The Beers {family portraits}

March 21st, 2011
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Seriously, these are some of my favorite people in the universe. I met Katie at Stacy and Gavin’s wedding last year and it was kind of like love at first sight. Katie and I GET each other. We are loud, opinionated, sassy and drop dead gorgeous. Aside from that we also have two cute kids and super awesome husbands. SOUL MATES! Way back when Katie and I chatted about getting her family portraits done, and we finally made that happen a couple weeks ago and I am so glad we did! Her handsome husband, Mike and adorable girls, Emma and Abbey made this one awesome photo shoot!

I totally love these pictures of Katie and Mike… that’s love kids… right there.

And how stunning is Emma? SO STUNNING!

At several points in our shoot darling Abbey would stop to “do some yoga” as she told us. Clearly, she is the cutest thing ever.

Even Dad got in on the heart shaped sunglasses… can you blame him?

How freaking cute is this family? I love them! Abbey, our cute yogi master, is having open heart surgery tomorrow (hence her bitchin’ heart sunglasses) so PLEASE send down a wish, or send up a prayer (in the immortal words of Rachel Barry) for our beloved Abbey’s super speedy recovery. She is one incredible kid, and we want her better and yoga-ing it up soon! Check out the SLIDESHOW HERE or below for more of this fabulous family!

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The Camacho’s {Mini Session}

October 13th, 2010
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A few weeks ago I did a wonderful mini session for one of my favorite families in the world – the Camacho’s. My best friend Jill has been a Camacho for 13 years, and they hadn’t done a family picture with the whole Camacho clan. So we made that happen for them, and yeah… it was totally fun. Despite being rained on from time to time we had a great mini session with this incredible family.

And because I can’t help myself, here is Jill’s youngest Abby and my oldest, Lauren looking like sisters. Despite the fact they have very different looking parents they have the exact same hair color and are often mischevious. It makes me happy.

We still have a few spots left for our Holiday Portrait Mini Session Event on November 6th at 7th. Check it out HERE for more information and to set up your mini session appointment.

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  1. Dustin

    I think it’s hilarious that our ‘brown one’ has the same skin tone as Jill’s ‘white one’! Although I’m a little jealous, honestly.

  2. Karlene

    These are just fabulous. Love them!

  3. Jill

    I love you and your beautiful family lots. But you knew that. ;)

    These are amazing.


the lambert’s {family portraits}

May 27th, 2010
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Oh the cute, adorable Lambert family! They are so much fun and with a 2 year old as rambunctious as Brody it’s no wonder his mom and dad are in such great shape! Brody LOVES to run and explore. He also loves trains. Maybe a working train yard wasn’t the best idea their photographer ever had… but we made it work. And got some really cute pictures of this really cute family.

Then we headed over to the park because Brody LOVES parks, and because they are safer than working train yards just so you know. We let Brody do his thing, and his mom and dad just played right along with him. Brody, I hope you know just how good you have it with these two.

What I love about this park is there is a nice little wooded area just next to it that always seems to have the prettiest light. Brody was happy to explore over there as well.

Thank you cute Lambert family for letting us capture this fun time in your family. Two is a crazy age for sure… but a really, really good age too. Thanks for letting us be a part of it. Check out their SLIDESHOW HERE or below for more pictures of this adorable family.

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  1. April

    Thank you Sarah & Dustin for capturing our family so wonderfully! Jeff and I can’t stop saying how happy we are with our photographs!


Keegan {9 months portraits}

December 14th, 2009
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Keegan is actually about to turn one here in a few days, but I wanted to share his super fun 9 month portraits we took a while back. Keegan is one of my favorites, and he just gets cuter every time I see him. We went to a park to let Keegan do what he does best – PLAY!

Oh my gosh! Can you believe his eyelashes? Such a cutie this one.

Thanks again to Whitney, Phil and Keegan for such a rocking session. I can’t wait for our next session! I can’t believe he’s almost a year old! Check out the SLIDESHOW HERE or below for more awesome pics of this cutie!

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  1. Emily Dailey

    Wow! Those are so cute! My favorite is the one by the fence! These are great!

  2. Windy Dougall

    Oh man, you just made me fall in love with my nephew all over again. You really captured the utterly ridiculous cuteness that is Keegan. Amazing job, Miss Sarah.

  3. beth dougall

    Not that I am prejudiced, but that kid could be a model..Sarah, you captured the sweet soul of my wonder you are such a great put tears in Grammie’s eyes

  4. Karlene

    So very awesome! There are so many amazing shots here! I mean–the monkey bar–are you kidding me!?! So cool.

  5. Whitney

    These look so Awesome. I’m seriously grinning from ear to ear. Sarah you are absolutly amazing. Now I just have to figure out which ones to get.