real weddings magazine {cover shoot} part 2

May 26th, 2009
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Sorry about this not going up yesterday. I wanted to blog, really I did… but my website decided to have a day off too. I took it as a sign from the universe that I needed to not work for one day and so I went to the pool instead. I think it was the best choice. So without further ado… check it out! Here are some of my FAVE shots from our amazing cover shoot for Real Weddings Magazine.

Let’s start things off with our cover winner, Emily. She was a DELIGHT! I seriously couldn’t take a bad picture of her if I tried. She was just adorable! Everything about photographing her was effortless. Her pictures rocked my world, and I’m so happy I got to work with her.

Then there was the beautiful Amelia. She was saucy, firey and just the hottest thing you ever did see. She brought some Latin flair to the shoot and I couldn’t love her pictures more if I tried. She was such a delight to work with, and so beautiful it hurt! She’s getting married in just a few days and I hope that cute hubs-to-be of hers loves these images of his smokin’ hot wife.

And finally there was the beautiful Autumn. For reals! The girl was so freaking hot in every stinking picture that my computer monitor almost melted while I was editing her pictures… no joke! Autumn knew how to turn it on, and keep it on! We all loved having her work it out for our cameras and LOVE how her pictures turned out.

And of course, there were all three of these gorgeous women together! How lucky we all felt to be shooting these three beauties all together. It’s going to make one hell of a second printing cover! I can’t wait!

Once more I must thank the incredible Beth Baugher of True Love Photo – studio mate and soul mate! I would NEVER have been able to do this shoot without her by my side. The gratitude I have for all of her love and wisdom and humor could fill every ocean. Thank you again Beth for making my job so easy.

And of course my beloved Dustin! Where in the world would I be without his voice in my head telling me I can be anything? Where would I be without his insane technical skills and killer lighting ideas? I would be nowhere I tell you! Thank you Dustin for letting me be a little crazy so the job gets done… and for always reminding me when it’s time to play. I love you.

And to the wonderful staff and contributors on this shoot! YOU GUYS! I ADORE YOU! The entire Real Weddings Staff kept everything running like clockwork. You guys seriously make a 12 hour shoot a BREEZE and I couldn’t thank you enough for being so organized, and willing to do whatever wacky thing came into my brain. Thank you for never once questioning our creativity and letting Sarah Maren Photography BE Sarah Maren Photography. I LOVE YOU GUYS! You’re the best publication in Sacramento and I am THRILLED to work with you. Also a HUGE thanks to the wonderful florists who supplied the amazing flowers and to the hair and makeup teams who made my job even easier. You guys ROCK!

Okay… enough of my jabbering on! MORE PICTURES! Check out the slideshow HERE or in the box below for even MORE images from our shoot!

Shoot Location: The Old Sugar Mill
Dresses Provided by: Miosa Coutour, Always Elegant Bridal Boutique, The Bridal Box, Diamond Bridal Gallery, and Dreamnette Bridal
Flowers Provided by: Flourish, Ambiance Floral Design and Camino Flower Shop
Jewelry Provided by: Jazzy Jewelz by Nancy, and Michael Green and Co.
Hats and Headpieces Provided by: Advantage Bridal, Alice Hart Couture Millinery, Granville Millinery Co., Hair Comes the Bride and Tina Kite Millinery Co.
Hair and Makeup for Emily: Elements Hair Salon
Hair and Makeup for Amelia: Image Provocateur
Hair and Makeup for Autumn: Sofie!Sofie! Salon

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  1. Tyson CarterFinally, I'm able to see the pics. They take me back to the best day of my life, June 27th 2009!

    WOW, AMAZING! I am finally allowed to see the pics and yes I love them, great job SM! I was banned from seeing them until after the wedding. They take me back to the best day of my life, June 27th, 2009! The day I married the hot, sexy, saucy, fiery Amelia! Love you beautiful! So HOT!

  2. joshua oakley

    Dear Sarah,

    My sister just won the cover of the bridal magazine that you shot. She is the the one person in my life that has always been there for me, and she is not only my rock, but is my savior as well. I want to congratulate you on such an amazing photo shoot. I, like everyone who sees her, thinks that she is the most beautiful girl they have ever laid eyes on. Not only outwards, but because she is one of those true beauty’s who’s inside glamour plays like an intricate ballet against her shiny outside. I can not begin to tell you how proud I am of her, and what an amazing job you have done to show the world what a shiny beautiful star she really is, thank you.

