Somer & Andy’s Rainy Day Humboldt Wedding

I am over the moon to share this wedding with you! We are THRILLED to have it featured on Style Me Pretty today as well. Somer and Andy are just WONDERFUL and we love that we were a part of this stunning wedding. Everything about their big day was just so THEM. It was authentic, beautiful and despite inclement weather an absolute joy to photograph. Somer and Andy had their wedding up in Humbolt, California at Andy’s dad’s home. It was nestled into the woods and perfect for such a wonderful event. Seriously, I could go ON and ON about how wonderful everything was… but I think I’d rather show you.

Have I mentioned that Andy is one of my favorite grooms ever? He is so laid back, but still so engaged with everything. He was such fun to photograph. I could tell from Dustin’s photos of Andy and his groomsmen that they were having a great time pre-wedding.

Somer had so many delightful details! Her dress, shoes, hair piece… EVERYTHING! I loved how she put her wedding together with so much individual style. It was stunning! But even better than that, being able to be with her as she prepared for her wedding surrounded by friends who love and adore her was just splendid.

As Somer was getting ready to step out and walk down the asile, the rain began again. But it was no matter – the couple kept their wedding plans on and were married in an olive orchard that was planted on the grounds in honor of their wedding. Somer walked down the asile to “Here Comes the Sun” by the Beatles. That song held true, and as the couple said their vows the clouds parted and the sun shone down on them becoming husband and wife.

We felt blessed with sunlight for some beautiful photos of the bridal party and our beloved couple before the rain returned.

And seriously! How beautiful is Somer? It was so lovely to photograph her!

I loved that the house was FILLED with art! I had a little too much fun with their ring shot.

Somer and Andy has SUCH a great celebration put together for their family and friends. It was filled with delightful details with a rustic tilt. Plus, Somer and Andy made their wedding so THEM. Andy brewed homemade beers and a ginger ale to go with Whiskey – Somer’s favorite drink. They used local, organic foods and wines that were served in biodegradable cups. It was just perfect!

This was our last shot of the night, and probably one of my favorite shots of the whole event. Somer had a vision of a glowing tent in the middle of the woods for her wedding and man alive did that vision come to life.

Somer and Andy THANK YOU for having us be a part of SUCH an incredible event! We love you both, and are so grateful to have been a part of your wedding. Check out the SLIDESHOW HERE or below for even more from this spectacular wedding!

Wedding Ceremony and Reception – Private Residence in Humbolt, California
Wedding Coordinator – Michelle Rodrigues
DJ – Ed Mazur
Catering and Cake – Verbena Catering
Hair and Makeup – Thu Vo

All I Need Is A Little More Of You

Six years ago today I put on a white dress, walked into the presence of 20 of our closest family and friends and married the best person I’ve ever met in my life. Looking back, I can say without a doubt that this has been the fastest 6 years of my life. Time has FLOWN by… but then again, Dustin and I have never been the long route kinda people. It only took 15 days from “Hello” to “Will you marry me?” and then in less than 4 months we were Mr. and Mrs. Now, 6 years and 2 kiddos later I feel more grateful than I ever thought I could. I am full to bursting with love for this family we’ve made.

Dustin Whitehead, thank you for marrying me. Thank you for being my very best friend – even when I wanna punch you in the neck. Thank you for being such an awesome dad to our babies, and for being the best husband I could have ever hoped for. Thank you for loving me so much and so deeply. I never thought someone could love me the way you do, so thanks for proving me wrong. You are everything. And without you, life just wouldn’t be nearly as much fun. I love you I love you I love you. Happy anniversary cute boy. Here’s to a lifetime more.

Samantha and Ryan’s Engagement Session

Sarah Maren Photographers
Honestly, I can’t even figure out where to begin with Samantha and Ryan. They are just incredible, and my excitement for their wedding grows the closer we get to it. It’s like all the stars aligned! The day we shot these photos was the first time I’d met these two. And, oh my goodness… I just fell in love with them. Their chemistry together is so real. Their connection is incredibly deep and photographing that was just such a pleasure.

Outdoor Engagement Session
This next picture is my favorite… LOVE!

And seriously, I could photograph Sam EVERY. SINGLE. DAY and never get bored. She is going to be the MOST beautiful bride! I can’t wait!!!

And Ryan is one handsome dude… together, these two are perfection I tell ya!

As the sun dipped down, we headed over to one of my favorite cluster of power lines and made some more incredible images with these two. I just love how these turned out!!

A HUGE thank you to Sam and Ryan for coming up to Sacramento for their engagement session… you made it incredible! And I must shout out to those who made this shoot even MORE awesome. My love, LeiLani Miladi of Hello Glam! for doing INSANELY awesome makeup and her pal Sarah for rocking out Sam’s hair. Also, much love and huge props to my dearest assistant Francisco (Geraldo Ricardo Eduardo) for helping me with this shoot and even sacrificing his clothing for the good of the pictures. I feel so blessed to work with so many talented people! Thank you all for your hard work! Now go checkout Sam and Ryan’s SLIDESHOW HERE or below… it’s the only thing that will hold us over until their wedding in October.

