Meredith and Jeff {eSession}

November 17th, 2010
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Oh Meredith and Jeff. Are there two prettier people in the whole wide world? Probably not. But let’s add super fun and charming onto that triple scoop sundae of good lookin’ and you have this adorable pair. I was so excited when they scheduled their engagement session to be in San Francisco last week. Even better, my beloved Bethie B just happened to be in town with me and you know what, I promised her a bread bowl of clam chowder if she shot the session with me. And she did! And we killed it! And we ate clam chowder! Seriously, it just doesn’t get better!
Thank you Beth for the photo on the right. I will be making that into a canvas and taking full credit for it… I’m just saying. Also… Beth and I were a tiny bit obsessed with Meredith’s stockings. Wait.. we were TOTALLY obsessed with them.
I have a LOT to thank Salvador Dali for – a kick ass paper on him my junior year of college, surrealism and now these AMAZEBALLS pictures! Thanks Sal!


Jeff, I love you for being a little goofy. I know you were kind of over having your picture taken at this point… but you were amazing. I owe you a beer. Seriously.

Do yourself a favor and get your daily recommended dose of SMP by watching the SLIDESHOW HERE or below for this super fun shoot. Meredith and Jeff I’m kind of mad that I have to wait until next September to photograph you again… but I can’t wait!

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  1. Chris Stewart

    Love love love this session guys!!! Way to Rock dat Shiz!!

  2. Meredith

    You did an amazing job Sarah and Beth! Thank you for the fun day. I know Jeff had a great time too, but he will take you up on the beer offer. Can’t wait for the next round of pics!

  3. Shavonda Quiroz

    These photos are absolutely gorgeous!! The couple is beautiful and Sarah just keeps getting better and better:) These images give me something to look forward to. I cant wait.

  4. Sharon Cammisa

    It was so beautiful, I wept! but, I AM the mother of the bride, so I guess it’s ok. thanks for a GREAT job!

  5. Trish Trammell

    SERIOUSLY ……….. These are the greatest images ever. I love the story you tell through your lens.

  6. Shannon/flourish

    What stunning images of a gorgeous couple! Sarah Maren=rockstar photographer!

  7. Kate Miller Events

    I was JUST telling Jeff and Meredith last night that you are like lightening when it comes to editing – I didn’t realize I’d wake up to THIS gorgeousness!

    I am ever-so-grateful that I somehow manage to get the BEST clients EVER! I adore this couple – they are gorgeous, fun and just all-around good people to boot. I am so very excited to celebrate their wedding day with them – and this just amps me up more!

  8. Tammy K

    I LOOOOVE these, and I love their style. Perfect pictures!

  9. Caitlin

    I’m so happy I met you in San Francisco! You blow me away. These are amazing! G’head girl :)

  10. Becca Dilley

    Awesome engagement session – a little vintage, a little saucy, and the couple looks so comfortable throughout!


Shannon and Cliff {wedding}

September 24th, 2010
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Shannon and Cliff had their super delightful wedding last Monday in San Francisco at the stunning Cliff House. Yes, that’s right they got married on a Monday. I’m a fan of weekday weddings (we are shooting three this year, and I LOVE IT!) This wedding was just lovely! We started off with Shannon and Cliff’s first look. They were really, really cute.

Then we grabbed some portraits of the bridal party and our happy couple… because that’s the beauty of a First Look! You get to do all the fun stuff when there is plenty of pretty light! Hooray!

And then it was ceremony time! The yummy sunset over the ocean ceremony made me extremely happy.

Shannon and Cliff has a beautiful reception full of delightful details. I loved the tropical, beachy theme.

Shannon and Cliff also had sparklers! I love sparklers, and Dustin love’s long exposure photographs… it was basically a match made in heaven.

Congratulations to Shannon and Cliff! We are so happy for you, and so grateful to have been a part of your beautiful wedding. Check out more images in their SLIDESHOW HERE or below.

