Tibby and Tom {wedding}

April 6th, 2010
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Tibby and Tom’s wedding was like a breath of fresh air. Everything about their wedding day was absolute perfection. Dustin and I so very much enjoyed ourselves, and loved being a part of this perfect backyard wedding. I loved all of the details from Tibby’s awesome (and covet worthy) dress and shoes to the invitations to the dozens and dozens of daffodils all over the home the were married at. It was absolutely perfect.

Then it was time for their lovely spring morning ceremony. It was such a lovely ceremony! Dustin and I loved shooting in the beautiful morning light.

How cute are they? SO CUTE! After rocking out some family portraits we took a few minutes for some photos of our lovely pair.

Tibby and Tom treated their guests to a delightful brunch under an open tent. It was utterly fantastic.

See that french toast up there? Yeah, I want to build a life with that french toast. I talk about that french toast to Dustin every single day! Tibby and Tom have made me a french toast addict! After a lovely brunch Tibby and Tom chatted with their guests.

And then came one of the most fun parts of the day! BOWLING!!! Yes, that’s right! Tibby and Tom forwent the traditional dancing, toasting and cake cutting of a reception and instead treated their friends and family to an afternoon at the lanes. It was so much fun! Tibby and Tom even had His and Hers bowling balls. There is almost not enough room for all of the awesome!

Tibby and Tom THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for having Dustin and me be a part of your absolutely perfect wedding. We loved every minute of it! Take a look at the SLIDESHOW HERE or below for more images of this awesome day!

Wedding and brunch reception: Private Residence
Bowling: Crestview Lanes
Brides Dress: Belladonna Bridal Salon
Catering: Magpie Caterers (my new preferred catering vendor because YUM!!! and they use local and sustainable foods… what’s not to love?)
Flowers: DIY
Band: Country Day School Band

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  1. Dognbird

    What a lovely, happy wedding. You did a great job capturing all these sweet moments – well done!

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  3. Emily Heizer Photography

    Totally beautiful wedding! Love it! WAY thrown off though because I just realized this is my “college sweetheart’s” BFF & friends. LOL Little trippy… But looks like a wonderful wedding and you, of course did a great job at capturing the day!

  4. jen howell

    Love the Bowling!

  5. Beth Baugher

    wow wow wow these are STUNNING. so precious ! what a cute fun couple. you out did yourself sister. love these pics !

  6. Judy

    I love love love it all! Bowling? Seriously- why didn’t I do that same thing at my wedding?

  7. Natasha Scott

    These are so great! The outdoor-spring wedding seems so sweet! Love the colors, the flowers, the food, and THE BOWLING!! Congrats to the newlyweds. Well done, Sarah!


sara jane and meghan {wedding}

September 1st, 2009
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I honestly don’t even know how to express the deep love I have for Sara Jane and Meghan. Being a part of their wedding was one of the absolute highlights of this year and I can’t even begin to tell you how honored I was to witness their wedding and be surrounded by their wonderful friends and family. When I first met up with SJ and Meg last year same sex marriage was legal in the state of California, and although their right to marry was so unjustly stripped from them they bravely carried on with their wedding plans. We started off with getting ready at a family friends home in Sonoma, California. It was STUNNING! I had SO much fun photographing all the details around the house, and then of course photographing SJ and Meg getting ready.

Then I took a moment for a few portraits before we went on to the other home their ceremony and reception was being held at. I fell deeply in LOVE with the master bathroom of this home… luckily so did SJ and Meg and they were up for a portrait in it.

Then we were off to get these two hitched! The ceremony site was almost as beautiful as the personalized vows Sara Jane and Meghan exchanged. I was moved so deeply by their expressions of love for each other. Their vows were just so THEM! Sara Jane told the story of how one day while she thinking about what she wanted from her life, and writing down the qualities she wanted to hold as the woman she wanted to somday be and the woman she wanted to someday love when a single yellow balloon floated past her and she caught sight of a sign that read, “Celebrate the good life.” She took it as a sign from the universe, and has led her life as such since then. Not much later she and Meg met and fell in love. It’s why the balloons at the wedding were so important, and why I first started to cry at the wedding. Then when Meghan ready her beautiful, utterly poetic vows I lost it all the way. Again, I was so honored to know these women and to be a part of their wedding.

