Welcome Everett! (A birth story)

This morning my good friends over at 107.9′s The Wake Up Call chatted with me about photographing births. What might sound a little gross, is actually one of the most emotionally rewarding things I do as a photographer. I am so honored by the people who have invited me into a sacred moment in their lives to be there as a witness for them during the birth of their children. It’s an amazing experiance that I am so happy I get to share with you today! (You can listen to the interview HERE.)

Handsome, wonderful, cute-as-a-button Everett was born a few months ago, and I was lucky enough to be there… well for most of it. Everett was a scheduled C-Section as he decided to be breech. So his beautiful mama, Ashlee didn’t get the water birth she’d been planning. What she did get was one REALLY cute baby, so it all worked out. I joined Ashlee and her wonderful husband Brett bright and early on a clear May morning at Sutter Davis as they prepared for the birth of their son. It was SUCH a joy to be a part of this huge moment in their lives.

Go on over to Ashlee’s Blog to read Everett’s birth story. Ashlee is an amazing writer and photographer who has a GREAT blog! It’s been fun to read about her life and see LOTS of cute pictures of Mr. Evs. Ashlee and Brett I can’t thank you enough for letting me be there to witness this amazing event. Everett is THE CUTEST and I’m so happy I was one of the first to meet him. Check out the SLIDESHOW HERE or below of this awesome day.

Garrett and Brian Cook Up One Hot Engagement Session

Garrett and Brian are some seriously delightful gentlemen and we are so excited about their wedding NEXT WEEKEND! Seriously, it’s going to be nothing short of amazing. Garrett and Brian had us over to their home last month for a vendor-lovefest-lunch and a mini engagement session. I love how laid-back these two are, how well they work together and how much happiness fills their home. It doens’t hurt the Garrett is a food blogger who seriously knows his way around a kitchen, and Brian can grill like a champ! It was a beautiful afternoon filled with wonderful people, food and so much love.

Once we were finished filling up on all the tasty treats we headed out to the yard to snap some pictures. I love how Garrett and Brian’s pets made sure they got enough camera time too.

We seriously can’t wait for their wedding next week! Enjoy their SLIDESHOW HERE or below for more of these handsome fellas.