Carly and Kris Get Married!

Sarah Maren Photographers, Sacramento Wedding Photographer
I have yet another beautiful wedding I am finally blogging! Carly and Kris were married in June at Whitehawk Ranch in well… the middle of nowhere really, but holy heck the middle of nowhere sure is pretty. Honestly, there wasn’t a bad place to take pictures! As we do most time, I started things off with the girls and Dustin got to know the fellas. This all made for some great pictures.

Sarah Maren Photographers Sarah Maren Photographers Sarah Maren Photographers Sarah Maren Photographers Sarah Maren Photographers Sarah Maren Photographers Sarah Maren Photographers
Because Carly and Kris are totally awesome they had a first look before the ceremony. I love that Kris turned around to watch Carly walk toward him. It was such a great moment.

Sarah Maren Photographers Sarah Maren Photographers Sarah Maren Photographers Sarah Maren Photographers
And then it was time for the ceremony. The wind picked up right about this time, but despite the gusty conditions the ceremony was absolutely beautiful.

Sarah Maren Photographers, Outdoor Wedding Ceremony Sarah Maren Photographers Sarah Maren Photographers, Whitehawk Ranch Sarah Maren Photographers
I loved the green with black and white touches they used for their wedding. It was perfect for being nestled in the trees as we were. And how pretty is that cake?

Sarah Maren Photographers Sarah Maren Photographers Sarah Maren Photographers Sarah Maren Photographers
As the sun got lower the light got crazy pretty. Dustin and I took Carly and Kris off into the woods for a few minutes more of couple portraits. And I am so glad we did! These are some of my favorite pictures ever! Thank you Carly and Kris for trudging through the wilderness with us!

Sarah Maren Photographers Sarah Maren Photographers Sarah Maren Photographers Sarah Maren Photographers Sarah Maren Photographers
A big ol’ high five to Carly and Kris and their incredible wedding! Dustin and I had such a lovely time with this crazy awesome group of people. We got to meet Jordan, one of the coolest SMP fans ever (she wished Dustin a happy birthday because she follows our Twitter feed and knew his birthday was just a few days before the wedding. LOVE HER!) and hang out with such a great bunch of folks. Carly and Kris we just can’t thank you enough for having us be part of your wedding! Check out their SLIDESHOW HERE or below for more images from this awesome wedding.

Wedding and Reception Venue: The Lodge at Whitehawk Ranch
Wedding Day Coordination and Rentals: Kyltia Dutton of Dishgrace Party Rentals
DJ: Elite Sound DJ’s
Cake: Dee’s Bakery
Hair: Body & Soul
Dress: Jin Wang

Brandi and Zach’s Wedding

Outdoor wedding, backyard wedding, Kissler Ranch, Grass Valley Wedding, California Wedding, Sarah Maren Photographers
I can’t tell you how very excited I am to FINALLY be blogging the fabulous weddings we have been so lucky to have been a part of so far this summer. I have been sitting on lots of stuff because I wanted to blog it here on the new site. Well, I am over the moon to finally unleash the backlog of weddings we have saved up for you. We are starting this off with Brandi and Zach’s amazing, rainbow inspired wedding that took place in June at the lovely Kissler Ranch in Grass Valley. This was our first time shooting at Kissler Ranch, but we hope it won’t be our last! It is a lovely venue with some of the loveliest grounds I’ve photographed on. We met up with Brandi and Zach there as they got ready for their big day. I LOVED Brandi’s dress, and her cowboy boots were SO rad!

Sacramento Wedding Photographer, Sarah Maren Photographers, Sacramento Weddings, Grass Valley Wedding Photos Bride in cowboy boots, wedding dress, Kissler Ranch Wedding Photos
Brandi wasn’t the only one with awesome boots… all of her bridesmaids had them too! I loved these girls! When I asked them to stand in a line, the first thing they asked was “Should we be in rainbow order?” The answer to that is YES. (Also, as I’m terrible with names and being able to call everyone by their color was another benefit of the rainbow theme.)

Kissler Ranch Wedding Photos, Bridesmaids in Cowboy boots
The boys looked pretty handsome too.

Because Brandi and Zach are SUPER fabulous, they had a first look prior to the ceremony. I love these shots!!

Then it was time to get these two hitched! They had a beautiful ceremony under one of the loveliest floral arches I’ve ever seen.

Brandi and Zach had a FABULOUS reception. The rainbow theme carried through so beautifully. I seriously love everything out this space!

Thank you Brandi and Zach for having us be part of your INCREDIBLE wedding! Check out the SLIDESHOW HERE or below for more from this rainbow-tastic wedding.

Photography: Sarah Maren Photographers
Caterer: Drooling Dog BBQ
Floral Designer: Flower Shop
Reception Venue: Kissler Ranch
DJ: Music and More Entertainment