Mini Session Info and Prep!

Walnut Creek Family Portraits - Sarah Maren Photography

HOORAY! Your mini portrait session is almost here! I can’t wait to make some awesome images of you and yours! This webpage holds the information you will need to know where to go and what to expect!

Please feel free to email me with any other burning questions you might have! I look forward to seeing you soon!!

Where To Go

I will be meeting you at Adam V. Baquera Park in Roseville, California. There are lots of awesome places to make some very pretty pictures surrounded by the beauty of nature. If you don’t see me right away when you arrive I am probably finishing up another session. If you arrive early, just have a seat on a bench in the park and I’ll find you. 🙂 Also, when putting the park into your navigation please use Google Maps.  Apple Maps takes you to the other side of the green space for some weird reason.  Also, there is a fair chance we will run into other photographers – tis the season after all.  Don’t worry! I’ve got many spots and we will have a great time!!

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What To Wear

I suggest you start with Mama’s outfit and build from there. As a mom, I know finding my outfit is always MUCH harder than finding something for the kiddos and/or spouse to wear. So! Take care of YOU first… then get everyone else outfitted. We will be walking on varied terrain, including some trails and fields, so please have everyone wear shoes they are comfortable walking on uneven ground in. There is a chance you may be sitting on the ground as well. If you want to protect your clothing, please feel free to bring a (pretty, and wildly photogenic) quilt with you.

Still worried about what to wear? READ THIS and you’ll feel better!


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What To Expect

On The Day Of The Shoot

With a 20 minute session, we will be moving fast! But we will be having A LOT of fun doing it. The hallmark of my work is candid and fun photos. I will guide you into good (probably great) light, give you some coaching and then click away. Parents – You are probably going be freaking out about if your kids look right. DON’T! I will take care of making sure they look great, you worry about YOU looking great. We will have fun and make some pretty pictures! It’s going to be SUPER fun!

After The Shoot

Within two weeks of your shoot I will email you a link to your gallery where you will get to see your pretty, pretty pictures. The mini session includes the digital downloads of your images. Once you receive your gallery, you’ll be able to download your images and share them with the world! WOOT! You will also be able to purchase prints, gifts and more via the gallery as well. GOOD TIMES!



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I am SO excited to photograph you! If you are running late or having a hard time finding me, feel free to shoot me a text at 916.335.4358. Please remember, that because of the nature of the mini sessions, promptness is REALLY important. If you are late, that time cannot be made up and your session will be have to be shortened. If you arrive early, and I’m not finished with the session before you please wait for me to finish up.

Thank you again for booking a mini session! I look forward to creating some lovely images with you and your family!