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Lauren is 7 months old!

Can you believe it? A whole other month has gone by and my baby girl is growing by leaps and bounds. She is a mover and a shaker this one! She is crawling all over the place, picking up anything that’s not as fast as she is and basically getting into anything I haven’t gotten out of her reach. She is seriously into biter bars and animal crackers. I think she might actually be totally obsessed with animal crackers, but I’m going to see how the next month goes before I can be 100% sure she’s actually obsessed. I’ll keep you posted.

One thing I know without doubt is teething is no fun for babies OR moms! Poor Lauren has two teeth breaking through right now, and it makes my baby who is usually all smiles and giggles a sad, clingy baby who cries a lot. I hate to see my girl feel so rotten. But what amazes me is how she totally bounces back and goes from sad baby to happy baby in no time. Lauren totally impressed her doctor again when she got her 6 month shots. She let out a yelp when he administered the shots, but didn’t shed a single tear! Can you believe that? By the time we got her dressed she was laughing her little head off at her daddy’s silly faces. She’s tough as well as totally awesome. How cool is that?

The coolest development of the last month is that she no longer loathes my camera, and has even started to ham it up when I point it in her direction. I feel so blessed to have such a happy, healthy baby girl. She makes every single day an adventure!

I don’t know what I did to get so blessed with such an awesome family, but I sure am grateful for my beautiful girl and her super cool daddy. They both make ever single day so much fun and full of so much joy. Family is a good thing, and as I watch Lauren get bigger and bigger by the second it just reminds me of how important my job is. I get to capture families at all stages – weddings, babies, graduations, and everything in between! I don’t take my responsibility for granted for one second. I feel so blessed to share the beauty of the every day with my clients and with my own family.

Happy Birthday Lauren!!


Happy Mom’s Day Sarah! Lauren is growing so fast!


I feel like it’s been ages since I’ve seen my fairy-god child. We need to remedy that.

She is just so dang cute…happy bday LJ!!

Can I say that I love your blog. You say things so well, I love it. It makes me happy. Lauren is beautiful. She is getting so big, how fun!

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