Jennifer and Eric {wedding}

January 24th, 2011
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Here it is! SMP’s final wedding of 2010! And, what a wedding it was! Jen and Eric put on an incredible party at our favorite place for weddings in Sacramento – the ever fabulous Citizen Hotel. This wedding was just one awesome thing after another. Jen and Eric are two extremely wonderful people, and it was wonderful to be a part of their big day. The love they have for each other is so deep, and so very comfortable. It made everything about their wedding so easy. It was such a great way to close up a really great year. And let’s be real – late December light is TO. DIE. FOR. Seriously – the balcony shots I’m going to show you… I want to BUILD A LIFE with them. I want to get 8×10′s printed and just hand them to strangers on the street so they too can understand how pretty everything about this day was. So, I’ll be quiet now and show you some pictures of this fabulous wedding!

Brace yourself for this next one… Jennifer is SUCH a stunning bride! And when you have a bride this damn pretty, and then you get light that is like the most amazing light I’ve ever seen in my life… well… I am just so freaking happy I got to be up on this balcony.

Jen had all her besties come up to the Governor’s Suite before the ceremony to share a glass of champagne with her. I thought it was so awesome that she surrounded herself with those who she loves so much at such a special moment.

And then we had one quick moment as the sun set and the clouds were crazy awesome to grab this shot before going downstairs to the ballroom and getting these two hitched. And, oh man! I’m so glad we had this moment!

Then it was off to the reception! And because we’d gotten all the portraits and family pictures done prior to the ceremony, Jen and Eric got to go straight to their party! Now, you all know that I LOVE the Citizen Hotel, but they keep doing things to make me LOVE THEM MORE! Jen and Eric’s wedding was the first wedding there with the fabulous new windows on the 7th floor terrace room. I LOVE THE WINDOWS! They are awesome, and they make such a huge difference! They skyline is just that much more amazing now! Thanks Citizen Hotel! You make every wedding AMAZING!

A couple other things I LOVED about this wedding were the fact that Jen and Eric made it so THEM! Instead of a big ol’ cake, they had that cute little one up there and then had an ice cream sundae station! Awesome! And they did my most favorite thing for a wedding – they had a live band. They rocked out with The Hits and honestly, if you’re thinking about having a band at your wedding you totally should! And The Hit’s were AMAZING! The dance floor was never empty all night!

Jen and Eric thank you SO much for having us be a part of your OUTSTANDING wedding! We loved ending our 2010 season on such a high note. You two are just the best! Check out more of their wonderful wedding in their SLIDESHOW HERE or below!

Ceremony and Reception Location and Catering: The Citizen Hotel
Florist: Blooms by Martha Andrews
Cake and Ice Cream Sundae Station: Sugar and Spice Specialty Desserts
Ceremony Music: Bob Ringwald
Reception Entertainment: The Hits

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  1. Beth Baugher


  2. Shavonda

    Such a beautiful couple and such a beautiful wedding. A life time of happiness to you both!!

  3. Jen

    You made us so glamorous! We LOVE LOVE LOVE the pictures — you are an amazing talent. THANK YOU!!

    (PS: Tammy — steal away! I loved having my gals up there sharing champagne and some girl time before the ceremony!)

  4. martha

    The lighting on the bouquet in that shot in the beginning of the blog, AMAZING!!!!

  5. Jill

    I’m madly in love with the colors and lighting. STUNNING. That is all.

  6. Sarah Maren

    Tammy I thought it was really awesome! I think you should totally do it! ;)

  7. Tammy Kukta

    OMG I LOVE how she invited all her best friends up for a champagne toast. Is it wrong to steal an idea from my own photographers other clients!?! Hahah! I’ve just been trying to think of different ways to include my best girls, since I can’t have them all in the wedding… Hmmm you might see this pop up again :)
    Beautiful pictures by the way, the sky was amazing.


rachel and darren {wedding}

July 19th, 2010
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Rachel and Darren are LOVES! There is nothing about them I don’t like. Seriously, I adore them! And I so adored their wedding. Sure I was less than two weeks away from having my baby, but that didn’t matter! We called in the photographic cavalry and had our dear friends Tammy Swales (who flew in from freaking NEW YORK to shoot with us!) and my lovely Beth Baugher shoot this wedding with us just in case Ben decided to make an early appearance. Luckily he stayed put and we rocked out this amazing wedding of two of the loveliest people I’ve ever met! Tammy and I started off with Rachel and her ladies at The Citizen. And OH! How lovely were her details and how GORGEOUS Rachel was. She was SUCH a beautiful bride!

And Rachel had the MOST awesome bridesmaids! They were all so laid back, funny and really very pretty too! One of her bridesmaids even had a baby EIGHT DAYS before the wedding! Did I mention Rachel is apparently a fertility goddess?

Meanwhile, Dustin and Beth were over at Rachel and Darren’s place with the fellas while they got ready.

Then the boys headed over to The Citizen where Rachel and Darren were going to have their first look. Before they saw each other though, we delivered letters that they had written to each other. Um… did I mention all the crazy hormones of a 9month+ preggo lady? And the tears that will happen because of the hormones and all the freaking tenderness and love… yeah… I was a hot mess as they read their letters, but then when I saw Darren’s face as he saw Rachel for the first time I totally lost it. I’m such a goob! But seriously! The LOVE!!!

Then we took some time for couple portraits and portraits with the wedding party. We had SO much fun rockin’ out the alley behind the hotel! It was great fun!

Then it was wedding time! Rachel and Darren had a beautiful ceremony full of personality. They had some pretty awesome vows that included promises to not make Darren go to Ikea! That really IS love! I mean, Ikea involves heavy lifting people… to let your husband stay home is a serious sacrafice! But that’s just how much Rachel loves Darren.

