Jillian and Dustin {engaged}

May 2nd, 2011
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Wonderful Jillian and Dustin! We adore these two and are so very excited about their wedding this fall. We got together with them at Dustin’s family vineyard in Lodi and it was so freaking pretty! I LOVE spring engagement session, especially in the wild. Sure, I might freak out a little when a squirrel sneaks around us and I might trip in gopher holes every now and again, but gosh darn it! I love me some tall grass and blue skies. Thanks Jillian and Dustin for making my dreams come true. ;)

Dustin got a brand new motorcycle, so of course we had to take some pictures with it.

Jillian and Dustin! You are fantastic and we can’t wait for your big day!! Check out more of this adorable couple in their SLIDESHOW HERE or below and then anxiously await their sure to be incredible wedding in November.

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  1. tami {My Wedding Concierge}

    WOW! I seriously love both of her dresses! Great photos!

  2. Jillian B

    Sarah! I love you!

  3. Lyndsay Lewis

    oooohhhh, ahhhhh. that was simply my reaction to all of these!

  4. Sarah Maren

    Tammy it was seriously amazing! And that’s where Dustin grew up… isn’t that just amazing? It was so lovely.

  5. Tammy K

    WOW!! These are really amazing. That scenery is to die for.


Stacy and Chad {engaged}

April 25th, 2011
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Super cute Stacy and Chad! How I adore them! They are so good natured, and so funny and so much freaking fun! I am SOOOO excited to be a part of their wedding this fall. It’s going to be nothing short of fantastic. I mean, hello! They ROCKED out this engagement session. I’m sure their wedding won’t be anything short of amazeballs. We started things off at Ace of Spaces…a REALLY cool place in midtown that you should all check out… I’m just saying.

This is one of my most favorite pictures ever… LOVE!

Stacy and Chad! Thank you so much for being so awesome! And for going ABOVE AND BEYOND to make sure we could photograph your wedding! (They changed their date so we could be there! How much do we love them? SO MUCH!) Check out their SLIDESHOW HERE or below and feast your eyes on all the fun!

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  1. Stacy Rodgers-To-Be aka The Bride

    The date has got nothing on YOU!! :) We could not be happier with the photos and the experience of working with you and Dustin was frickin FANTASTIC!! Your talent is A-Mazing and we can not WAIT to see what’s in store for the Wedding photos!! SMP ROCKS!!!

  2. DebbiGladysz-Mother of the bride

    All my co-workers were in awe of your beautiful photos and the slide show with that perfect song. I can’t wait until the wedding to meet you. i just love all of these fun photos!

  3. Rachel Silverman

    You do amazing work. All of your pictures are GORGEOUS!!!!!! I am in awe at how beautiful they are :]


Nikki and Wes {engaged}

April 11th, 2011
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Sweet, wonderful Nikki and Wes! These two are so freaking cute it’s not even fair! I am so happy that I got to shoot these engagement photos for them. This beautiful couple is getting married this fall on a tropical island, and while I can make it to the big day, I was thrilled when they asked me to photograph their engagement session. We met up in Old Sac, and basically went the OPPOSITE direction I would normally go. And man I’m glad we did! We made some beautiful images of this awesome pair!

You know my weakness for a good parking garage… well Nikki and Wes ROCKED THIS GARAGE OUT!

Then we headed back into Old Sac for a wardrobe change, and to get our low-light sexy on. And these two KNOW how to bring the sexy!

Nikki and Wes, you two are amazing! Thank you for being such awesome people, and for having us photograph you! We can’t wait to hear about your wedding! Check out their SLIDESHOW HERE or below for more loveliness.

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  1. Sarah Maren

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Cortney and Wayne {engaged}

January 31st, 2011
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Cortney and Wayne are SUPER cute! Dustin and I got together with them for their engagement session in beautiful Lodi, California – where they will also be getting married next month. I fell for these two pretty much the moment they walked in the door to the studio. They are so fun, so laid back and ever so in love. I can’t wait for their wedding! We started off behind the local Smart and Final… because really… where else would you start an engagement session?

Um, are you as taken with the eyes these two have as I am? I think I told Cortney her eyes were bananas at least 87 times during our 90 minutes engagement session. But seriously! How could I not?

To say we are excited to be a part of Cortney and Wayne’s big day is kind of an understatement! We are thrilled! We are so happy they are our first wedding of 2011, because we KNOW they will kick our season off right! Check out their SLIDEHSOW HERE or below for more loveliness from their engagement session!

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  1. Mama

    I love all of these.

  2. Tammy K

    I LOVE their 50s glamour.