Gina! {sneak peek}

Gina! Gina! Gina! I love her! Gina rocked out a senior session this past week and I had to share a little sneaky peeky of some of my faves so far. I can’t wait to show more of all the awesomeness Gina gave me during her session.

More hot images of our beloved Gina soon!

Also, I wanted to remind everyone that starting… um… right now I will be out of the office until Monday morning. Dustin and I are headed off to San Francisco for a working vacation. :) We’ll be celebrating our 4 years of being engaged anniversary (yes, that’s right… 4 years ago TODAY Dustin said, “One of these days I’m going to ask you to marry me.” And I replied with, “Well…. go ahead.” And that was it… ENGAGED!), meeting up with some good friends, and shooting an engagement session. It should be awesome fun. Phone calls and emails will be returned on Monday! Have a RADTASTIC weekend everyone!

Jessica and Keith {Wedding Album}

Jessica and Keith had a CRAZY AWESOME wedding in January. It was the first wedding we shot in 2009 and what a way to start off a great year. I just put the finishing touches on their 70 PAGE wedding album, and um… I LOVE IT! I mean, how could you not love a wedding with all these hot details and such a smokin’ couple? For reals!

Check out the slideshow HERE or in the box below for all the layouts from their awesome wedding album!

Kajsa {senior portraits}

Kajsa is seriously one rockin’ chick! I was so excited to shoot her senior portraits. We were blessed with some wicked cool clouds and found a really rad field to take advantage of the cool sky. Kajsa worked it out like a pro! It was seriously fun!

As an added bonus, Kajsa brought along her BFF Katrina for some fun pictures. These gals have been best friends since the 7th grade and are hilarious together. I really love it when seniors bring along a friend for some buddy shots. It always makes things so much fun.

Then we were off to the studio for some more fun shots. I love using the outside of our space as well as the inside to get some sweet pictures. Kajsa was totally game for anything, and the images turned out great.

I love Kajsa’s favorite pair of shoes. She’s had these for 5 years and LOVES them. Last night at her premier she told me she loves them, even though she can’t wear them when it rains because her feet get wet. It makes me glad we took this picture to highlight them.

Thanks to Kajsa and her uber cool family for a great premiere last nigt, and for rocking this session out like nobody’s business. Check out the slideshow HERE or below for more pictures of Kajsa’s super rad senior portraits!

This is the thanks I get {personal}

So I help a friend out… my beloved Bethie B NEEDED a blog, and gosh darn it I set one up for her. It’s pretty cute if I do say so myself. So this morning as I sip my morning joe and browse my blog reader I see this

Quite possibly the wackiest picture of me ever. This is the thanks I get for putting together a slammin’ blog? Wackiness? Actually, I love it. It’s so me. I’m just so excited that Beth has a blog. She is constantly putting out amazing work, and I’m so happy she is sharing it! Take a gander at her little piece of the web HERE. I’m sure there will be more wacky pictures of me before long.

Our Little Performer {personal}

So last night we were looking around RC Wiley… kind of looking at new dinning room tables… kind of not looking for anything. Somehow, like always we ended up in the electronics department. We ended up buying our first every camcorder and honestly I’m really excited about it. Lauren is hilarious, and it kills me that while we have a MILLION pictures of her, we don’t really have any video of her being the hilarious kid she is. That has ALL changed now. So, even though my living room was a mess and pretty dark, and my husband looked kinda weird we shot some video of LJ being LJ last night before bed. Here she is regailing us with her two favorite songs – “Twinkle, Twinkle” and “The Boys are Back” from HSM3

I promise to not post TOO many crazy videos of Lauren… or at least I will try really, really hard not to. Have a great weekend everybody!