Then it was party time! Rachel and Darren had a beautiful reception full of fun and so much joy. Everyone in attendance was all about celebrating and it made for such a wonderful night. I seriously had so much fun!

Of course, we had to go grab some sunset shots on the terrace upstairs too! Rachel and Darren ROCKED our quick portrait session… we couldn’t have asked for more!

One of the things I love about Rachel and Darren’s reception was how much personality there was! Rachel’s dad made a HILARIOUS slideshow, the toasts were funny and touching, and then there was the dancing. Rachel and Darren did a beautiful first dance (no dancing in a circle for them!) and then the parent dances just melted me. It was wonderful to witness this wedding!

Rachel and Darren I don’t think I can thank you enough for choosing us to be a part of your spectacular wedding. We love you so much, and feel so grateful to know you! Thank you for being so rad it almost crazy! Thanks again as well to Dustin, Tammy and Beth who were AMAZING! Thank you for carrying my bags, getting me water, and getting so many incredibly beautiful shots! You are the best! Check out more pictures of this stellar wedding in their SLIDESHOW HERE or below.

Wedding and Reception Location: The Citizen Hotel
Catering: The Citizen Hotel
Wedding Coordinator: Every Little Detail
Flowers: Ambience Floral Design
Brides Dress: Miosa Couture
Cupcakes: Icing on the Cupcake

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  1. Beth Baugher

    It was like Christmas morning viewing this BEAUTIFUL slideshow. The dream team was in the house. I love you and was SOOOOO proud of how you held up working on your feet for 9 hours while being 9 months preggers.


allyson and ben {wedding}

February 15th, 2010
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I don’t think there are enough words for how freaking awesome Allyson and Ben are. They are AMAZING and we LOVE them. Dustin and I were thrilled to shoot their wedding a little over a week ago. They were amazing to work with, and made our job so dang easy! It was fabulous. We arrived after most of the getting ready was over, but I loved catching a few shots of Allyson’s final preparations. Her mom and sisters were such a big help to her!

While I was busy with the ladies, Dustin got right down to business photographing the fellas. They are one handsome bunch.

And then it was First Look time. Oh how my heart flutters with first looks! We were afraid it was going to start pouring rain in the middle of them seeing each other, but Allyson and Ben braved the outdoors to see each other. Seriously, this is one of the best first looks we have ever witnessed… there was just electricity in the air. Ben was so anxious to see his bride – and I can’t blame him!

Already emotions were running high, and it was just out of this world! We had lots of time prior to the ceremony starting for portraits of our beautiful couple and their awesome bridal party. I so enjoyed every single one of them! It was a blast!

Then it was time for a little photo lovefest with Allyson and Ben. Holy moly these two are photogenic. I felt like I could do no wrong… just point and snap and MAGIC!

as I mentioned in their sneak peek, we did some of their portraits at a gun store. Thanks to the staff of Just Guns who were so cool with us crashing their story on a stormy Saturday. They let us do whatever we wanted and they pictures turned out super fun.

And then it was time to get these two married! I loved their ceremony… they read letters to each other, had friends share quotes and had a lot of tears and laughs. Perfect way to begin their lives together!

Then it was party time! And how cute is all the origami? Allyson’s cousin made their super cool cake topper and they had a tree full of paper cranes. I loved it!

I LOVE this picture of Allyson and her dad as they started their dance… and I even MORE love that Allyson’s mom joined in on the dance half way through. I’m TOTALLY doing that when my Lauren girl gets married.

Allyson and Ben THANK YOU for being so freaking over the top amazing. We LOVE that your wedding was the start of our 2010 season. Thank you for sharing your love with us, and for making us feel so much a part of your family. We love you guys and wish you a lifetime of happiness! Check out the SLIDESHOW HERE or below for more images of Allyson and Ben’s fabulous wedding.

Wedding and Reception Location and Catering: Croatian-American Cultural Center
Flowers: DIY
DJ: Family Friend with mad skills
Cake: Freeport Bakery
Bridal Hair and Makeup: Jessica Stine Spanish Fly Hair Garage

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  1. Beth Baugher

    YAYYYYY ! GREAT WAY TO KICK OFF 2010. rock it out sister the way only you can do ! love this post, i was jones-in for smp fix over here.

  2. April

    Amazing photos….you’re photos are always amazing! I want to get married over and over again every time I see photos.


Jill and Jacob {Wedding}

November 6th, 2009
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Delightful and cute Jill and Jacob! They are such sweeties, and their wedding was A LOT of fun. We had a great time photographing them and their super fun family and friends. It is always nice to shoot EVERYTHING in one place from the getting ready to the final dance. It was a great day with a great couple.

Dustin got to hang out with the fellas!

And because Jill and Jacob are super rad, they had a delightful first look. It made me happy.

Then we took some pictures of the bridal party being their super cute selves.

Then it was time to get Jill and Jacob married! After being together for a decade, it was so lovely to see these two get hitched!

Then is was couple portrait time! We had a great time roaming the streets of Sacramento.

Then it was time to get the party started! Jill and Jacob had a wonderful reception full of fun for everyone. And can I just tell you how much I loved the cake and centerpieces… so pretty!

Thank you Jill and Jacob for letting us be a part of your beautiful wedding! We loved every second! Check out the SLIDESHOW HERE or in the box below for more images from this awesome wedding.

Wedding Ceremony and Reception: Vizcaya Inn
Flowers: Flourish
DJ: The Entertainment Team
Cake: River City Cakes

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  1. Jill

    Sarah, they’re beautiful!! You and Dustin are the best!!

  2. Shannon Cosgrove-Rivas

    What a sweet and wonderful couple. The pics are totally amazing! I got misty even and I am a jaded wedding vendor. Congrats tot he happy couple.


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