Stacy and Chad {engaged}

April 25th, 2011
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Super cute Stacy and Chad! How I adore them! They are so good natured, and so funny and so much freaking fun! I am SOOOO excited to be a part of their wedding this fall. It’s going to be nothing short of fantastic. I mean, hello! They ROCKED out this engagement session. I’m sure their wedding won’t be anything short of amazeballs. We started things off at Ace of Spaces…a REALLY cool place in midtown that you should all check out… I’m just saying.

This is one of my most favorite pictures ever… LOVE!

Stacy and Chad! Thank you so much for being so awesome! And for going ABOVE AND BEYOND to make sure we could photograph your wedding! (They changed their date so we could be there! How much do we love them? SO MUCH!) Check out their SLIDESHOW HERE or below and feast your eyes on all the fun!

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  1. Stacy Rodgers-To-Be aka The Bride

    The date has got nothing on YOU!! :) We could not be happier with the photos and the experience of working with you and Dustin was frickin FANTASTIC!! Your talent is A-Mazing and we can not WAIT to see what’s in store for the Wedding photos!! SMP ROCKS!!!

  2. DebbiGladysz-Mother of the bride

    All my co-workers were in awe of your beautiful photos and the slide show with that perfect song. I can’t wait until the wedding to meet you. i just love all of these fun photos!

  3. Rachel Silverman

    You do amazing work. All of your pictures are GORGEOUS!!!!!! I am in awe at how beautiful they are :]


Malenda and Robert {engaged}

April 19th, 2011
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When I first met with Malenda and Robert it was nothing short of a love connection… for all of us. Seriously, I adore these two SO FREAKING MUCH and am so happy to be a part of their wedding. It’s going to be pretty freaking fantastic FOR SURE! We got together for their engagement session and just spent an afternoon basking in the sun and the warmth of these two and all their cuteness! Let the love-fest commence!

Any guesses what day they’re getting married???

Oh Malenda and Robert! I just freaking love you! Thanks for having us be a part of your big day… you may never get rid of me… I’m just saying. Check out their SLIDESHOW HERE or below for more of their incredible adorableness. :)

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  1. tami {My Wedding Concierge}

    They are so cute! And they both have the most amazing smiles!

  2. Manuel PĂ©rez

    Wow. You both look amazing. I can’t wait for the big day! After many gloomy rain clouds, the shoot turned out perfect.

  3. Malenda Wallin

    P.S. Are we the first ‘animated’ couple on your site? LOVE the flip-book like animated pics!!

  4. Malenda Wallin

    Sarah, I cannot thank you enough for these amazing photos! You are great at what you do and we are hoping to NEVER get rid of YOU! Thank you again!

  5. Bernie Robledo

    Absolutely beautiful!! Wow, I didn’t realize my niece was so gorgeous!!

  6. Kate Miller

    Love it! Malenda snagged her hot banker boy! Love this couple – this is a perfect sesh!


Carly and Kris {eSession}

October 25th, 2010
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How adorable are Carly and Kris? They are SUPER adorable dang it! And we are so excited to have them as one of our June couples for next year and we can’t wait for their big day! These two love birds came down to Sacramento from the Redding area to do their eSession in Old Sac and then let me drag them around to where the light lead us… and oh… did it lead us some pretty places. I love this session… LOVE IT! And I love Carly and Kris too… but really… what’s not to love?

I love it when we happen across new street art… I’ve shot in this area before, but the art behind these two is new since we were there last… and I love it. I love how things change… it makes me happy. Actually, the whole second half of this shoot made me incredibly happy. We just followed the light and stumbled across things great places, great texture and of course made some lovely photographs as well. I can’t tell how joyful this whole shoot was… it was divine.

Check out the SLIDESHOW HERE for more images of these hotties and hold your breath until June for what is sure to be their incredible wedding photos.

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  1. Luann

    awesome pics… great subjects… get backgrounds… great everything…

  2. Carly

    Thank you so much! We love them!!!

  3. B. Gresham

    Love the graffiti tire! Such a cool backdrop for those shots!


frances and dan {esession}

April 28th, 2010
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We have been busting out the eSessions over here at Sarah Maren Photography as we prepare for a 2 month hiatus in the middle of the summer so I can have this kid I’m making evacuate my womb. So, my darling fall and winter couples have been very gracious about scheduling their eSessions a little early so they are not being photographed by me when I am to water buffalo size. Frances and Dan are getting married this Decemeber, and oh how I love them! They are so stinkin’ cute, and seriously a lot of fun to be around. We bonded over a coffee at Temple and then headed out to get our eSession on! These two are so cute together! I just love everything about them!

I just really, REALLY love this picture of Frances… she’s so pretty.

Frances is OBSESSED with the Tower Bridge, so we worked it into their shoot too. What’s funny is I’ve never really shot ON the bridge that much, so this was fun to do some experimenting. Luckily this couple was up it, and it totally paid off!

Frances and Dan – YOU ARE AWESOME! Thank you so much for having Dustin and me be a part of your big day. You two are so darn perfect for each other! We seriously can’t wait for your wedding. Thanks for everything! Check out their SLIDESHOW HERE or below for more from this lovely session.

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  1. Lisa Welge

    Sarah, I think our minds are freakishly in sync! That very same day I shot the bride in front of those awesome painted poppies and today I posted a session with the Tower Bridge! Creeeepy…! Great work you two this is a fun session!!


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