annie and troy {eSession}

December 1st, 2009
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WHAT? Another blog post IN ONE DAY?!?!?! I’m on a roll here people, and nothing is going to stop me now! Well, nothing but making dinner for my family and watching Biggest Loser tonight… nothing but that. In any case, here is eSession #2 of the day! Annie and Troy! Talk about instantly falling in love! The moment I met these two I knew we were meant to be. They have such delightful personalities and are so stinking cute that I couldn’t be more excited to be a part of their wedding. We headed over to San Francisco for their engagement session to trot around their neighborhood and visit places that mean a lot to them. It was a blast!

Their neighborhood boasts some really excellent places… we started their shoot at a rice pudding shop and then not two blocks away we visited a candy store! Yeah… I LOVE San Francisco!

Annie and Troy! You are my dream team and I am so excited for your wedding in May! It’s going to be awesome! Thanks for the awesome eSession! We can’t wait to rock your wedding. Check out the SLIDESHOW HERE or below for more of our wonderful Annie and Troy.

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  1. Beth Baugher

    you are making the rest of us look bad, put a lid on the double posting thing. no one likes a show off.
    really super cool and fun and happy filled with all the greatness that is s&m

  2. Kate Miller

    Love, love, love, LOVE! Annie and Troy are such a cute couple – I love how you captured how they are always making each other laugh! So sweet. Great work darling!

  3. Gail Levy

    A mother’s dream comes true!! Troy is happily in love with a beautiful lady! And these pictures just show their glee!!

  4. Lisa Bardot

    Oh my goodness I LOVE these! Especially the candy shop ones!

  5. Sactalent

    WOW These Are Brilliant.