mandy and scott {day after session}

You know what makes me all warm and tingly? Day After Sessions. Seriously, I love them! They are so freaking rad! I love that Mandy and Scott chose to rock a Day After Session in downtown Sacramento. It was a blast taking these two to some of my favorite spots around town. And let’s be honest, a wedding dress in front of a monster wall… MAGIC!

Mandy and Scott TOTALLY brought it for this session. They were so much fun! Dustin and I kept coming up with stuff (here! Sit on this person’s scooter! Here! Go in this record store!) and they were just so up for it. We loved it and had the most fun with them.

Mandy and Scott also made a dream come true for me. Every time I pass a freeway overpass I dream about shooting under it… and you know what… these two were ALL FOR IT! And it turned out so rad! I am just so in love with these two. SO in LOVE!

And to finish off the night we headed over to Lounge on 20 to finish up our shoot and enjoy some fried mac and cheese and corn risotto.

To see more of these lovelies and their superfun shoot check out the SLIDESHOW HERE or in the box below. Thanks again to Mandy and Scott for rocking it out with us! We adore you!!

mandy and scott {wedding}

Mandy and Scott are flat out delicious. There isn’t much better way to describe them… they are just tasty! I am so happy to know them, and am even more happy that Dustin and I got to photograph their beautiful wedding on September 6th up at David Girard Vineyards. It was seriously a magical day, and everything went so smoothly it almost didn’t seem real. We LOVED every single thing about these two, and their wedding was just as loveable.

Of course I love me some details, especially when there is so much care and thought put into them the way Mandy put into hers. Mandy made the most stunning bride… I seriously don’t think I could have taken a bad picture of her if I tried. I mean, her smile is just to die for!

Of course Dustin had the pleasure of hanging out with the fellas. Scott has some really hilarious friends, and it was a pretty darn good time to hang out with them. And let’s be honest, Scott cleans up real nice too.

Then it was time to get these two married! Mandy’s dad drove her to the ceremony site in one of his classic cars… it was a perfect touch to start of their beautiful and deeply personal ceremony.

Then it was time to rock some portraits… and use that hot car just a couple more times.

Then it was party time! Oh! And party they did! From beautiful dances to hilarious toasts and a very fun cake cutting and bouquet/garter toss it was jammin’ from beginning to end.

Mandy and Scott we love you! Thank you so much for letting us witness your wedding! You are the best and we are so happy to know you! Have A BLAST in the Dominican Republic this week! You deserve it. Check out more of this super cool wedding in the SLIDESHOW HERE or in the box below. And don’t forget to check back for their super hot day after session!

Wedding and Reception Venue: David Girard Vineyards
Florist: Olivia Rose
DJ: First Class Entertainment by Gary McAllister
Officiant: Judge David de Alba
Caterer: Bocca Catering
Cake: Divine Desserts

Tralee and Mike {wedding album}

It’s that time of year again… the time when album orders come in like CRAZY! It’s one of my most favorite times of year though because I have a deep well of love in my heart for wedding albums, and I am always so excited when clients get their albums. I love putting that book in their hands! It makes me happy. Tralee and Mike had a really beautiful wedding in May, and followed up with a day after session a few weeks later. I LOVE how their album turned out!

Have a peek at it in their slideshow here or in the box below!

do you remember dancing in september {teasers}

September! September has been a busy one. Seriously, how is it the 21st of September? I have no idea. But, what I do know is this month has been filled with awesome weddings, and we have one more to go, and basically I LOVE MY JOB! I feel so blessed to have such rockin’ couples! So, keep your eyes open for more from these lovely couples!

Mandy and Scott

Jazmin and Toni

Karen and Tim

I am also really, REALLY excited to take today off. I haven’t had a day off in… well… a long time. And so, today Bethie and I are off to the spa for a full day of refreshment and rejuvenation. I am so excited about it that it is kinda silly. I am thrilled to be spending the day with my dear friend and recharging my batteries so I can get all these super rad pictures ready for everyone. With that… here are some fun pics of me and the Dusters we took of each other this month. Have I ever mentioned how much I love my husband? I mean, he’s super cute and brings me diet coke at weddings so really, what is NOT to love? He’s the best… and cute… oh so cute.

Lisa and Geoff {day after session}

In order to keep their title of Most Awesome Couple Ever, Lisa and Geoff booked a Day After Session with me at one of my favorite places in the world – the California State Fair. I mean, seriously, it’s the most perfect place ever. Crazy rad people watching + fried food of every possible kind + beer garden + wine slushies + super cute couple + my amazing husband + my BFF and studio-mate Beth Baugher = MOST RADICAL DAY AFTER SHOOT EVER!!!!!! For reals! Feast your eyes on this magic time will ya?

The really fun thing about shooting with Dustin AND Beth is we were able to get so many totally different shots of the same pose. While Beth and Dustin rocked the flash on a stick look for these first pictures I did some classic Sarah Maren backlight at the same time. Both pictures, equally delicious looks! Seriously! It was the most fun!

So Lisa EATS THE CAMERA ALIVE! Seriously, she is one of the most photogenic brdes I’ve ever had. Like, sorry Geoff… we totally focused on your girl. We hope you didn’t mind standing alone in a corner while we parked this beauty in every ounce of good light we could find. Because, um, how could we NOT?

Of course, the shoot wouldn’t have been the same without the handsome and very tall Geoff. He made a lot of magic himself. I mean, it takes a REAL MAN to embrace a 5 foot tall banana… I’m just saying.

Then it was time to enjoy some rides the fair has to offer. Not an easy task in a wedding dress and suit, but these two made it work! And I’m oh so glad they did!

Geoff even took the time to win Lisa a cute little elephant! Lisa LOVES elephants… their cake toppers were elephants, their wedding invites had elephants AND their logo for their photography business is an elephant… I mean he gets husband of the year award for winning that thing!

Once again, I don’t even KNOW how to thank Lisa and Geoff for letting us be a part of their AMAZING wedding. They rocked this session so hard! Special thanks to Dustin and Beth too… it was so fun having our little family all together (we even pushed all of our gear around in Lauren’s old stroller and called it our baby) shooting and having fun. Check out the SLIDESHOW HERE or in the box below for more hot pictures of this smokin’ session!