Spring has Sprung {personal}

Yesterday was absolutely GLORIOUS! Seriously, I am putting it on my list of top 10 days of this year. There was no big event, nothing super duper important… it was just a lovely day filled with things and people I adore. It started off with reading in bed for a chunk of the morning (how indulgent is that?!?!), then eating breakfast with my family, working of Project Clean Laundry and then enjoying a wonderful dinner with friends and photographing them and their cute babies! And to finish off the night I beat my husband at Yahtzee! PERFECT DAY! Thanks to everyone who made it possible… especially this very cute, very helpful two year old.

Ryn and Dan {wedding album}

Ryn and Dan! Honestly, one of the most AMAZING weddings we shot last year. Ryn is not only a stunning bride, but a lovely person. I adore her! Dan is pretty awesome too! I mean, how could he not be, right? You might remember their beautiful fall wedding at Morgan Creek Golf Club. If not, don’t worry! Here’s their album!

Check out all SIXTY SIX layouts (I swear, that must be my album sweet spot) HERE or in the slideshow below!

sarah and jason {wedding album}

WHAT? ANOTHER wedding album? Um, yeah! I’m kinda on a roll okay. So much so in fact, that this week is album week. BRACE YOURSELF! Here are our lovely Sarah and Jason! I love them, I LOVE this album!

This album is 50 delicious pages of their uber fabulous Laguana Beach Wedding last October. I am so smitten with it, I may have to have one made just for me so I can hold it and look at it and feel all warm and tingly whenever I like.

Check out the whole album HERE or in the box below! HOORAY FOR ALBUM WEEK!

Jen and Ed {wedding album}

Jen and Ed are just two of my most favorite people ever! What a better way to start off the week than with their wedding album? You might remember their awesome wedding up in Lake Tahoe last fall. It was just one of the most beautiful days with this amazing couple and all of their wonderful family and friends. Dustin and I had such an amazing adventure with these two. It was so fun to put together this SIXTY-SIX page album for them.

Have a look at all the layouts HERE or in the box below.

The Shipley’s {family portraits}

The Shipley’s are one heck of a rockin’ family. Dustin and I loved spending time a couple weeks ago getting to know them. We were so impressed with the beautiful home they grew up in and even more impressed with the amazing land behind the house that was full of DREAMY light. It was seriously like a dream come true! Great family, amazing light and beautiful spring afternoon. Honestly, it just doesn’t get better!

I really loved seeing a family fully grown, and expanding. It made me think of my own family, and how wild it is that we are all married and have kids. Seeing this mature family, and the beginning of the next generation of their family was just awesome. Josh and Sarah have a BEAUTIFUL baby girl, Rachel and she was such a treat to photograph. How could you not love her little cheeks? And it was so fun to photograph the couples too! From Mom and Dad to their baby girl and her handsome husband it was just a lot of fun!

Then even Moses, the family dog got in on the action. I love it when family pets get in on the action too. And Moses proved to be especially lovable

Thank you SOOOOO much to the Shipley’s for being so fantastic and so much fun. Dustin and I adored our time with you and hope to photograph you again soon! Check out their slideshow HERE or in the box below for more images from their lovely session