    Emily’s proud brother,

    Joshua W. Oakley

  3. Ryn

    Gorgeous!!!!!!!!! Seriously, absolutely gorgeous. Um, and that dress in the top two pics makes me swoon in ways that have the words “vow renewal” coming from my lips. =)

  4. Kate Miller

    A-friggin’-mazing! This is art with a capital A – you rocked this shoot! I love the textures and the contrasts – I love it all.

  5. Pennye Wilder

    Fabulous photos! breathtakingly beautiful! Gorgeous models! Of course the MOST gorgeous Emily. From her very proud Granny.


Real Weddings Magazine {cover shoot} Part 1

May 22nd, 2009
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So it’s finally here!!! The Real Weddings Magazine we shot in March is out on stands now. I am seriously a joyful girl. I feel so blessed to have had this really incredible opportunity to work with such a wonderful magazine. I love how everything turned out and couldn’t be more pleased.

I love how everything turned out! Emily, Amelia and Autumn were so much fun to work with, and I am so glad we got to rock out this amazing shoot with them. I would be remiss not to thank my beloved Husband Dustin for being such a huge help on the shoot. From holding a light to holding my hand as I tried not to hyperventilate he did it all. And my beloved Beth Baugher! Where do I even start? I wouldn’t have made it through the first 20 minutes of the shoot without you. Thank you both for being my dream team.

Check back on Monday for a slideshow from the shoot, and see LOADS of awesome images!

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  1. Dave Shilling

    Rock it our girl!!! Nice work , and sweet cover shot. Isnt OSM the most awesomest place?

  2. Bethany

    Sarah, these are AMAZING!!!

    I’m so happy for you to have had this opportunity. You rock, woman. I love you to pieces.

  3. Robyn

    You should probably go ahead and TRIPLE your prices now.

  4. AshleighWilbert

    This is gorgeous, congrats!

  5. Beth Baugher

    ps i will carry your equipment, bring you water and wipe the sweat off your brow any day : ).
    a person needs hydration people !

  6. Emily Heizer Photography

    You did wonderful! I love them, they are absolutely fantastic! You are really famous now! (As if you weren’t before! ;) )

  7. beth Baugher

    i am bursting with pride. amazing sister.

  8. Marina Miller

    Holy Shiz girl!
    Stunning imagery! I love them all but the one on the wine barrels is insane!

  9. Shannon

    A-maz-ing!! Congrats on a great shoot!

  10. Karlene

    There just aren’t words for how fabulous these pictures are!!! They and you are impressive and amazing.

  11. whitney

    A COVER SHOOT!!! Sarah Sarah Sarah you are BIG STUFF! I’m so impressed and I really have to say that I’m not even that surprised. You are awesome!

  12. Kate Miller

    These turned out truly incredible! There are so many breathtaking shots in these spreads – I’ve been showing your work off to everyone!

  13. Martha Andrews

    Way to go Sarah, this is what a magazine should look like!

  14. Leigh Taylor

    Good Gosh girl!! These are amazing!! Congrats BIG TIME!


Wendy {post wedding bridal session}

December 1st, 2008
Filed under: Post Wedding Bridals

I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am to FINALLY be able to share these images with you. It’s been almost 2 months since I photographed the beautiful Wendy Sipple, and finally, oh so finally I get to share these images that just make my heart sing! Wendy is the editor of my favorite local bridal publication, “Real Weddings” (Formerly Sierra Style Weddings) and I love the story of how her husband threw her a surprise wedding. One day as she and I chatted all things wedding, we discussed the fact that she didn’t have a dress and her wedding and I said, “Well, you’re the editor of a wedding magazine… I bet we could get our hands on one of those now and do a bridal session!” Sure, she and her amazing husband Terry have been married for almost 8 years, but now was as good a time as any for a Sarah Maren Photography specialty – the post wedding bridal session.

Before I knew it things were falling into place. Wendy secured the BEAUTIFUL Old Sugar Mill for our shoot and I couldn’t have been more excited. I love all of the texture and color out there. Then I got in touch with my good friend Shannon from Flourish and she put together one of the most stunning bouquets I have ever seen. It was absolutely perfect in every way. And then, the icing on the already awesome cake – the dress. I never thought in a million years that we would get a dress this stunning, and this totally perfect for Wendy. But thanks to the amazing designers at Miosa Couture we were blessed with an absolutely stunning gown. And then there was the most beautiful hair and makeup provided by the amazing Image Provocateur. Basically all of these elements add up to the most perfect shoot ever! Dustin will attest to you – I was GIDDY even before we started shooting. And then, once things got started it just kept getting better and better. Wendy is a pro! I think she should give lessons on how to take a heart stopping picture.

