Brandi and Zach {eSession}

Sweet wonderful Brandi and Zach! They were SO BRAVE for their engagement session last week. It was pouring rain pretty much the whole time we were shooting, but these two powered through and loved the heck out of each other through it all. I am so excited we get to be a part of their wedding in the summer… especially because I think it will be a lot dryer than this engagement session was. Lucky for us in spite of the rain pretty pictures happened!

Finally we were so cold and wet that we retreated into a parking garage… because it was dry and well, you know how I feel about parking garages. :)

A big, huge high five to Brandi and Zach for totally rocking out their rainy day esession! We can’t wait for your wedding!! Check out more from their session in the SLIDESHOW HERE or below.

Thankful {personal}

See that picture up there? Those two people (and the fella who helped me make them) are what I am most thankful for today. I am thankful for the beauty and joy they bring to my life. What was once a black and white world is now bursting with technicolor because of them. They are the reason I carry on; they are the reason I believe in love. They are everything.

This last week has been hard… like really, REALLY hard. I have had to face fears, stand up to situations that felt impossible and find solutions to problems that seemed beyond solving. It has also been one of the best weeks ever. It has been spent with friends we really, truly love more than we can say. They have made us laugh, made us feel incredible and reminded me that life is so very good. And we have also been so blessed to be surrounded by family. Today we sat down together in my brother’s living room at a long table and ate A LOT of delicious food together. Again with the laughing and the feeling warm and safe and home. No matter how impossible life seems sometimes (and it TOTALLY feels impossible sometimes) I am blessed beyond measure with friends I adore, family I would hand pick if it were up to me and the best husband and kids in the world. I am blessed to have a job I love doing something I am great at. I get to be a witness for people, and that means the whole world to me. I am thrilled to be surrounded by love in my work, and hope to surround others with that same feeling of joy. So Universe, THANK YOU! Thank you for this blessed life. I am so very happy to be living it.

Meredith and Jeff {eSession}

Oh Meredith and Jeff. Are there two prettier people in the whole wide world? Probably not. But let’s add super fun and charming onto that triple scoop sundae of good lookin’ and you have this adorable pair. I was so excited when they scheduled their engagement session to be in San Francisco last week. Even better, my beloved Bethie B just happened to be in town with me and you know what, I promised her a bread bowl of clam chowder if she shot the session with me. And she did! And we killed it! And we ate clam chowder! Seriously, it just doesn’t get better!
Thank you Beth for the photo on the right. I will be making that into a canvas and taking full credit for it… I’m just saying. Also… Beth and I were a tiny bit obsessed with Meredith’s stockings. Wait.. we were TOTALLY obsessed with them.
I have a LOT to thank Salvador Dali for – a kick ass paper on him my junior year of college, surrealism and now these AMAZEBALLS pictures! Thanks Sal!


Jeff, I love you for being a little goofy. I know you were kind of over having your picture taken at this point… but you were amazing. I owe you a beer. Seriously.

Do yourself a favor and get your daily recommended dose of SMP by watching the SLIDESHOW HERE or below for this super fun shoot. Meredith and Jeff I’m kind of mad that I have to wait until next September to photograph you again… but I can’t wait!

Girls Night Out at The Citizen

We are SO excited to be a part of the Citizen Hotel’s GIRLS NIGHT OUT event this Thursday! It is going to be an INCREDIBLE event with lots of great local vendors there to get you ready for the holidays. We are running a Closed Door Session boudoir special in collaboration with The Citizen and it will be available to GNO attendees first! You could REALLY knock some socks off with your holiday gift this year by doing a boudoir session for your someone special. We will be using one of the lovely penthouse suites at the Citizen, and have on-site hair and makeup for a steal! All in all, booking your session at the GNO event will save you over $350 to bring the sexy back to the holidays.

But wait! It gets even better! Your ticket includes champagne and YUMMY treats from my favorite restaurant on the face of the planet, Grange. Let’s be honest, I’d pay $15 to eat some killer grub and sip yummy bubbly any day of the week! Plus, proceeds from this event are going to the Susan G. Koman Foundation! Add on the great deals you’ll be getting to and this is ALL WIN! So what are you waiting for? CLICK HERE and get your ticket now! Then come say hi to me and book your super sexy holiday gift!

We can’t wait to see you on Thursday night at The Citizen’s Girls Night Out!