Rachel and Darren

Dear Sarah and Dustin,

Where do we even begin? You two gave us something that no one else could… memories of a day that went WAY too fast! You and your team of paparazzi were amazing to work with and you never made us feel like we were torturing a 9 month pregnant woman! :) You two are so special and you made the wedding special for everyone there. Our parents love you, our friends love you, and most of all we love you! Thank you for showing us our wedding.

Rachel and Darren

tibby and tom

“Dear Sarah and Dustin,

First, the pictures are GORGEOUS! We get bajillions of comments and compliments when we show them off.

What a day we had on the 28th! When Tom and I were home later that night and reflecting on the day, I said my only regret was that I never took a minute to be in the moment. Then we got your pictures. As we went through them I kept thinking, “I remember them taking that!” They made me realize I was a lot more int he moment than I could recall that night. The pictures brought it all back and will ensure the day stays with us forever. Thank you SO much for that.

Always, Tibby & Tom”

allyson and ben

Hey Sarah!

OH MY GOODNESSSSSS!!!!!!!!! I LOOOOOVE the pictures!!!!! I can’t even tell you how much I love them- all my family members have seen them, not to mention the millions of facebook peeps that have glimpsed a couple (due to various profile pics), everyone at my work has been to your website…and I’m not even kidding, the list goes on and on. I even sent 2 to my model agents up here, and they LOVE them!

Ben and I couldn’t be happier with you and Dustin, and we are so thankful that we went with you guys. Seriously, it has been such a blessing to be able to look back at all the pics and remember what a fantastic time we had at the wedding. Honestly, pictures were the most important thing to me, and I am just so happy with them.

Thank you so much,
Allyson and Ben

Mandy and Scott

Scott and I have yet to sit down and begin trying to pick which of ALL the awesome pics we love the most….very difficult. Anyway, just got this email from Judy Collinsworth (the wedding coordinator from David Girard) and more praise for Sarah Maren!!! People have just been MORE than blown away with our pics. In fact, we met other couples on our honeymoon that wanted to see our pics and it gets kind of embarrassing when comparing ours to theirs…you know what I mean??? Ours are just soooooo good, and you did that! We are just sooo thankful to have such an awesome representation of us and that day. Thank you so much!

Lisa and Geoff

Miss Sarah! Okay, wow, so how do we even begin to say how thanksful we are to have had you as our photographer and now as our friend?!?! We are so luck to know you and Dustin. You both did such an AMAZING job on our engagement, wedding and day after pictures. We love them all so much! Thank you!