About a week and a half ago I walked into the Think House Collective for the final table read of Listen To Your Mother. The air was electric. This wasn’t a group of people who were separated by knowing someone who knew someone. It wasn’t a room full of women feeling vulnerable and extreamly exposed. It was a room full of our flock, our sisters. This was home. Hugs, kisses, laughter and this tangible love – the kind you can reach out and grab handfuls of to stuff in your purse or pocket for when you’ll need it later – filled every inch of that space. The fear was gone – replaced with the only thing that possibly could – love and trust. Once more these brave, beautiful women read their stories – this time standing behind a mic at the front of the room to get a feel for what standing it and reading it would feel like. Souls bare, hearts open we soaked it in, touched again by their truths about motherhood and all its many faces and facets.

Listen To Your Mother - Photo by Sarah Maren Photography

I once again stood (and crouched and creeped and bent to weird angles) as their witness of this incredible process. I took all the pictures – only this time they were so much easier to take because there wasn’t even a shred of worry. They were safe and they knew it. It shows on every face, it was heard in every word. Once more my heart was filled, my soul fed and I was bursting with gratitude to be a part of this extraordinary experience. I am CHANGED by these women. I am new because of them. I truly hope you too will be changed as they take the stage this Sunday for Sacramento’s first run of “Listen To Your Mother.” PLEASE join us at 7pm at the Crest Theatre in Sacramento. Tickets can be purchased in advance for $20 or at the door on the day of the show for $25. Come witness greatness! You won’t regret it!

Listen To Your Mother - Photo by Sarah Maren Photography

You can view a more images from the table read in the SLIDESHOW HERE or below. I hope to see you on Sunday!


Love you. You are magical and wonderful and amazing.

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