to my husband on his birthday {personal}

June 14th, 2010
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Dear Cute Husband,

Today you turn 31. And if I do say so myself, you are pretty darn cute. I am grateful every single day that I get to wake up next to you because you are the perfect beginning to every day. I love you so much for all of the beauty you have brought into my life. You made me a wife and a mother (twice!) and a much, much better person. Thank you for being you – the perfect guy, my best friend, the one I laugh most with, the one who mocks my crazy bed head, the best kisser ever, the selfless guy who rubs my swollen preggo feet even after you’ve spent all day shooting a wedding too, the kitchen dancer, the dishes washer, the best partner ever, and the person I love very best in the whole entire universe. You are everything, and I can’t thank you enough for being mine. Happy birthday Mister!! I love you lots! You are my friend.

Love, Me

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  1. Beth Baugher

    Dustin Whitehead is THE BEST ! I FEEL SO VERY LUCKY TO HAVE HIM AS ONE OF MY BEST FRIENDS !! Happy fathers day dusty !

  2. Windy Dougall

    Happy B-Day Dustin! Miss you guys!

  3. Kate Miller

    Happy Birthday Dustin!!


They Say It’s My Birthday {personal}

August 6th, 2009
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So today was my 31st birthday. Rad! Can I say that my 30th year was pretty spectacular? Because it really was. It was kind of hard for me to say goodbye to it, but I gave it a kiss on the cheek and pat on the tush as it waltzed out the door at 7:30 this morning. 31, here I am… let’s be friends, okay?

So in honor of my birth my mom and I spent the day baking cupcakes… really, really yummy cupcakes. That one up at the very top there, that is a Maple French Toast and Bacon Cupcake and it is TO DIE FOR! Literally… it’s so good you might die. Then we have the classic Peanut Butter and Chocolate Cupcake with the Dove Peanut Butter Chocolate Candy piece shoved into the cupcake when it gets outta the oven. And below you will find a Strawberry and Marscapone Filled Vanilla Cupcake. YUM!

Oh the yumminess that is at my house. I like it.

Dustin surprised me with my birthday present a bit early. While I was in New England he told me that he just couldn’t wait to give me my gift and was bringing it to the airport. “What is it?” I demanded. “Guess and I’ll tell you,” he replied. Out of the 20 questions I asked all I knew is it was shiny, sparkly, pretty and I would REALLY REALLY like it. To be honest, I was fairly certain it was some sort of jewelry because I am a girl who likes the sparkle. So, when he picked me up from the airport I immediately wanted my gift. “It’s too hot in here! It’s really nice outside… let’s wait till we’re outside.” I agreed, we got my bags and out into the crazy crowded parking lot we went. “Did you get princess parking?” I asked as we headed out to the lot. “Nope,” he replied. “I am in Egypt!” We were in the middle of the lot when he said, “HEY! Your present!” and reached into his pocket. I wasn’t surprised to see him pull out a velvet box. In fact, I suspected it. However, when I opened it there was not a sparkely diamond or other precious gem…. no there was a key… to this.

It’s a brand new Ford Flex and um, yeah, I love him. Sorry for the lame picture, but I’ve been busy… at least my garage is sorta clean, right? Anyway, there I am standing in a parking lot with a key to a new car in my hands and the cutest husband in the world saying Happy Birthday and all I can do is go “bleaihga;faksdhfgaerwoiuhaba;sdlfksajogiahreglaghn” (That’s a direct quote.) I mean, there were no words… I was just sort of grunting and looking at Dustin then looking at the car and then looking back at Dustin. Finally I was all, “REALLY?!?!” and he was all “uh huh!” and that was when I said to total strangers who were walking by, “Hey! I have the best husband EVER!” Thank you cute husband for being so wonderful and knowing not only what I need but what I want. Thank you for being both of those things in my life. Also, thank you for letting me name the new toaster “Carlisle Cullen” after my favorite teen vampire novel character and for humoring me by calling him Dr. Cullen sometimes. I love you!

Thanks to everyone for your birthday wishes! You are the best! And now back to cute couples, families and babies… I PROMISE!

