Out of Office and Sneaky Peekies Galore!

So, as many of you know I’m heading off for a week long vacation with my adorable family. I am SO FREAKING EXCITED I CAN’T STAND IT! We are taking LJ to Disneyland for the first time and I seriously feel like a kid at Christmas. I am so excited for her to see all the things she loves so much! This is more exciting to me than my OWN first Disneyland experience. It’s going to be awesome and I just can’t wait. Of course, getting ready to go on vacation is a job itself. I’ve been pulling a lot of late nights trying to get everything done before we leave. Sadly, I shot more than I could edit in such a shot amount of time and won’t be able to get everyone their entire collections before we leave. I do however have some sneak peeks for you!

Bonnevie and Erik’s eSession in Walnut Creek

Annie and Troy’s eSession in San Francisco

Tibby and Tom’s Ikea eSession

Lukas’s One Year Old Portaits

Keegan’s 9 month portraits

And Gavin and Stacy’s beautiful Apple Hill eSession
I can’t properly express how much I love this picture… like I think it should be a canvas in the studio. Don’t you think so too?

Thanks to my awesome clients for being so patient. Being creative EVERY SINGLE DAY is so much harder than I ever thought it could be. Doing what I love is such a blessing, but it is definitely hard work and I am so happy to be having a little time off to recharge my batteries and spend some time with my family. I feel so blessed to have such a supportive husband and such a delightful daughter. I am just going to bask in the light they give me for the next week. Thank you all for everything! Have a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving with your families! Please remember emails and phone calls will not be returned until November 30th. Happy Thanksgiving!

Seo Family {portraits}

The Seo family is one dang cute bunch. Two rambunctious boys and two adorable parents make for some super fun pictures. Especially when there is ice cream at the end of the shoot. :)

One of the even more awesome things about this family is how they got their session by supporting their schools PTA. My BFF Jill has two lovely daughters and I am their fairy godmother. So, being a good fairy godmother means donating to their schools. It was fun to hear all about the bidding war! But I’m so thrilled this family won. They were so fun!

Thank you awesome Seo family for a rockin’ shoot and for supporting the PTA! You guys are the best!
Check out their SLIDESHOW HERE or in the box below for more from their super cool shoot!

Marianne and Garrett {wedding}

Marianne and Garrett are just one of the most wonderful couples we’ve ever worked with. They are SO in love, and SO perfect together! I felt like all the stars aligned for their wedding day and everything just turned out beautifully. Marianne is SUCH a beauty! It was a joy photographing her.

When a bride gets a little blue box from her groom you KNOW it’s going to a REALLY good wedding. :)

When I was going through editing the images Dustin took of Garrett and his guys getting ready all I could think was, “OH MY GOSH! That looks like so much fun!” Garrett is one of the best grooms ever! He was totally present for his pictures and just rocked everything out. He gets a gold star from SMP.

Then it was time to get these two all married and stuff.

I love this shot Dustin got of their first kiss… so tender!

And I love the post ceremony high fives and hugs.

Then it was time for some couple snuggle time pictures.

Then we were off to Scott’s Seafood Restaurant for their beautiful reception. All of the details of the wedding were so beautiful.

Then is was party time. And what a party it was. Marianne and Garrett are LOVED. From the beautiful toasts to the dancing it was just jam packed with love for this beautiful couple. It was such a joy to be a part of.

Marianne and Garrett THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for letting us witness your lovely wedding! You guys are just awesome and we adore you! Check out the SLIDESHOW HERE or in the box below for more of this delightful wedding.

Wedding Venue: Shadeland’s Museum
Reception Venue: Scott’s Seafood Restaurant Walnut Creek
Flowers: Flowers by Anne
DJ: Marc Emeldi

julia and tom {25th anniversary party}

Julia and Tom are just two of the most wonderful people I’ve ever met. They celebrated thier 25th wedding anniversary this year and did so in style. They traveled to Hawaii to renew their vows and then came back home and had a big, beautiful party at The Citizen Hotel. Let me say here and now, it was THE best party I have EVER been to! I am so grateful Dustin and I got to be a part of this celebration!

Isn’t this cake STUNNING??

It was most definitely a night full of surprises. Tom and Julia’s oldest daughter, Ashleigh, had told her parents she wouldn’t be able to make the party but just because you tell them something like that doesn’t mean it’s actually true. Ashleigh decided to surprise her parents by dressing up as a waitress. They honestly didn’t recognize her for almost 30 seconds. It was fabulous!

Then the party really got started! It was wonderful to be with this group of people who have known and loved Julia and Tom for YEARS! And it’s obvious why they’re friends with this great group: THEY ALL KNOW HOW TO PARTY!

Another surprise during the night was just for Tom. Let’s say Tom is no fan of the Burger King King. So of course, the King HAD to make an appearance at the party!

Julia and Tom! Thank you so much for letting us be a part of your celebration. We love you guys and hope you have 25 more years of happiness together. Check out the SLIDESHOW HERE or in the box below.

Event Location: The Citizen Hotel
Event Coordinator: Tres Fabu
Flowers: Shelley McArdle
Cake:Karen’s Bakery
DJ/Lighting:Extreme Productions
Videography: Sheffield Multimedia
Makeup: Makeup by Leilani
Hair: Hair by Design