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lisa and geoff {esession}

When Lisa and Geoff came to meet with us the first time I fell head over heals in love with them. They told me about how they met each other working for Apple Computers, and were getting married at Apple Hill in the late summer; how Lisa double majored in graphic design and photography and how there pictures were of the utmost importance to them… and well… when they left I looked at Dustin and said, “IMMEDIATELY start telling the universe that they are going to hire us!” And as luck had it the universe was listening! Dustin and I are beyond excited for the wedding of these two amazing people. Shooting their engagement session last week only made us MORE excited! We met up with them downtown and began in my favorite places to shoot… a parking structure.

Lisa and Geoff love photography as much as I do. It is AMAZING working with a couple who have as much passion and excitement for the art of photography as I do. We had lots of fun with their vintage cameras as well as their brand spankin’ new Canon 5d Mark II. Despite the fact Dusty and I are Nikon shooters… we can still love and appreciate a Canon. It was a blast working it out with these two. They are IN LOVE in a BIG way, and it just shows! It makes me incredibly happy to witness.

Lisa and Geoff were also happy to be my guinea pigs! They were the first couple to ever have an in-studio premier of their session. Last night we all got together at the studio and they saw their images for the first time on our 52 inch Samsung LCD TV. Um… I have to be honest… it was kind of like photographer crack. Being able to hear and see their reaction to the images was awesome for me and Dustin. After they saw the slideshow, they got to scroll through the images at their leisure and check them out. It was fantastic! I can’t wait to so this with a whole wedding! Thank you Lisa and Geoff for being so out of this world awesome! I can’t tell you how much we appreciate you being with us on our maiden voyage.

A huge thank you to Lisa and Geoff for being so ridiculously awesome! We are SO very excited to be a part of your wedding. You are a photographers dream come true! Thanks for everything! August seriously can’t some fast enough. Check out their slideshow HERE or in the box below!


Geoff is out of control. Don’t get me wrong; I love the guy, but he’s out of control. Lucky him, he found a hottie that can handle him. And oh yes, lovely piccies. :o)

Helena Lacanglacang

Wonderful pics!!! When I get engaged I’m hiring you!!!

Dude! This is an awesome session – amazing photos! AND? Their MacbookPro covers are rad. Also weird? I have a dent on the cover of mine in the same exact spot as the one on his!

I think this might be one of my favorite e-sessions ever!!! Between your and Dustin’s talent, the perfectly selected music and the gooey lovey looks these two give each other….I’m in blog stalking heaven. I think #25 makes my heart go pitter-patter.

Watching that slideshow made me miss you two so much. It also made me happy to know you 🙂

Beautiful pictures, they brought me to tears. Looking forward to the wedding in August and more fabulous pictures.

Geoff’s mom

My gosh Sarah, you are so freakin’ talented. You are like my photographic hero! Looking at these images just makes me so happy! Thank you for all the wonderful words about us, I feel special 😛

Love them. I love the fact that they brought so many things with them that meant so much to them, especially their rocking coordinated mac computers. Beautiful Sarah – yeah for e-session season that turns into wedding season!

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