Lisa and Geoff {day after session}

In order to keep their title of Most Awesome Couple Ever, Lisa and Geoff booked a Day After Session with me at one of my favorite places in the world – the California State Fair. I mean, seriously, it’s the most perfect place ever. Crazy rad people watching + fried food of every possible kind + beer garden + wine slushies + super cute couple + my amazing husband + my BFF and studio-mate Beth Baugher = MOST RADICAL DAY AFTER SHOOT EVER!!!!!! For reals! Feast your eyes on this magic time will ya?

The really fun thing about shooting with Dustin AND Beth is we were able to get so many totally different shots of the same pose. While Beth and Dustin rocked the flash on a stick look for these first pictures I did some classic Sarah Maren backlight at the same time. Both pictures, equally delicious looks! Seriously! It was the most fun!

So Lisa EATS THE CAMERA ALIVE! Seriously, she is one of the most photogenic brdes I’ve ever had. Like, sorry Geoff… we totally focused on your girl. We hope you didn’t mind standing alone in a corner while we parked this beauty in every ounce of good light we could find. Because, um, how could we NOT?

Of course, the shoot wouldn’t have been the same without the handsome and very tall Geoff. He made a lot of magic himself. I mean, it takes a REAL MAN to embrace a 5 foot tall banana… I’m just saying.

Then it was time to enjoy some rides the fair has to offer. Not an easy task in a wedding dress and suit, but these two made it work! And I’m oh so glad they did!

Geoff even took the time to win Lisa a cute little elephant! Lisa LOVES elephants… their cake toppers were elephants, their wedding invites had elephants AND their logo for their photography business is an elephant… I mean he gets husband of the year award for winning that thing!

Once again, I don’t even KNOW how to thank Lisa and Geoff for letting us be a part of their AMAZING wedding. They rocked this session so hard! Special thanks to Dustin and Beth too… it was so fun having our little family all together (we even pushed all of our gear around in Lauren’s old stroller and called it our baby) shooting and having fun. Check out the SLIDESHOW HERE or in the box below for more hot pictures of this smokin’ session!

  • michael lewis said:

    wicked awsome like usual. looked like a barrel of monkeys worth of fun. Lisa and Geoff are ggggrrrrreeeeeeaaaaaaaatttttttt!!!!! So glad to know them from SMP

    side note under tags i love how it says "trash the dreaa"
    always love

  • Lyndsay Lewis said:

    So magnificent! I 2nd the husband all the way on this one. Too good.

  • these pictures are so full of LIFE and beauty. inspirational.

  • i love all things about this couple, shoot, photos you and dusty and that hot dog shoved into a zucchini put into batter and deep fried.
    this was just the best shoot in the world.

  • cara said:

    oh my word, I *had* to pop on over here after seeing your work featured on 100layercake -- love it! Hope you don't mind, but i'm hoping to do a dress details post featuring some of your work (credits to you), of this fabulous fabulous dress + some from your post after this... either December (I'm post-scheduling, hee) or Saturday (because these are all so delightful!) Thank :)

  • These are fantastic!! So much fun and color and joy in every photo... especially love the shots with the swings (love the layers of her dress!) and the close-ups of the beautiful bride! Definitely one of my favorite day-after sessions ever!

  • Laura said:

    They look like such a fun couple! Love your photos!