Megan and Brian {wedding album}

The delightful Megan and Brian had me put together a lovely album for them of their delightful June wedding. Dustin and I had the best time at their wedding! There was so much joy and so much dancing! I adored every minute of it. Here are a few of my favorite layouts from their album.

Check out the slideshow HERE or below for all of the layouts from their beautiful wedding album.

Tralee and Mike {wedding album}

It’s that time of year again… the time when album orders come in like CRAZY! It’s one of my most favorite times of year though because I have a deep well of love in my heart for wedding albums, and I am always so excited when clients get their albums. I love putting that book in their hands! It makes me happy. Tralee and Mike had a really beautiful wedding in May, and followed up with a day after session a few weeks later. I LOVE how their album turned out!

Have a peek at it in their slideshow here or in the box below!

ruth and darin {wedding album}

Ruth and Darin! I LOVED their beautiful wedding in Monterey, California last May. Dustin and I had an amazing time photographing this amazing couple! And now, we have finally put the finishing touches on a beautiful wedding album for them. Check out these cuties! I love their awesome wedding and their kick ass day after session.

I love everything about this wedding. From the beautiful ceremony in the mission to the amazing reception with tequila and sake… I mean really… what’s not to love about that, right? To their super fun day after session on the beach. Thanks again to Ruth and Darin for having us as part of your wedding. We love you guys and can’t wait to get this album in your hands. Check out the SLIDESHOW HERE or in the box below for all the layouts from their super cool wedding album.

Jessica and Keith {Wedding Album}

Jessica and Keith had a CRAZY AWESOME wedding in January. It was the first wedding we shot in 2009 and what a way to start off a great year. I just put the finishing touches on their 70 PAGE wedding album, and um… I LOVE IT! I mean, how could you not love a wedding with all these hot details and such a smokin’ couple? For reals!

Check out the slideshow HERE or in the box below for all the layouts from their awesome wedding album!

Keleigh and Ben {wedding album}

I’ve been a pretty bad blogger this week, so I’m trying to make it up to you all by giving you TWO posts in ONE DAY! I’ve been busy shooting some amazing stuff that I am really excited to share in the coming weeks. For now though, let us gaze at the lovely album of our dear Keleigh and Ben who were married in November in classic old Hollywood style. It was nothing short of spectacular!

I even included some pages from their stunningly beautiful Day After session in San Francisco we shot a few weeks later. I mean what is not to love about this rockin’ couple? NOTHING! They are awesome and Dustin and I are so glad we got to be a part of their amazing wedding!

Check out the entire album HERE or in the slideshow below.