I got to Lindsay and Kyle’s Oakland California engagement session a little early.  Driving to the Bay Area from Sacramento always makes me a little nervous. You never know what traffic is going to look like.  Blessedly, things went perfectly and when I pulled up near where we planned to meet there was an open parking spot just waiting for me.  That parking spot was in front of a small, independent  book store which I was happy to spend time looking through while I waited for the appointed hour of our session.  I walked out of that bookstore with a pack of Tarot cards I’d been thinking about buying for a while.  I’m grateful for those cards and learning more tarot and I am super grateful for this couple and all the light and love they are pouring into the world.  As with most engagement sessions these days, this was the first time I was meeting Lindsay and Kyle face to face.  I was so excited to meet them! Lindsay and I had talked for a long time via FaceTime when she first reached out.  She had shared their love story with me and it just blew me away.  In its most condensed version it is this – the whole universe conspired for them to find each other.  I was excited to see them together and get to know them.  Also as with most engagement sessions these days, we ended up spending the first hour of our time together chatting over a drink and getting to know each other.  It was joyous to see them together, to hear about their families and friends and the plans for their wedding.  Then it was time to walk around their neighborhood and make some pretty pictures.  I was basically a kid in a candy store with the variety of visual beauty their neighborhood held.  These two needed no help loving each other.  They were more than happy to cuddle in, laugh big, and have a great night together.  I was so glad I got to be there photo it all!  And I am especially excited to get on the road tomorrow for their lovely wedding at Leonard Lake Reserve… one of my favorite venues ever!

Oakland California Engagement Session - Sarah Maren Photography Oakland California Engagement Session - Sarah Maren Photography


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