Ceremony and Reception Venue: The Cliff House
Wedding Coordinator: Exquisite Events
Florist: Callalilly
DJ: E Events DJ

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  1. Shannon

    Hi Sarah,
    You did such an awesome job, I could not have asked for a better photographer!! You illustrated everything beautifully!!! I have to tell you I knew you would do a good job, and was so excited to see your work I checked your blog everyday while I was on the honeymoon because I was so excited to see the pictures. Hahaha! Thanks for all that you did. It is wonderful!!!!!!

  2. meg

    These are awesome! I love the shots with the ocean in them; and my favorite is the “Love” sparklers…neat!

  3. Beth Baugher

    AWESOME SARAH. AGAIN, you rocked this wedding like nobodies business. the sparker photo is to die for. great job !!!!!!!!

  4. shastina

    i KNEW these photos would rock, but i couldn’t have imagined they would rock this hard! shannon was/is the most gorgeous bride and you really captured her inner and outter beauty. bless you for so perfectly capturing the post-sand ceremony moment… amazing. i could go on, but we’ve already discussed your ego issues. *wink* xoxo!


Karen and Eric {eSession}

September 21st, 2010
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Karen and Eric are delightful… like the kind of people you could spend hours laughing with over dinner. The kind of people you just like hanging out with. Dustin and I had a great time hanging out with them last week in San Francisco. Eric is a native San Franciscan, and it was lovely having him navigate our way through the city. We started out in Golden Gate park at the DeYoung Museum because let’s be honest, I just love that place.

Karen has the best laugh! Seriously, one of those contagious laughs that make you feel awesome, and like EVERYTHING is funny. She is like this ball of sunshine, and even though it was freezing a gray she brightened up the shoot with all that laughter. I can’t wait to see her as a bride… it’s going to be a very happy day indeed!

One of my favorite things about Golden Gate Park is how there is this wilderness just right in the middle of this city. All of this green, beautifulness. I love it.

Karen and Eric thank you so much for a delightful afternoon! You two are fantastic and we can’t wait for your wedding in just a few short weeks! Hooray! Check out their the SLIDESHOW HERE or below.

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  1. Eric Schwarz

    Sarah and Dustin, thank you so much for a wonderful day. We had so much fun, we were sad it had to end. Thanks for being able to take two people out of their shells and take some wonderful pictures. They are absolutely perfect. We can’t wait to see you again at the wedding.

    P.S. humm, maybe should have used the reflector…


annie and troy {eSession}

December 1st, 2009
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WHAT? Another blog post IN ONE DAY?!?!?! I’m on a roll here people, and nothing is going to stop me now! Well, nothing but making dinner for my family and watching Biggest Loser tonight… nothing but that. In any case, here is eSession #2 of the day! Annie and Troy! Talk about instantly falling in love! The moment I met these two I knew we were meant to be. They have such delightful personalities and are so stinking cute that I couldn’t be more excited to be a part of their wedding. We headed over to San Francisco for their engagement session to trot around their neighborhood and visit places that mean a lot to them. It was a blast!

Their neighborhood boasts some really excellent places… we started their shoot at a rice pudding shop and then not two blocks away we visited a candy store! Yeah… I LOVE San Francisco!

Annie and Troy! You are my dream team and I am so excited for your wedding in May! It’s going to be awesome! Thanks for the awesome eSession! We can’t wait to rock your wedding. Check out the SLIDESHOW HERE or below for more of our wonderful Annie and Troy.

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  1. Sactalent

    WOW These Are Brilliant.

  2. Lisa Bardot

    Oh my goodness I LOVE these! Especially the candy shop ones!

  3. Gail Levy

    A mother’s dream comes true!! Troy is happily in love with a beautiful lady! And these pictures just show their glee!!

  4. Kate Miller

    Love, love, love, LOVE! Annie and Troy are such a cute couple – I love how you captured how they are always making each other laugh! So sweet. Great work darling!

  5. Beth Baugher

    you are making the rest of us look bad, put a lid on the double posting thing. no one likes a show off.
    really super cool and fun and happy filled with all the greatness that is s&m