real weddings magazine {cover shoot} part 2

Sorry about this not going up yesterday. I wanted to blog, really I did… but my website decided to have a day off too. I took it as a sign from the universe that I needed to not work for one day and so I went to the pool instead. I think it was the […]

Real Weddings Magazine {cover shoot} Part 1

So it’s finally here!!! The Real Weddings Magazine we shot in March is out on stands now. I am seriously a joyful girl. I feel so blessed to have had this really incredible opportunity to work with such a wonderful magazine. I love how everything turned out and couldn’t be more pleased. I love how […]

I heart NY

Kristin and I are here in the NYC and can I just tell you… I LOVE IT! We went to the Met and the Guggenheim and saw some AMAZING art, bought my first hot dog from a street vendor, went to the top of the Empire State Building (see photo above… I was rockin’ some […]

Rencher Family Portraits – Part Two: The Final Chapter… for now.

Okay, so seriously! I love, love, love these pictures! This is from day two of our family photo shoot extravaganza with the Rencher’s. We started the day off at a sheep farm watching lambs being born! Hello educational! And we learned that Lauren is not a fan of manure. And can I just say that […]

Rencher Family Portaits – Part One

That’s right! I said it! PART ONE! That means there is even more than this lovefest of awesomeness you are currently gazing on! Seriously! How freaking exciting is that? SO exciting! So the Rencher’s. I love them. Like L-O-V-E them! Marianne is probably one of the most remarkable women I’ve ever met in my life. […]