tralee and mike {wedding}

Wonderful Tralee and Mike were married on May 30th in beautiful Auburn at the St. Joseph’s Cathedral and then had one of the most rockin’ receptions ever at Monte Verde Inn. It was seriously such a fun day and I am so excited to FINALLY share these pictures with you! (We had some scheduling issues with their premiere at the studio… but we had it on Friday so now you all get to see them! Hooray!) We started at Monte Verde with some getting ready shots of the bride. I love Tralee! She is seriously a gem.

Tralee has SUCH a wonderful group of friends and the cutest family ever! It was SO much fun photographing them all. Dustin got to hang out with Mike and his awesome pals in downtown Auburn for some manly photos. I love these guys! They were down for anything.

Then we were off to the church to get these two lovebirds married! I know this might sound weird, but I really enjoy full mass weddings. The ceremony is long enough that it gives us a chance to do some more challenging shots, and be a little more artistic because we’ve gotten those MUST HAVE shots. Plus, I like churches… they are really interesting to me!

Then it was back to Monte Verde for some portraits and party time! Tralee and Mike has some BEAUTIFUL details that I really loved photographing.

Then we rocked out some couple shots and some pictures with their bridal party. Seriously… this groups was awesome! We had too much fun with them!

And then it was party time! From hilarious toasts to the last dance it was just a wonderful party celebrating a seriously wonderful couple. I am so happy Dustin and I got to be there and see all of that love.

Thank you Tralee and Mike and your wonderful family and friends for being so awesome and for letting us be a part of your wedding. We love you guys and can’t WAIT for our day after session. Take a peek at the SLIDESHOW HERE or in the box below for even more awesomeness from Tralee and Mike’s wedding day.

Ceremony Venue: St. Joseph’s Church
Reception Venue: Monte Verde Inn
Flowers: Party Petals
Catering/Cake: Monte Verde Inn

megan and brian {wedding}

Beloved Megan and Brian. How I adore you! This beautiful couple was married earlier this month at the Cathedral downtown and then had one of the most fun receptions ever at The Firehouse in Old Sac. I can’t even begin to tell you how much fun Dustin and I had with the great couple and their incredible family and friends. It was just an incredible day! I started out with the ladies at Megan’s parents home in Roseville. I love getting ready shots… they are such fun! And you all know how I feel about detail shots… my love for them runs deep.

Isn’t Megan STUNNING? I honestly couldn’t wait to see her all done up. I knew the moment I met her she would make an incredibly beautiful bride and was SO not disappointed. Once the ladies were ready we piled into a limo and headed downtown to the Cathedral where we met up with the fellas and had Megan and Brian’s first look and rocked out some portraits.

I seriously love Megan and Brian’s friends. They were AMAZING and SO MUCH FUN! I can’t thank them enough for doing everything I asked of them… they rocked and now… so do their pictures.

Then a few pictures of our happy couple… sigh… I love them.

And then it was ceremony time! One of Brian’s favorite professors from Boston College flew out to marry them. He told some wonderful stories and made their wedding very special. And hello! The Cathedral is BEAUTIFUL! I loved shooting there.

Then we were off to the Firehouse for the party! It was absolutely one of my most favorite receptions ever. There were cupcakes, and great food, and lots and LOTS of dancing.

Of course I snuck the bride and groom off for some portraits while the sun was setting. I mean, we WERE within walking distance of some of my most favorite shooting spots in the world.

Thank you to my dear Megan and Brian and to their amazing family and friends for a wonderful day! I am so happy we got to be with you all to celebrate your wedding. We love you! Check out the SLIDESHOW HERE or in the box below for LOTS more pictures from their most lovely wedding.

Ceremony venue: Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament
Reception venue and catering: Firehouse Restaurant
Bride’s Gown: Melissa Sweet
Flowers: Bartlett Flowers
Cupcakes: Icing on the Cupcake

Windy the Intern {around the office}

I would like to introduce Windy! Windy has been my intern for this past month, and I must be honest when I say I adore her. She is just delightful and I am so sad that June is almost over and she won’t be mine anymore. There will be tears when I am all alone once again come July. Windy is currently studying photography at Long Beach. She is pretty awesome.

Windy’s experiance with photography so far has been a lot of product work, so working with the wedding crowd has been a whole new ball of wax. It’s been fun to see her reactions to this side of the industry. Yesterday she came to the studio with me and sat in on a couple consults. Of course, if you come to the studio you are at my mercy when it comes to being photographed. Like most photographers Windy was a bit unnerved about being on the other side of the lens. She knocked it out of the park though! 5 minutes around the studio and we banged out these smokin’ hot pictures of my lovely intern. What a girl!

Windy you are AMAZING and I’m so happy to have had you around. I will be so sad when you leave me! You are an incredibly talented woman and I can’t wait to see what you make of your visions. More to come of Windy soon. She joined me on a shoot yesterday, so I’m sure you’ll be seeing some of her work too.

Megan and Brian {sneak peek}

I love Megan and Brian… seriously ADORE THEM! They had an amazing wedding at the Cathedral and then one of the most awesome receptions ever at the Firehouse last week. It was simply a joy to be a part of their wedding. I am SO grateful to know them. Here is a sneak peek of what’s to come from their fabulous wedding.

And seriously… this might be the most awesome picture ever. Megan thanks for hamming it up with my super cute hubs while I tested the light.

More to come soon!