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  1. Megan Ugarte

    A friend of mine had you shoot at her wedding…and I can not get your photography out of my head! Her pictures are amazing!!! I’ve been telling people about your site, and honestly can’t wait to get married or something so you can be my photographer! I’m curious how much pet portraits cost. Maybe you could let me know :)

    Loooove the photography!!!

    Keep up the beautiful work!

  2. Jami

    Ok. So you have a great husband and a super cute new car. I think everyone is missing the point though. There is a bacon cupcake involved here people!

  3. Shannon

    Ok, he definitely takes the cake when it comes to awesome birthday presents. I’m lucky if I get a card from my hub. Love the new car!

  4. Rakeda

    This made me smile! I’m glad that your “cute husband” could make you so happy on your birthday. Enjoy your 31st year (I’m about to embark on my 30th…hope it’s as good as yours was!).

  5. Martha Andrews

    What a sweet husband! I love stories like this!
    You share a birthday with my baby boy, well he’s not a baby anymore, but he is pretty special:)

  6. Ryn

    Happy birthday and here’s to being “thirty-one-derful.” Enjoy the new toaster!!!!!

  7. Ashleigh Yates

    Happy Birthday Sarah!

  8. Lyndsay Lewis

    Yeah for you. I love the new toaster, I see you rockin this in a serious way!!! Well played Dustin, well played.

  9. gwyneth colleen

    i have already told you my thoughts on the name of your vehicle. genius.

    also, well played cute-husband dustin, well played.

    lastly…why the heck did you not make those cuppycakes BEFORE you came to visit me? are you punishing me? did i not take good enough care of you? what? what is it? i’m going to go seek solace in edward’s chiseled and cold granite arms now.

  10. Marina Miller


    i am so stoked for you. great job DUSTY ROSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


real weddings magazine {cover shoot} part 2

May 26th, 2009
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Sorry about this not going up yesterday. I wanted to blog, really I did… but my website decided to have a day off too. I took it as a sign from the universe that I needed to not work for one day and so I went to the pool instead. I think it was the best choice. So without further ado… check it out! Here are some of my FAVE shots from our amazing cover shoot for Real Weddings Magazine.

Let’s start things off with our cover winner, Emily. She was a DELIGHT! I seriously couldn’t take a bad picture of her if I tried. She was just adorable! Everything about photographing her was effortless. Her pictures rocked my world, and I’m so happy I got to work with her.

Then there was the beautiful Amelia. She was saucy, firey and just the hottest thing you ever did see. She brought some Latin flair to the shoot and I couldn’t love her pictures more if I tried. She was such a delight to work with, and so beautiful it hurt! She’s getting married in just a few days and I hope that cute hubs-to-be of hers loves these images of his smokin’ hot wife.

And finally there was the beautiful Autumn. For reals! The girl was so freaking hot in every stinking picture that my computer monitor almost melted while I was editing her pictures… no joke! Autumn knew how to turn it on, and keep it on! We all loved having her work it out for our cameras and LOVE how her pictures turned out.

And of course, there were all three of these gorgeous women together! How lucky we all felt to be shooting these three beauties all together. It’s going to make one hell of a second printing cover! I can’t wait!

Once more I must thank the incredible Beth Baugher of True Love Photo – studio mate and soul mate! I would NEVER have been able to do this shoot without her by my side. The gratitude I have for all of her love and wisdom and humor could fill every ocean. Thank you again Beth for making my job so easy.

And of course my beloved Dustin! Where in the world would I be without his voice in my head telling me I can be anything? Where would I be without his insane technical skills and killer lighting ideas? I would be nowhere I tell you! Thank you Dustin for letting me be a little crazy so the job gets done… and for always reminding me when it’s time to play. I love you.

