Shootout 2009 {around the office}

It’s that time of year again… that time when I go through the files I’ve collected over the year in a folder called “Sarah and Dustin Shooting” and see all the silly pictures we’ve taken of each other as we shoot. It’s pretty rare to not take at least an image or two of the person (or persons) you’re shooting with during the course of an event. Often we make it into a game, even more often Dustin gets irrated by my taking pictures of him. But no matter who I’m shooting with I always end up with a picture or two.

2009 was another great year for having great photographers come hang out with us! We have LOVED our dear friends who have been so much fun to shoot with. Many huge thanks to Marina Miller of Red Heart Photo, Gwyneth Colleen of Gwyneth Colleen, Andrea Price of Andrea’s Images, Rachelle Stogner of Rachelle Photography, my dear intern Windy Dougal and of course my studio mate and soul mate Beth Baugher of True Love Photo for shooting with me, and for being such wonderful friends! I adore you all! (And Beth, I’m building my life around this next picture of you. :))

This is Dustin’s new favorite picture that I have ever snapped of him. While this 400mm was a rental, Dustin is CONVINCED that now he needs one… me… not so much on the convinced part.

Once again, THANK YOU THANK YOU to my wonderful husband Dustin for being my support, my bestie, and the coolest weirdo I know. Thank you also to our delightful clients who have made 2009 such a joy! We have loved working with you all! Thank you for inviting us into your lives, and for making our job SOOOOO much fun. We can’t WAIT for 2010! Check out the SLIDESHOW HERE of our crazy year shooting each other.

jenny and brandon {wedding}

The wonderful Jenny and Brandon were married a couple of weeks ago, and OH MY GOSH! It was seriously one of the most fantastic fall weddings ever! It was just SO Jenny and Brandon – laid back, classy and ever so much fun. There were huge smiles on everyone’s faces all day and lots of love for this very, very happy couple. Jenny made one heck of a stunning bride! I mean, SERIOUSLY! She rocked it.

Brandon was a pretty hot groom too!

Because Jenny and Brandon were getting married at sunset they chose to have a first look just prior to the ceremony. The were ADORABLE! Seriously, these are some of my most favorite first look pictures ever.

And a big thanks to Dustin for standing in a soggy ditch to get some super awesome pictures from below.

And then it was time to get these two married! Jenny and Brandon have had a long distance relationship for most of their time together. So it was really cool to have both of their home pastors marry them. There was just such a huge sense of joy through the whole ceremony. It was awesome.

Dustin spent a lot of time in soggy ditches at this wedding. These next two images are among my favorite for the wedding and are all thanks to Dustin and his ninja photo skills. It’s rare to get a truly intimate image of the couple during a ceremony, so I was THRILLED when I saw these beautiful images that Dustin made. Also… he rocked the sun flare! It’s just one more reason for me to love and adore him.

These were taken as Jenny and Brandon were walking away from their ceremony. The light was just amazing and of course I was giddy as a school girl.

Then we took a few minutes for some more couple pictures before heading in to the party.

Then it was off to their party! Guests were invited to guess how many miles they had traveled to see each other over the course of their relationship. And the party was hopping! It was a blast to be there. And Jenny and Brandon REALLY know how to make an entrance.

Jenny and Brandon thank you SO much for having us be part of your wonderful wedding. We are so happy that you guys are FINALLY together for good! We adore you guys! Check out their SLIDESHOW HERE or in the box below for more images from their super fun wedding!

Wedding and Reception Venue: Catta Verdera Country Club
Wedding Coordinator: Tres Fabu Events
Bridal Hair: Hair by Design
Bridal Makeup: Makeup by Lelani
Flowers: Bartlett Flowers
Cake: Divine Desserts
DJ:Exquisite Entertainment & Events

Keegan {9 months portraits}

Keegan is actually about to turn one here in a few days, but I wanted to share his super fun 9 month portraits we took a while back. Keegan is one of my favorites, and he just gets cuter every time I see him. We went to a park to let Keegan do what he does best – PLAY!

Oh my gosh! Can you believe his eyelashes? Such a cutie this one.

Thanks again to Whitney, Phil and Keegan for such a rocking session. I can’t wait for our next session! I can’t believe he’s almost a year old! Check out the SLIDESHOW HERE or below for more awesome pics of this cutie!

Tibby and Tom {eSession}

Tibby and Tom! Now HERE is a power couple. I adored them the moment I met them, and am really excited to be a part of their wedding. Tibby and Tom are IN LOVE and it is just awesome to be around them. I love their spirit! They are absolutely infectious. When Tom told me they wanted to do their eSession at Ikea, and had already set everything up with the manager who would let us in before the store opened I almost cried with joy! I was so excited, and so were they and thanks to all of that and the magic that is build-it-yourself Swedish furniture this session ROCKED!

And let’s for a moment marvel at Tom’s handywork. He made this spot on product tags for he and Tibby! Um, Tom… I love you… in a photographer way. :)

Then we jumped on some beds, hugged in some tubs and had a quick coffee break.

Tibby and Tom! Thank you SO MUCH for putting so much thought and effort into your session… it TOTALLY paid off! You two are just amazing and I can’t wait for your wedding in March. Thank you again for being so darn wonderful! Take a look at their SLIDESHOW HERE or below for more images from their Ikea eSession!