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Lauren Jillian is 2!

Two years ago today this little girl was taken out of my belly and put into the reign of power over our home and our hearts. I can’t believe she is two! I have no idea where the past 24 months have flown off to. She has grown up so much in such a short time! She talks in sentences, can spell her name, count to 12, knows her ABC’s and dances ALL THE TIME! She claps for us at the end of a song on Rockband, she bounces on our bed and still hasn’t climbed out of her own. She loves to draw and color and would rather watch “Yo Gabba Gabba” than eat. She is funny, smart and beautiful. I love her so much and am so grateful everyday that she is mine, and I am hers and together with her wonderful Daddy we are a family.

Last night we celebrated Lauren with our extended family! We had Sprinkles cupcakes and pizza and there was dancing and making princess crowns and cramming 7 children into one tiny Dora playtent. We had a blast! Lauren LOVES watching us play Rockband, but often wants a guitar of her own. So we got her this AWESOME Yo Gabba Gabba guitar that plays some of her favorite songs from her favorite show. Hearing her sing the “Don’t Be Afraid” song is just enough to melt your heart into a puddle of goo at your feet!
Today the three of us are off to the Zoo and Fairytale town for some fun and frolic. Today we celebrate Lauren and all that she means to us – which is EVERYTHING! Happy birthday Ittle-Bittles! I love you lots and lots!


So, so, so cute!!! Lauren is amazingly adorable! Happy B-day!!

There is a party in my tummy! So yummy- so yummy yummy!

Sarah Maren Whitehead

Bethany the Muno guitar is amazing! AND she got a Brobi microphone. Basically she’s a one woman Yo Gabba Gabba band. 🙂 We got her a little stuffed Brobi too, and whenever she sees it she sighs, “Oh Brobi!” It’s really cute.

Happy Birthday, little miss!

(Um… how awesome is the Muno guitar??)

Oh my goodness her and that dress are adorable!

Happy Birthday to LJ…by 3 she’ll be the newest assistant photog at SMP! Have a fabulous day celebrating…sprinkles…you are THE coolest mom ever. =)

Sarah! Alonso has free passes for Fairytale Town! Quick – call Jill. : )

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