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    Frances and Dan {wedding}

    Oh Frances and Dan! I love them! They are HEAD OVER HEELS in love with each other and let me tell you something, IT SHOWS! As always, I started off with the ladies whilst Dustin hung out with the fellas. Frances’s dress is one of my favorites ever! There were pockets! And it was SO LIGHT! I loved it!
    I LOVE the look on Dan’s face as super cute Frances came down the asile.

    Any wedding with custom beer… WIN! Giving your guests wine stoppers. DOUBLE WIN!

    Now, Frances and Dan are political people – they met on the campaign trail during the presidential elections and continued on the California governor’s election. So, when we met I asked – which canidate were you campaigning for. Maybe they’d read my blog, maybe they had seen my bumper stickers – but they hesitated to tell me they were Republican’s. :) Once it was divulged, I told them it was okay because I was the black sheep of my family – the lone Democrate! Dan said he too was a bit of a black sheep in his family of liberals. So, when Dan’s brother got up to toast the happy couple he made it a good one. In fact, he didn’t say much – but let someone else do the talking.
    That was the response these two conservatives had to hearing the voice of Barack Obama come over the sound system wishing them a happy marriage. Way to go Brother!

    Frances and Dan we LOVE you! Thank you so much for having us be a part of your amazing wedding. We loved it! Have a GREAT time in Egypt on your honeymoon!
    Check out the SLIDESHOW HERE or below for more images of their lovely wedding.