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Our Sweet Boy Benjamin Lee {personal}

We are so excited to announce the birth of our super cute baby boy Benjamin Lee. Ben was born last week on July 6th at 8:12am weighing in at 9 pounds on the nose and 21 inches tall. Everything went really well, and we are so happy that Ben has joined us. He is so even tempered, and really laid back – obviously he gets that from his dad.

Dustin was amazing during Ben’s birth and photographed the whole thing AND videotaped it on my iPhone4. He’s such a multi-tasker! We had to be at the hospital CRAZY early (5am!) for my scheduled c-section. I was tired, hungry and strapped up with crazy baby moniters. Dustin thought that would make for some pretty great pictures. Me… not so much.

And then it was go time! We headed to the OR and had ourselves a baby! They apparently gave me a little something to calm my nerves and it REALLY calmed my nerves.

And then at 8:12am our baby boy was born!

One of the nurses offered to take a few pictures for us as a family, and of Dusty and the baby. Poor thing was REALLY confused by our gear. Back button focus? Viewfinder not screen? huh? But she did a great job and I am so grateful for the photos she got of us and especially of this one of Dustin and Ben. It makes me happy.

It was nice to get some baby time with my boy. Then Ben was off for a bath… which apparently was not his favorite.

Then came one of the best parts of the day… Lauren meeting her new baby brother. She LOVES him and it just amazing to watch. Every morning the first thing she wants is Ben. She has also taken to telling us that she is the ONLY one who taken care of Ben… THE ONLY ONE! I find it pretty cute. I also like that she pets him like he’s her pet. It’s pretty adorable.

Ben and Lauren also had a little gift exchange. Ben brought Lauren a Buzz Lightyear (he’s such a thoughtful brother!) and Lauren brought Ben a silkie teddy bear. I think they both enjoyed their gifts.

We are so happy about our Benny boy, and are so happy to have our little family. Thank you to our family and friends for all of the love and support you’ve given us. And a huge thanks to my clients for your patience at this time. We are slowly getting back to our computers, but we really like this baby boy… he’s pretty fun to look at and snuggle and kiss and love. I mean…hello! He’s pretty irresistible!


Sarah!!! I haven’t been reading blogs lately; I’ve just now caught up on yours.

This post is so precious I’m all teary eyed! Of course, you have the ability to bring to laughter and to tears almost instantly. I love you and am so happy you and baby Ben are home and healthy.

What sweet pictures! Love love love! Happy happy happy!

Miss you. xo

CONGRATULATIONS! Enjoy your newest member of your family…

Aww Sarah he’s beautiful. Congrats!!

Congrats. He is precious!

Congratulations, guys!! He is super adorable! What a beautiful family you all are!

CONGRATS! He’s such a cutie Sarah, and I can’t wait to meet him. This little boy is gonna be the most photographed kid ever, well right up there with Lauren anyway. Cheers to you both and best wishes for a healthy first year for Ben.

Your photos of Ben paired with all the love for him you’ve posted on the interwebs just makes us giggle! He’s a beautiful addition to your already gorgeous (inside + out) family. Congrats! We can’t wait to meet him and see you all again.

Much love,
Meg and SJ

Carolyn Wilkinson

What a treasure. You are truly blessed.
Aunt Carolyn

I love him.

(But you know that.)

You did some good baby-making. Well done, my dear.

I love you all DEARLY.

Sooooo cute! Wish I was there to see you all

I want you to know that I love you. Congrats on the baby, he is soooo cute. I am sure he will be loved immensely. Please talk to me soon.

Oh my goodness! That is one cute baby! He is sooooo adorable! Congratulations!

Sarah, Such a lovely little super boy! He is beautiful! Having boys is one of the greatest joys in life. God Bless You all.

Dustin…Sarah… you make BEAUTIFUL babies!!! He is just adorable, and I can’t wait till I can snuggle him.

Let us know when you guys are up to getting together!

Great storyline and photos. I enjoyed seeing all. Congrats to one and all.

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