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July 1st, 2009
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Adoreable Stevie and Blake were blogged on Southern Weddings this morning! I am so excited to have their images shared with the delightful readers of SW. As you know, I LOVED this wedding! I got to work with my favorite coordinator, Kate Miller Events, and one of the most delightful couples ever! Head on over to the blog to read a bit more about their wedding!

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  1. Lyndsay Lewis

    very nice, first offbeat bride, now southern bride, and magazine covers…way to be, way to be!


Featured in Brides Magazine Local Edition

January 7th, 2009
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I’m so excited to announce that I was featured in Brides Magazine’s latest local editions. The first wave of the nationwide publications began in Chicago, and I just got the PDF the other day. The image featured is from Sarah and Dustin’s fabulous wedding at the Forest House Lodge in Foresthill, California in November of 2007. (You can check their wedding slideshow out HERE) I was featured in the “What the Pro’s Want You to Know” section, and what I wanted everyone to know was they should see each other BEFORE the ceremony. Here’s my quote

“I think the bride and groom should see each other before the ceremony. It gets the jitters out of the way and gives me time to get some fun, unique images. When portraits are taken after the ceremony, it’s hard for the couple to focus. They don’t want to miss their party!”

I know you’ve all heard me say that before! So, I feel really honored that is was preached on a national level. Thanks to Brides for letting me be a part of the issue. It has been an honor!

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  1. Jennifer

    Awesome Sarah! Sounds like so many great things happening for you. We should catch up soon. Wishing you a great year ahead!

  2. Rachel

    That is awesome Sarah. Congratulations!!

  3. Emily Heizer Photography


  4. Ryn

    Congratulations Sarah! We definitely took your advice to heart and it made for wonderful pictures. (It also didn’t hurt to get great lighting and fresh hair and makeup, lol.)


FEATURED!!! Lyndsay and Mike are Offbeat!

September 3rd, 2008
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How awesome to open my email this morning and have a note from my beloved Rachel of Merge Weddings saying, “CONGRATS! You’re on Offbeat Bride!” And sure enough! I am! Well, really Lyndsay and Mike are and I couldn’t be more excited! Ariel featured their bitchin’ day after session. How fun is that? Check out the Offbeat love HERE! Hooray!

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  1. Sarah Maren

    No comments yet. Why not be the first?


Featured in Sierra Style Weddings!

May 29th, 2008
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Can I just tell you how super excited I am that TWO of my weddings got published in the newest issue of Sierra Style Weddings! I am so happy to see two of my rockin’ couples gracing the pages of one of my most favorite wedding magazines ever.

You can check out Jen and Ben’s wedding slideshow HERE and Katie and Mick’s wedding slideshow HERE to see more of the pictures of these totally awesome couples. Both of their weddings, while totally different, were amazing and it was an honor to capture their love and passion for each other. I’m just so excited the publishers thought so too. :)

So, if you see a copy on your newsstand pick it up! Or visit their website and check out the online version!

We also have a new ad out this year. It is one of my favorite images ever and it’s from Sarah and Brian’s wedding portraits earlier this year. You can check out their slideshow HERE.

Thanks to ALL my awesome couples for letting me do what I love best. It’s amazing to work with each of you.

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  1. Heather

    I am so happy for you! CONGRATS!!!! You totally deserve it! :)

  2. Shannon Sewell

    oh my gosh- CONGRATULATIONS!! that is so cool and you totally deserve it ;)



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