Apple Hill Wedding

Oh Lisa and Geoff… seriously, my heart pitter patters at the very mention of their names. I can’t express the love I have, the joy their wedding has brought me or the joy their friendship has brought. Photographing photographers can be crazy stressful… I mean… they KNOW if you messed up! But these two made everything so effortless, and so freaking wonderful! There was just SO MUCH cool stuff to photograph. Lisa was the DIY queen! She even made her own dress. I mean, how can you not love that?

Of course, Dustin had a great time with the boys. Geoff has a great group of highly entertaining friends. They worked it out for the camera like only a photographers friends can.

So, Lisa and Geoff got married at THE COOLEST place ever! High Hill Ranch at Apple Hill in Placerville. It was INCREDIBLE! Being able to shoot in the orchards, and around the pond, and with all the beautiful trees! Seriously perfection. Lisa and Geoff decided to have a first look because, hello! They are photographers! That is what they do! And I’m so glad they did. It turned out amazing.

AND there were giant balloons! GIANT BALLOONS! Amazing.

Oh! And REALLY hot shoes.

Then it was time to get these two married. And, yeah… it was also time for me to weep like a baby. If you’re out there planning your wedding and you think having a first look will take the emotion out of your walk down the aisle, I present this next image to you as proof that it will not. (Also, I started crying the second I clicked the shutter for this shot.)

Yes, Geoff just won the SMP Groom of 2009 award for that. Sorry fellas. And Dustin totally wins second shooter of the year for this next shot… it’s a new favorite of mine.

Once these two were man and wife it was time for some rockin’ group shots and a few more couple shots too before it was time to party. All I can say is fake mustaches and jumping bridal parties make me very happy.

Since Lisa and Geoff are co-capitins of the SS Awesome their reception details didn’t dissapoint either. Caramel Apple place cards, gameboard table names with the game on the table… YES PLEASE! Cotton Candy was a pretty hot idea too. And, let’s be honest, we ALL know how I feel about cupcakes.

Then it was time to celebrate all of this love that was floating around. Lisa and Geoff’s family and friends did an incredible job celebrating them and their love. Again, I can’t express how totally blessed we felt to be there! It was rad!

Lisa and Geoff WE LOVE YOU! Thank you again for choosing us, and for becoming our friends. We adore you and are so happy you found each other! Check out the SLIDESHOW HERE or in the box below for more from this mind blowing wedding!

Wedding Ceremony and Reception Venue: High Hill Ranch
Flowers: Party Petals
Dress and Veil: Made by Bride
Catering: California BBQ
Cupcakes: Babycakes


I just want to have a great time like this.

Fantastic wedding, lovely couple, miracle photography, GREAT GREAT GREAT!!!

please please please tell me where you got your bridesmaids dresses! i love them! i am getting married soon and have been looking high and low for those very ones. email me! thanks and love your pictures – and have a happy life 🙂

I love these pictures and the whole wedding! I have a question for Lisa: Would it be possible to get the contact info for High Hill Ranch?

Do you by ANY chance know where Geoff got his wooden wedding ring?? It would be absolutely perfect for my fiance! We collect wooden mugs, and also have a craftsman style house (lots of wood!). Thanks!!!

I just love the pictures from your wedding. It looks like it was an amazing day

Best wishes to you 2

PS. I will perhaps use your pictures on my blog, with link to this site. If it is not ok, please send me a mail

Sarah! You’re slackin’! We need the link to Geoff and Lisa’s photography blog/website! You know we are dying!

Plus, I desperately need to email Lisa with wedding gown sewing questions!! lol

GORGEOUS. Love it. The elephants on the cake are exactly like some plastic elephant toys I had as a baby. I love them. 🙂

lisa did a great job planning, making stuff, and looking beautiful, and you did a fantastic job capturing it! love these!

What a fun quirky wedding. You did it justice these images are fantastic!

this is your freakin’ mount everest, your mona lisa, your gold metal. i LURVE them, you and lisa and geoff. what a love fest !
the photo of geoff crying, pretty much one of the best photos ever taken in the world from the dawn of time and probably into the future. sweeeeetttaaaaaa !

What a fun, whimsical wedding! I love the table themes and the elephants!!! So cute!

I love my midtown couples! Lyndsay and Mike I’m so glad you guys got to know Lisa and Geoff… and I love that SMP brought you together. 🙂

We LOVE them!! Mike told me as soon as we got up that they were posted, we were waiting! Beautiful all the way around, and the giant balloons, love them. Lisa-I love all the shoes, some brides change dresses, others change shoes!!!

OMG OMG OMG these are so rad! love the deets, lisa and geoff! (the photos, too, smp!)

I’m kinda in love with these pictures. 🙂

Mary Hittle (Geoff's Mom)

Geoff just called me and woke me up from the couch at midnight to see the photos and it was worth it. It was like reliving the wedding which was so much fun. Sarah you captured the essence of the whole day which L & G had worked so hard to create, especially you Lisa, what talent you have. The photos are incredible; what wonderful memories you have created for Lisa and Geoff to look back on over the years.

You just made Geoff cry again! Seriously AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!! (There are not enough exclamation points in the world) We are so incredibly happy with the photos and the entire experience. WE are both so happy with the friendship that came out of all of this. Life is good. 🙂 WE LOVE YOU TOO! Thank you so much!

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