the mrasek family {portraits}

So I was on Twitter one day and my dear friend Maria wrote “I REALLY need some family pictures.” As a photographer I KNOW how that feels. I know what it’s like to not have any pictures of your family with you in them. It’s the worst part of being a photographer! You have hundreds upon thousands of images of your kids and your husband, but none of you with them! I was thrilled to tell Maria I would happily take pictures of her ADORABLE family. I mean really, look at her babies! They are the cutest!

The first time I met Maria we were both attending a photography workshop. We were paired up for an exercise where we had to talk without any input from the other for 2 minutes. Both of us talked about our families and our cute husbands. Hearing her talk about her family meant the world to me. So, being able to make images of her and that family was a great joy, and a huge honor.

Seriously! How cute are Kash and Leah? Tut and Maria can sure make cute kids! I just adored photographing them!

It was a pleasure photographing Maria and Tut together too. Leah and Kash helped out by making faces at them the whole time I was shooting them… even still there is electricity between these two. When I was culling the images I thought, “This is what meant to be looks like.”

Also, the picture below is probably my favorite picture Dustin has ever taken. It is SO perfect!

Of course, these kids couldn’t stop being cute, so I couldn’t stop taking pictures of them!

Big huge thanks to Tut, Maria, Kash and Leah for making this shoot spectacular! I adored every second with you guys. Thanks for being such delightful friends. We love you! Check out the SLIDESHOW HERE or below for more images of this super special family.

Natasha and Stetson {wedding}

Beautiful Natasha and Stetson! How cute are they? I met these two earlier this year when they were at Stevie and Blake’s wedding. They had just started dating and were pretty darn cute. I was thrilled to get a phone call not too long after letting me know they were engaged and getting married in the fall and they wanted me to take their pictures! I was so excited. They pulled together a beautiful day and I am so happy I got to be there. My dear friend Rachelle of Rachelle Photography joined me as my second shooter and we had a blast photographing these beautiful pair. We started things out with the fellas!

Then it was time for the ladies. I LOVED the bridesmaids plaid dresses! They were SO fun!

Because photos were THE most important thing to Natasha and Stetson, they had a first look and set aside over an hour for portraits before the ceremony. It was FABULOUS! Rachelle and I had a blast!

And then it was ceremony time! It was one of the loveliest ceremonies we’ve had all year. I loved their personal vows – they were perfect for them!

To add to the awesomeness of their wedding, Natasha and Stetson hired Kate Miller Events to coordinate their day. Kate is magical, and everything went without a hitch. Plus, I love how the room looked! It was stunning!

Thank you Natasha and Stetson for being so wonderful, and letting us do our thing! We loved every second we were with you on your big day! Thanks again to Kate Miller for her amazing and beautiful work, and for Rachelle who made everything look even better that day! Check out the SLIDESHOW HERE or below for more images from this delightful wedding.

Wedding and Reception Venue: Sacramento Grand Ballroom
Wedding Planner: Kate Miller Events
Flowers: DIY by the amazingly talented mother of the groom
Cake: Meghan’s Cakes
Catering, DJ and Emcee: family friends

Megan and Brian {wedding album}

The delightful Megan and Brian had me put together a lovely album for them of their delightful June wedding. Dustin and I had the best time at their wedding! There was so much joy and so much dancing! I adored every minute of it. Here are a few of my favorite layouts from their album.

Check out the slideshow HERE or below for all of the layouts from their beautiful wedding album.

Busy, Busy! {Sneak Peeks + Out Of Office}

Holy Moly September and October have been hectic to say the least. It’s always a crazy time of year with getting geared up for the holiday season and because fall is the new summer when it comes to weddings. We’ve shot 6 weddings in 6 weeks and have two more this month. We are so excited about the 4 weddings we have left for our 2009 season. I can hardly believe it, but we have MORE THAN HALF of our 2010 dates sold and are no long taking commissions for the month of June 2010. We only have one available weekend each in May and July 2010 as well. Thank you to all of my amazing couples for being so freaking awesome and for having us be a part of this great time in your lives together.

I know my cute couples from the last couple of weeks are anxiously awaiting their images, so I have a couple sneak peeks for you guys. First the ever lovely Natasha and Stetson followed by the fantastic Jill and Jacob.

I can’t wait to share more of these lovely wedding with you guys! They are so fabulous!

Also, I wanted to let you all know that I am out of the office for the rest of the week. I am shooting a fabulous fundraiser for the Rainforest Action Network tonight in San Francisco, and then a wedding in San Ramon and a family session for some of my most favorite people in the universe. I will be back in the office on Monday to return emails and phone calls and all that goodness. Thanks again to everyone for making 2009 so freaking great and for giving me so much to look forward to in 2010! See you on Monday! Have a great weekend!

allyson and ben {eSession}

Allyson and Ben are flat out ADORABLE! I am SO excited that they are our first 2010 wedding. They are going to set an awesome tone for next year. Heck, they already have with this beautiful engagement session! We had so much fun cruising around downtown while they were in town a couple weeks ago. It’s funny that when we shot this is was about 100 degrees out and now I’m so cold I have slippers and a scarf on. But even though the heat was relentless these two totally worked it out. It was a blast!

Aren’t they the cutest?!?! I adore them and so excited for their wedding. Check out their SLIDESHOW HERE or in the box below and prepare yourself for a whole lotta love. Thanks Allyson and Ben for being so rad it hurts! See you soon!!!