Wendy, I can’t thank you enough for giving me the room to have my own vision and the personality that is so big and so beautiful it made that vision a reality. Thank you for being so willing to get very dirty and do very dangerous things. I can’t tell you how much these images mean to me. I can’t tell you how much fun Dustin and I had with you, and how you make me wish every day was like that beautiful day at the Old Sugar Mill. Thank you for helping me strive to make every single shoot as insanely awesome as yours. I am SO happy your husband didn’t buy you a wedding dress. Check out the slideshow for more awesome images of the beautiful Wendy!

Also, don’t forget to check out the latest issue of Real Weddings! It will be hitting your newstands this week! You can see more pictures of Wendy, as well as Lyndsay and Mike’s Featured Wedding right next to our new ad! Thanks again to Real Weddings, and especially to Wendy for making this happen. Also a HUGE thank you to my husband, assistant and all around sanity keeper – Dustin. I couldn’t do any of this without him and his brilliant ideas and perfect lighting.

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  1. Real Weddings Magazine » Now, the rest of the story!

    [...] check out our photo shoot, check out the uber-cool slide show that Sarah put together on her blog: Ok, truly, that’s enough about me! Let’s get started on your bridal [...]

  2. Teresa

    Holy Wow! I just found you. You are amazing and I just LOOOOOOOVE your work and your website. And your from Sacramento, I thought this kind of quality was only found from those So-Cal wedding guys I like to follow. Great work. Inspiring. I’ll be keeping my eye on your site from now on!!

  3. Ryn

    Absolutely beautiful!!!! I can’t believe you held these in for that long…I think I would have exploded. =)

  4. Jennifer

    Love Love #65! Great job Sarah.

  5. Lyndsay Lewis

    Wow Sarah, there is not a single image in that slideshow that isn’t just breathtaking. Everything from that amazing bouquet, to her amazing eyes, and the backgrounds with her hair, geez – no wonder you were giddy!

  6. Anna

    Amazing photos! Looks like a very exciting shoot indeed. I just love her dress, and especially the head piece!

  7. Martha Andrews

    I couldn’t wait to see this!!! You did an amazing job, Wendy is just gorgeous, great make up and Shannon is the bomb! Lovely bouquet.
    xoxo Martha

  8. Henry M.

    My wife asked me to look at your site and at this particular photo spread. WOW!!! Your photography is hot and this Wendy person is even hotter!
    Great work!


Monica and John Wedding

May 28th, 2007
Filed under: Weddings

Monica and John are totally awesome people who I can’t help but completely love! They were married on Saturday, May 26th at Wilson Vineyards in Clarksburg, CA. The venue was beautiful! The vineyards looked so beautiful with the leaves green and gorgeous. I can’t even begin to tell you how much fun we had taking loads of pictures all over the grounds. It was awesome.

The ceremony was amazing. They started things off by walking down the aisle to AMAZING music! Monica and I are music twins. Seriously, when I saw she was walking down the aisle to a song by Rosie Thomas, I felt like I was at my best friends wedding! Then John and Monica exchanged personal vows (which John memorized, hello! How awesome is that?) that had references to “Grey’s Anatomy” and ESPN. They were SO cute! They followed their vows with a sand ceremony and then the BEST first kiss as husband and wife! I loved it.

After the ceremony we headed out to the vineyard for some wedding party and family pictures and then whisked the bride and groom off for some romantic pictures of just the two of them before we delivered them back to the party. There was GREAT food, even GREATER music,and loads of dancing.

When the bride and her dad danced I bawled my eyes out, and loved the look the groom had on his face as he watched his wife out on the dance floor. Then John and Monica took the floor for their first dance as husband and wife. It was beautiful! After dancing and toasting and boquet tossing and garter throwing and more dancing and loads of fun the bride and groom escaped in a Hummer and are now off to Maui for their honeymoon.

I am so grateful to Monica and John and their awesome family and friends for letting us come out and be a part of their big day! Thanks for all the fun guys! We loved your wedding as much as we love you… and that is A LOT!

I’ve put together their slideshow of the fun and amazing pictures we took together on Saturday. I hope it can capture just a fraction of the love and fun that surround Monica and John. They are awesome people and I’m so happy I got to be with them on their wedding day! Congratulations you two!!

Click the image below to start the slide show
monica and john

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