And to the wonderful staff and contributors on this shoot! YOU GUYS! I ADORE YOU! The entire Real Weddings Staff kept everything running like clockwork. You guys seriously make a 12 hour shoot a BREEZE and I couldn’t thank you enough for being so organized, and willing to do whatever wacky thing came into my brain. Thank you for never once questioning our creativity and letting Sarah Maren Photography BE Sarah Maren Photography. I LOVE YOU GUYS! You’re the best publication in Sacramento and I am THRILLED to work with you. Also a HUGE thanks to the wonderful florists who supplied the amazing flowers and to the hair and makeup teams who made my job even easier. You guys ROCK!

Okay… enough of my jabbering on! MORE PICTURES! Check out the slideshow HERE or in the box below for even MORE images from our shoot!

Shoot Location: The Old Sugar Mill
Dresses Provided by: Miosa Coutour, Always Elegant Bridal Boutique, The Bridal Box, Diamond Bridal Gallery, and Dreamnette Bridal
Flowers Provided by: Flourish, Ambiance Floral Design and Camino Flower Shop
Jewelry Provided by: Jazzy Jewelz by Nancy, and Michael Green and Co.
Hats and Headpieces Provided by: Advantage Bridal, Alice Hart Couture Millinery, Granville Millinery Co., Hair Comes the Bride and Tina Kite Millinery Co.
Hair and Makeup for Emily: Elements Hair Salon
Hair and Makeup for Amelia: Image Provocateur
Hair and Makeup for Autumn: Sofie!Sofie! Salon

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  1. Tyson CarterFinally, I'm able to see the pics. They take me back to the best day of my life, June 27th 2009!

    WOW, AMAZING! I am finally allowed to see the pics and yes I love them, great job SM! I was banned from seeing them until after the wedding. They take me back to the best day of my life, June 27th, 2009! The day I married the hot, sexy, saucy, fiery Amelia! Love you beautiful! So HOT!

  2. joshua oakley

    Dear Sarah,

    My sister just won the cover of the bridal magazine that you shot. She is the the one person in my life that has always been there for me, and she is not only my rock, but is my savior as well. I want to congratulate you on such an amazing photo shoot. I, like everyone who sees her, thinks that she is the most beautiful girl they have ever laid eyes on. Not only outwards, but because she is one of those true beauty’s who’s inside glamour plays like an intricate ballet against her shiny outside. I can not begin to tell you how proud I am of her, and what an amazing job you have done to show the world what a shiny beautiful star she really is, thank you.

    Emily’s proud brother,

    Joshua W. Oakley

  3. Ryn

    Gorgeous!!!!!!!!! Seriously, absolutely gorgeous. Um, and that dress in the top two pics makes me swoon in ways that have the words “vow renewal” coming from my lips. =)

  4. Kate Miller

    A-friggin’-mazing! This is art with a capital A – you rocked this shoot! I love the textures and the contrasts – I love it all.

  5. Pennye Wilder

    Fabulous photos! breathtakingly beautiful! Gorgeous models! Of course the MOST gorgeous Emily. From her very proud Granny.


Cute Husband {personal}

May 15th, 2009
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I don’t think I can possibly tell you how much I love and adore my husband. He is my favorite and my best. I’m editing an engagement session we shot last week, and came across these pictures I took of him while we waited on our adorable couple to do a wardrobe change. I can’t help but photograph this cute husband of mine. He is handsome and sexy and everything I ever hoped my husband would be. He dreams big, and in the process has made all of my dreams come true. I would wouldn’t be doing this if it weren’t for him and his dreams for me and our little family. I couldn’t do this if it wasn’t for his immeasurable faith in me and my abilities. I wouldn’t last a day doing this without him, and more than that, I don’t think I would want to do this without him. Dustin makes everything seem possible, and I can never thank him enough for that magic.

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  1. lroah

    Your hubby is so cute. Hope you are doing great – just wanted to say hi!

  2. beth Baugher

    dusty is ’3 cherries’ what an amazing man. you two are the happiest couple i know. and your little family is just the absolute BEST. I FEEL BLESSED to know you all.

  3. Tiffany

    So sweet Sarah! Love it…great pics.

  4. sara jane

    dustin really is quite adorable! i am so glad you found him. you two make a great team. happy friday to you both :)

  5. Ryn

    Awwww…you are both amazing folks. =) Great post!