Katie and Mick {album}

July 1st, 2008
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So I’ve never done this before, but I’m posting Katie and Mick’s album slideshow along with images of the finished album! I’m so excited. :) I am testing a new album company, and Katie and Mick’s rock star wedding seemed like just the right wedding to be displayed in this new incredibly awesome and edgy album.

This is an 8×12 40 page flush mount album and I LOVE IT! It’s not too big, not too small and has SO many cover options that a girl could just go crazy! I chose this particular fabric cover because it was so representative of Katie and Mick’s rockin’ red wedding. I also included a 4×5 image on the cover. So pretty. :)

The other thing I love about this album is the fact that it lays completely flat. Seriously, my heart sings at the beauty of this album. It was so much fun to design! I absolutely love it!

You can check out all the layouts for this album by watching the slideshow below. And really, if you’d like to see it in person give me a call and we’ll set it up!

Click the image below to start the slideshow
Katie and Mick Album

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  1. Katie

    Sarah…it’s been too long since we’ve talked but the album is absolutely beautiful! How much would it cost to have it duplicated? The Bride…

  2. Anonymous

    Yes yes yes, please give the company name.

  3. tifferbob

    Love the album and the color!

  4. Jane Button

    can you divulge who the album company is? it looks fabulous!

  5. jay eads

    L O V E


Featured in Sierra Style Weddings!

May 29th, 2008
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Can I just tell you how super excited I am that TWO of my weddings got published in the newest issue of Sierra Style Weddings! I am so happy to see two of my rockin’ couples gracing the pages of one of my most favorite wedding magazines ever.

You can check out Jen and Ben’s wedding slideshow HERE and Katie and Mick’s wedding slideshow HERE to see more of the pictures of these totally awesome couples. Both of their weddings, while totally different, were amazing and it was an honor to capture their love and passion for each other. I’m just so excited the publishers thought so too. :)

So, if you see a copy on your newsstand pick it up! Or visit their website and check out the online version!

We also have a new ad out this year. It is one of my favorite images ever and it’s from Sarah and Brian’s wedding portraits earlier this year. You can check out their slideshow HERE.

Thanks to ALL my awesome couples for letting me do what I love best. It’s amazing to work with each of you.

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  1. Heather

    I am so happy for you! CONGRATS!!!! You totally deserve it! :)

  2. Shannon Sewell

    oh my gosh- CONGRATULATIONS!! that is so cool and you totally deserve it ;)



FEATURED! (Katie & Mick)

November 15th, 2007
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Katie and Mick’s wedding was featured today on Offbeat Bride, a blog I love and read all the time. I am so excited for so many people to see Katie and Mick’s beautiful wedding. Personality is so important to a wedding, and I love how much of it these two infused into their big day. Go have a look around the Offbeat Bride site and get inspired by all the creative people out there!

Thanks Ariel for showcasing my work and this rockin’ couple!

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  1. Sarah Maren

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Katie and Mick’s Wedding

November 7th, 2007
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On October 28th I was ever so blessed as to be the photographer for Katie and Mick’s amazing (!!!) wedding. I have known Katie for years, and adore her loads, but then I saw all the planning she put into the tiniest details of her perfectly awesome wedding and that adoration went into overdrive! She seriously thought of everything! And when she told me her Miosa made wedding dress would have a white leather corset, black netting and a top hat, the groom would be wearing leather pants AND sushi would be served… well my little photographer heart nearly exploded with glee!

We started off at the Sheraton Grand Hotel (where we ran into Penny Silvia in the lobby because she just so happened to have a bride getting ready there too! How fun is that!) where Katie got all kinds of beautiful and her mom helped her get dressed. I love the windows at the Sheraton, they make for the loveliest portraits.

While the girls were getting gussied up, Bija headed over to hang out with the fellas. Mick sure was a great looking rock star groom.

And then it was over to the Sacramento Grand Ballroom for the I Do’s! Katie and Mick had a beautiful ceremony in the stunning light of the ballroom. Can I tell you how much I love not having to use a flash indoors? It’s my most favorite thing ever! After the ceremony we headed out onto the streets of Sacramento for some group and couple pictures. I honestly think I could easily photograph these two every day for the rest of my life! They were amazing and took some pictures that just stopped my heart.

Thanks so much to Katie, Mick and their wonderful family and friends (and I’m not just saying that because we have a lot of the same friends… really, I’m not!) for letting Bija and I be a part of your fabulous rock star wedding! We love you bunches and hope you had a blast on your honeymoon!

Check out more pictures of Katie and Mick’s Rock and Roll Wedding in their slide show (and you just might catch a picture or two of a familiar blonde haired best friend of mine as well as a 1 year old baby girl you might be acquainted with. :) )

Click the image below to start the slide show
katie and mick 02

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  1. Anonymous

    I absolutely love the photos you took of Katie and Mick! I work at Miosa, and when Katie did her fittings I knew that the dress would photograph beautifully! Great Job!

  2. lilia

    Sarah, you so freaking rock!!!

  3. Ariel

    I absolutely adore these shots and featured them on my website, Offbeat Bride. Thank you so much for capturing this amazing wedding … and sharing some of the details with us!

  4. The Memory Journalists

    Love these images!!! Super awesome!

  5. BETH

    UBER rock star delish. fab crazy coolness.
    yummie !!
    you DID score on this one.
    Beth b

  6. Sarah Hanson

    Sarah, you’ve done it again!!! The slide show is just a taste of how wonderfully you shot the pix of their wedding and captured who they are and all that was special about that day! I not only want tons of photos, please tell me how I can save your slideshow!!!

    The delirious Mother of the Bride!

  7. Heaven's Eye Phtotography

    Beautiful, stunning, funky, fun…need I go on. I really felt connected to this couple looking through the pictures. You did an amazing job capturing the essence of them. Her style is smokin! K

  8. Anonymous

    I do believe the words are STUNNING…amazing…fabulous rock star pictures.

    The one of all the gals makes me giggle.

    The one of your baby and me is so cute. Just so we’re clear. :)


  9. susan

    sacramento grand ballroom! i had my senior ball there. lol lovely beautiful stuff, esp the ones with the red wall! :D <3

  10. Shannon Sewell

    Oh my!! How cool are they?? Sweet wedding and love those images :D The post processing on those last four sets the mood absolutely perfectly…