Summer Closed Door Marathon {Announcement}

I am so excited to announce our Summer Closed Door Session Boudoir Event at The Citizen Hotel! I am thrilled with the demand we’ve had for boudoir sessions, so added in a summer event. Of course, I will be joined by the amazing team of Hello Glam hair and makeup by Renee Marquez and Leilani Miladi. As always, there will be lots of bubbly and sweet treats and good times to help you create an unforgettable gift for your someone special. Space is limited, so email today to book your spot!

S + A {Sonoma California Wedding Details}

I am so excited to share this post with you. It’s not like my normal posts… but still I am over the moon about it. Dusty and I traveled to Sonoma over Memorial Day to photograph the beautiful wedding of some really incredible people, S and A. Every detail they had shared with us about what they were planning for their big day made me SO excited about their wedding. And can I just tell you, they lived up to everything they told me about and more! I’m so excited to share with you the details from their wedding. Their day was FILLED with all the things I love best – deeply personal touches that are very THEM! It was perfect!

S + A have an incredible sense of style, and it so came across in everything they wore. S took her mother’s prom dress and altered it into her wedding dress. She actually shortened it (and you all know how much I love a short wedding dress) and added a multi-colored crinoline. It was just stunning! And, yes, I did have a bit of a crush on her stellar shoes.

I also LOVED the flowers! They were so lovely, and colorful! Yummy for the eyes.

Their wonderful friends created a installation for them to get married in front of… it was incredibly beautiful.

Their friends also played some great tunes.

And everyone looked fabulous! I loved the bridesmaids dresses! They were amazing!

After the ceremony their guests picked up super cute cup cozies that were also their place cards. S and A even included us and can I tell you, I love my cozy. I still use it.

Then it was dinner time! The patio at Westerbeke is a great place to dine.. and their food was incredible!

Then the party moved across the pool into the hall. S and A treated their friends to sweets and treats and some amazing tunes. Several of their friends took turns spinning as well. The music was awesome! As was the incredible dancing!

Thanks to S and A for having us be a part of your lovely wedding! And thanks for looking through this long post everyone… you get gold stars.
Wedding and Reception Venue: Westerbeke Ranch
Catering: Westerbeke Ranch
Florist: Lavender Floral
Cake: Wine Country Wedding Cakes

Happy Birthday Benny Blue Eyes! {personal}

My really handsome baby boy turned ONE today. ONE! How can that be? How did a whole year go by? It is has been SO FAST! But our boy is officially one year old and we just love being his family. Ben is SUCH a good kid. He is seriously the cutest thing ever. Like, people we don’t know develop crushes on him at the grocery store. I’m not sure if it’s his big blue eyes, crooked yet charming smile, devil-may-care hair do and the adorable sweetness that just pours out of him, but this kid is a keeper.
I feel so blessed to be this kids mama. He has the BEST disposition ever (though I will admit, he does have a bit of a temper… especially if he’s hungry) but he is just such a sweet heart. He also has such an incredible sense of humor. He will just bust out laughing at stuff. We aren’t sure what’s funny, but whatever it is it’s a riot. He LOVES his big sister Lauren, and I so love watching them together. They have their typical sibling moments from time to time, but for the bulk of the time they are just head over heels in love with each other. Ben loves hanging out with Lauren when she’s in her room, watching Yo Gabba Gabba or Backyardagins with her, and playing around with his sis. He isn’t walking yet, but I think that’s because he can crawl so crazy fast that he just doesn’t want to slow down! And really, I’m okay with him needing me to hold him for a while longer.

So HAPPY BIRTHDAY Benners! We love you!