Shoot Out 2012

Well kids, it’s that time of year again. The time of year I gather together all the weird pictures we’ve taken of each other (and our unsuspecting vendor friends) throughout the year, set it to dance music and give it as my gift to you for you to laugh at. If you have ever thought being a photographer was glamorous, I hope these slideshows have set you straight.
2012 has been a doozy! We shot 18 beautiful weddings, some super fun commercial gigs and portrait work. I can’t tell you how grateful I am for each one of my clients. I feel so blessed to have such rocking people trust us with making beautiful images with them. Thank you 2012er’s! And we are greatly looking forward to the clients we have booked up for 2013 (we are almost full! I kind of can’t believe it!) and the images we will get to make with them.

I don’t know if I should post this one… I kind of DO look glamorous.

I love the picture on the left of Dustin… he looks like such a creeper. It’s adorable!

You might be wondering why Dustin has blood on his hanky in the next picture. Well, the short answer is he had just killed a rooster with his bare hands at the request of the homeowner we shooting a wedding at. Do you think we could work that into our marketing somehow too? I think it could work!

Now back to me being pretty and helping people figure out how to cut their cakes…

What’s that below, you ask? Well, that would be cactus burs in Dustin butt. Yes he DID back into a cactus plant during a first look and yes he DID shoot the rest of the wedding with them in his ass. Seriously, THAT is dedication. I also win wife of the century award for tweasing them out of his booty.

The next few pictures are from our trip to Italy… yes, I DID wake Dustin up to see that sunrise… it was crazy town!

I know I have very recently shared this next picture with you, but I just love it so much. This was a big moment for my friend, and I’m so happy I got to be there for that!

Yes! I was THAT excited to see her come down the aisle.

Check out the SLIDESHOW HERE and below for more from one hell of an awesome year!

And I would be GREATLY remiss not to thank all of our wonderful vendor friends who make this job so damn fun.
Kate Miller Events, Flourish, Hello Glam, Extreme Entertainment, Sweet Cakes by Rebecca, True Love Photo, The Goodness, The Citizen Hotel, Celebrate the Good Life and so many more. We LOVE you team!!!

Garrett and Brian’s Tasty Outdoor Wedding of Love and Awesomeness

If Dustin and I were to get married all over again, I think I’d want to have a wedding very much like Garrett and Brian’s beautiful day. They gathered with their nearest and dearest at the home of one of the close friends and CELEBRATED their love for each other. It was nothing short of spectacular. Dustin and I felt so happy to be there witnessing such a heartmeltingly love-soaked day. Of course it was wildly helpful that Kate Miller Events planned such a great event and Flourish provided even more beauty with her stunning florals. All in all, love ruled this day and that is pretty fantastic if you ask me.

Garrett and Brian had a ceremony that I just LOVED. They were married by Brian’s sister, had a bestie read Neil Gaiman’s The Day the Saucers Came, drank wine and ate chocolate, rock/paper/scissored to see who would say their perfectly personal vows first and did it all with giddy smiles on their faces. It was awesome!

Since Garrett is a food blogger/cookbook writer and Brian loves to eat, food was a BIG part of their day. Friends and family brought wine, made cookies, cheese plates, tamales and more. Dinner consisted of SUPER yummy tacos by Tres Hermanos Taco Truck and was followed by beautiful toasts and LOTS of dancing under the stars. Like I said, kind of the best wedding ever.

Thank you Garrett and Brian for having us be part of your amazing wedding. We love you both dearly and are so happy to call you our friends. Congratulations on becoming Mr. and Mr. Check out the SLIDESHOW HERE or below for more of their lovely day.

Wedding and Reception Location: Private Residence, Lincoln California
Wedding Designer: Kate Miller Events
Floral Designer: Flourish
Catering: Tres Hermanos Taco Truck

LeiLani and Matt’s Boom-Boom-Pow Wedding Extravaganza!

Oh LeiLani and Matt! First of all Happy One Month Anniversary! Secondly, talk about true love, REAL DEEP TRUE LOVE! These two have it in spades! We loved ending our 2012 season with these two and their fabulous wedding. We had the dream team in full effect with coordination by Kate Miller Events, flowers by Flourish and makeup and hair OF COURSE by Hello Glam! Take a peek at ALL the pretty of this super couples big day!

This was one of my favorite moments of the day… walking LeiLani to see Matt for the first time was seriously one of the highlights of my year.

LeiLani and Matt WE LOVE YOU! Thank you for having us be a part of such an amazing day. We are SO happy for you!!! To see more of their spectacular wedding check out the SLIDESHOW HERE or below.

Wedding and Reception Location: Private Residence Yuba City, California
Wedding Coordinator: Kate Miller Events
Wedding flowers: Flourish
Photography and Photo Booth: Sarah Maren Photographers
Hair and Makeup: Hello Glam!
Videography: The Goodness
Catering: Ozarks Backwoods BBQ
Cake Design: Beyond Blessed

Jaclyn and Tyler’s Fabulous Summer Wedding

Baby, it’s cold outside… so I’ve been going through the archives of this summers weddings and relishing in the warmth of those days. Jaclyn and Tyler had a beautiful wedding this past July at the Library Galleria in downtown Sacramento. We had a lovely time photographing them and are so happy to share these images.

Thanks to Jaclyn and Tyler for having us be part of their super fun wedding! Check out their SLIDESHOW HERE for more from their big day!

Wedding Ceremony and Reception: Library Galleria
Bridal Getting Ready Location: The Citizen Hotel
Florist: Nancy Ellstrom
Caterer: All Seasons All Reasons
Officiant: Dean Deguara New Life Community Church, Fair Oaks
Hair: Shannon Ertel
Dress: Renfros Bridal in Placerville