About Sarah Maren Photography


Here’s the thing about me – I LOVE life!  Truly, the good – the bad – the in-between, I love it all.  Being able to put a camera to my eye and show you how I see the world, how I see YOU is one of the greatest gifts this life has given me and it is a gift that is worthless if I don’t share it.  I am interested in people. I am fascinated by love.  I believe weddings are great, but marriages are better.  Family is the most important thing. Whether it’s the family you were born to or the family you chose – they are your people, you belong to each other in an way that is quiet, strong and undeniable… and that is a beautiful thing.  Those tiny invisible strands that bind hearts and make families – that’s what I’m interested in.  I’m captivated by the way light hits you, by the way you mirror your partner and how your face changes when they touch your hand.  I am awestruck at how parents and children teach each other, they way a mother laughs at her creation, how a father holds them tightly and gently all at once.  The miracle of every day holds a lot more beauty than it is often credited for.  That’s what I’m looking for when I make photographs with you.  That’s what I’ll show you.  Let’s make some pretty things together.