jessica and keith {tease}

Jessica and Keith’s wedding last night was AMAZING! Seriously, we had so much fun, and had such a great experiance with these two fantastic people. Jessica was stunning, and Keith was so handsome. It was a beautiful day with an amazing couple and we just had so much fun! I had to share this image with you all before we head out for two engagement sessions today. Thanks to Keith and Jess for such a great time! I can’t wait to show you the rest of the images!! You guys ROCK!

i get so emotional {personal}

OH MY GOOD LORD!!! The website is back, and I can stop being nauseous ALL THE TIME. Thanks to all the great people out there who emailed and called to let me know there was a problem in the first place. There was a virus on our site thanks to our old hosting company’s REALLY bad security. The virus was found and eliminated thanks to my AMAZING husband Dustin, and the hard workers (Jamon, Dustin and Neal) at Baldology. Guys… a drink is on me in Vegas.

We have a new hosting company with amazing security, and a site that is virus free and ready to rock! Thank you all so much for your patience and understanding during this time of what felt like the total destruction of my soul. This website has really truly become a part of me and I felt so empty without it. I am happy to have it back and in great health. I have lots I’ll be posting over the next few days, but today we’re off to be a part of Jessica and Keith’s AWESOME wedding! And really, now that the site is back up, we are most certainly ready to ROCK!

megan {10th birthday portraits}

My oldest niece, Megan, turned 10 years old last week. In honor of hitting double digits she invited a few of her friends over for a slumber party that included makeovers and a photo shoot and her VERY cool Auntie Sarah’s studio. I wanted to make Meg’s 10th birthday as memorable as my own was. (Let’s put it this way, I got a pink boom box that had a shoulder strap so I could properly carry it around AND the “Dirty Dancing” Soundtrack. How could any birthday ever even compete?) It was a lot of fun with some fun girls at the studio.

Thanks to Megs, Phe, Sierra and Taylor for being awesome models and for celebrating Megan in style! You guys rocked it out. And Megan, you are amazing and I’m so happy to call you my favorite 10 year old on the planet! Check out the slideshow below or HERE for more images of these crazy kids.

lukas {3 month portraits}

Babies, babies, babies! They’re everywhere and they are making me hungry for a little chubby snugglefest. (Have I ever mentioned how NOT into snuggling Lauren is?) Lukas just brings out the need for baby in me. He is ADORABLE, and oh so holdable. He is just a little ball of love and cuteness, and it’s just impossible to not want that around you. Karlene and Shawn brought their little man into the studio to rock some three month portraits. Can I just say this boy has personality PLUS! He’s 3 months old and he’s a ham! I love him.

We worked in some quick family pictures as well. I hope Karlene and Shawn will forgive me for putting these images up, but I just love how cute EVERYONE is in these pictures. I think we can see where Luke gets some of that amazing personality of his. He sure is one lucky guy to have such cool parents who like him ever so much.

A big thank you to Shawn, Karlene and Lukas for a great session! I love that we’re getting together every three months to document the growth of this little(ish) man. Check out their slideshow below or HERE for more sweet images from an awesome shoot!

LJ takes a sick day {personal}

My cute baby girl is feeling VERY under the weather…. AGAIN! It seems like this winter has been one fever and cold after another. Lauren just got over a serious case of the sniffles, and then on Sunday developed a fever out of no where. She doesn’t seem to have an ear infection, but she has fever blisters all in her mouth and it is just so sad! Having a sick baby is the worst. My mom came over for a little while this morning to take care of her while I ran some errands, but she had to leave when my dad called to inform us he’d taken a tumble down some stairs and broken his pinkey finger. So, off my mom rushed from a fevered baby to a broken husband. And I am here with my poor girl. She is finally napping, but her fever just won’t stay gone for longer than a few hours. I’m sure if this pursists tomorrow we’ll have to make our way to her pediatrician. In the meantime, there are Popsicles and Pedialite on the dinner menu and LOTS of “Yo Gabba Gabba” on the television.

(PS… this image is from a studio shoot we did last week… I’m editing the images and seeing my cute girl so happy and well is just enough to make me weep!)