And then it was party time! There was good friends, great food, amazing music and loads of laughter. SJ and Meg sure know how to throw one heck of a party! With all the beautiful yellow and blue decorations you couldn’t help but being overwhelmed by happiness and the need to dance!

And then the light got REALLY pretty, so we ran off to the field behind the house for some portraits. And when we got back… well… THEN the REAL party started… the pool party!

SJ and Meg! We love you! Dustin and I talk about you every day, and talk about your wedding and how much we adore you. Thank you again for inviting us to be a part of your lives. We love you!
Be sure to check out the SLIDESHOW HERE or in the box below for lots of beautiful images from this beautiful wedding!

Ceremony and Reception: Private Residence
Flowers: Princess Lastertron
Wedding Dresses: Issac Mizrahi
Cupcakes: Sift
Caterer: Get Outta My Kitchen (seriously, the food was SO GOOD! I dream about it.)

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  1. meg

    yay, heidi! biggest congrats :D feel free to be in touch any time along the way!

  2. Heidi

    Absolutely beautiful pictures and so inspirational for our lesbian wedding in February! You guys look so happy :D

  3. sylvia ablard

    It looked an amazing day live and love as if every day were your last x be happy you both looked amazing, god bless

  4. meg

    Cathrine! My grandmother gave me the watch that looks like yours – my grandfather gave it to her about 50 years ago :) I can’t remember the brand, but it came in this beautiful, velvety blue box. I absolutely cherish it!

  5. Cathrine

    “Celebrate the good life”, I love that! It really looks like the brides are living by that slogan, they look so happy! And these are just gorgeous photos.
    And I noticed that it looks like the bride with the turquoise hairpiece has exactly the same watch as me, witch is amazing because mine was bought in Japan over 40 years ago.

  6. Denham Crawford

    I have been looking for you for years and have never been able to locate you. I am happy to hear that you are married, I just wish I could have been there. I wish you too the best of luck, and many good years to come.

  7. jenne

    That is the most beautiful room I’ve ever seen in my life! I LOVE jewel tones, and if I had a perfect place, it would be decorated just like that!

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  9. meg

    i lose my breath every time i read and watch this post. thank you for capturing the small moments between us, our families and friends. in our case, many of those seem exclusive of the other (it’s what happens when two people from different parts of the country transplant elsewhere!); but it was so wonderful to have everyone as integrated as we’d always love it to be. i know it’s your m.o. to snap the details beautifully – heck, it’s why we first fell for ya – but i’m floored every time i see what you’ve done with US, which is pretty awesome. even better, we are just as full of love as you have made us look :)

  10. Marcia Gerbode

    Gorgeous pictures! The incredibly creative eye behind the photos taken, truly captured the heartfelt moments of the brides, their families and friends, as well as, the delightful fun all of the guests experienced that day.

  11. Dori Boone-Costantino

    Beautiful! What a good looking couple!

  12. Michelle-Kim Lee

    I’ve been waiting so long to see photos of this wedding! So beautiful – both the photos, the ladies and their love!


  13. Brandi

    Soooo gorgeous. Not only are the brides beautiful – but the locations, the details.. everything is awesome.

  14. Ryn

    These are so fun. I love the colors. That bathtub is fantastic!

  15. Calvina

    Holy cow Sarah…these are amazing. :) Wonderful heart felt moments captures. congrats. i love it!

  16. Lisa Welge

    wow Sarah, what a beautiful story. You’re so lucky to have been a part of this! I am jealous. Beautiful images! I love love. :)

  17. Lyndsay Lewis

    I have been waiting SO long for this wedding. I was so in love with every photo in the slideshow it was ridiculous! I know I always say this, but these were beautiful

  18. Marina Miller

    so SO so fabulous!!!! love the colors and the LOVE shining though every image. that pool party looks so fun! xoxo