Hadiashar, shooting an eSession of Megan and Brian and then having dinner with Rachel and her friend. I’m seriously so stoked! I am not sure how much more blogging I’ll do as someone who is in charge of the computers around our house didn’t load a little program called Photoshop onto my laptop before I left leaving me unable to process much with speedy awesomeness. But brace yourself for some blogging come Friday! I can’t wait to share lots of fun stuff with you!

Niki and Clay {album}

Well I had to take a moment from frantic packing and last minute planning to blog. I wanted to share Niki and Clay’s wedding album with you before I ran off to the East Coast. I had a wonderful time making this album for this beautiful couple. It was a joy to relive their wedding day and tell its story. I can’t wait to hold this album in my hands! Thanks to Niki and Clay for being so great! Check out the album below.

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Also just a quick reminder that I will be out of my office from… well… now until Friday morning. And really, Friday is going to be a lot of recovering from flights and late nights and craziness so bear with me. I am so excited about my trip, and my shoots and getting to spend time with my wonderful sister and also getting to see my dear friend and amazing photographer Rachel Hadiashar of Merge Weddings. I can’t wait to share images with you all! I promise to do my best to blog a picture or two while I’m out there. I can’t wait! See you next week!

Something AWESOME This Way Comes

So! Things around these parts have reached a WHOLE NEW level of crazy over the past couple days. I’ve been shooting like a maniac, editing like there is no tomorrow, and trying my best to occasionally see my husband and child. Hello, and welcome to the fall rush! There has been lots going on, and so much of it I am super excited about. We’ve shot some AMAZING stuff lately, and it’s killing me to not get it up like the minute I shoot it. But some of it has been super top secret, so it’s stuff I can’t share and that makes me sad because it is ROCKING MY SOCKS OFF! And I want it to rock yours too! I just need you to be patient and prepare your socks for the rocking that is eminent.

On top of everything else on Monday night I am boarding a Jet Blue Airplane and heading to New York City with my beloved sister. We are going to the NYC for a couple of shoots (one eSession, one family portrait session) and we’re going to try and cram as much as we can into the day a half we’re not shooting! We’re going to museums, the Empire State Building and as many other cool places as we can manage. I am really excited, but also really stressed because I will be away from my office for four full days! Which means I won’t be editing, making wedding albums, answering emails, etc. So! For those of you waiting on pictures I ask for your patience and understanding. I am working hard, but you know me! It’s all about the perfectness. So! Here are some Sneak Peeks of what is in store SOON!!!

Rhoda and Junie’s Wedding in Lodi, CA
Sarah and Jason’s Wedding in Laguna Beach, CA
Super Top Secret Photo Shoot to be revieled in Nov.
The Camacho Family Portraits
The Allen’s Newborn Portraits
Lisa Marie and Issy’s Family Portraits
Tralee and Mike’s awesome Apple Hill eSession

I know it’s like putting a turkey dinner just out of reach of a starving person, but I promise… it’s worth the wait. :) I will be posting a few things before I go, so check back. I promise lots of pictures of New York and me and my sister trying not to be complete dorks in the big city.