Maisey {senior portraits}

May 20th, 2010
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Beautiful, delightful, utterly hilarious Maisey! Oh my Dustin and I had such fun photographing this girl. She was an absolute blast to hang out with and between that amazing personality and her incredible eyes I was basically in photographer heaven. We went to Old Sac for Maisey’s shoot and enjoyed some of this pretty spring light we’ve had. It was awesome!

I love it when BFF’s come along on the shoot. Maisey brought her best friend Chelsea and she was awesome – and she got REALLY good at holding a reflector too. Thanks Chelsea!

Maisey! Thanks for bringing the hottness sister! You are awesome and Dustin and I are so glad we got to work with you. Best of luck as you graduate in a couple weeks! Check out the SLIDESHOW HERE or below and be prepared for a whole lot a lovely.

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  1. Lisa Welge

    WOW. These are b-e-a-u-tiful photos. Maisey is gorgeous!


Peek-A-Boo! {sneak peeks}

May 17th, 2010
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We have been shooting some really awesome people lately and it’s just killing me not to share every single thing RIGHT THIS MINUTE! I mean, we got to shoot Aimee and Jarrod’s incredible wedding in Malibu this weekend… and hello! They brought the pretty, and they brought a lot of it.

And earlier last week we met up with the ADORABLE Lambert family to rock out some family portraits. Hanging around an energetic 2 year old boy for a couple hours made me realize I am in store for A LOT of running once this baby boy of mine is born. But, if he’s as cute as Brody I’m totally cool with that.

And then there was Maisey’s super fun Senior Portrait session in Old Sac. Let me just tell you that Maisey is one of the most fun shoots we’ve had in a while, and I can’t WAIT to show you how this girl ROCKED her session. Seriously, I love everything about her shoot!

So, that’s some of the really cool stuff we have in store for you in the coming days. And we have even more awesome sessions lined up this week and next! Let’s be honest, it’s just a wave of awesome for the rest of 2010, so there is lots to look forward too! More soon!

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  1. Nicole Shebl

    AAAGGGHHHHH!!! I heart this pic of Aimee and Jarrod! Is it awkward if I want to blow it up for my own wall?! Had a blast with you and Dustin! Can’t WAIT to see more. ;0)

  2. Aimee Carrooll

    SARAH! OMG! You’re such a tease – I love it. The colors are amazing. Thank you so much for all you and Dustin have done for us. We love you guys! Can’t wait to see more. I hope Dustin’s arm is healing!


  3. Jen Stewart

    you’re such a tease Sarah!! Showing us these awesome photos, and beautiful people, without giving us more!! :) can’t wait to see more from their sessions!


Kayla {senior portraits}

April 18th, 2010
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Kayla is flat out awesome! When we first chatted about her session she mentioned that she was a dancer and I got all kinds of excited. I LOVE dancers! I am obsessed with So You Think You Can Dance, and love to shake my own groove thing (however horribly) and have nothing but crazy respect for people who can dance. I also LOVE photographing dancers doing there thing. So, we started off Kayla’s shoot at the studio where I made her jump and spin and get en pointe multiple times. It was a lot of fun.

Kayla has also recently taken up boxing, and wanted to incorporate that into the shoot as well. I mean, what is not to love about a girl in pink boxing gloves? After a quick wardrobe change we did a few more shots around the studio and then ventured out into a blustery day to work it out in the fields and car washes around the studio. If nothing else, our neighborhood is diverse. :)

Kayla! Thank you so much for having us photograph your senior portraits! You totally rocked it, and I am SURE you will do amazing things! Congratulations on your upcoming graduation. Check out the SLIDESHOW HERE or below for more pictures of this dancing queen.

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  1. Rachel Catlett

    LOVE IT!! Very creative pictures, and what a beautiful girl!! Love your work!


Gina {Senior Portraits}

May 21st, 2009
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Gina! I love her! She is so beautiful and so talented and so adorable. And she is the best bagger Raley’s of West Roseville has ever known! Gina has always been awesome to us as we gather our weekly groceries, and I was so excited when she mentioned she was a Senior at Wookcreek High School. We set up a senior session and HOLY MOLY can this girl rock it out in front of the camera!

You know how much I love it when the BFF’s come hang out with us on a shoot. Best friends just seem to make everything so much more fun! Poor Gina’s first shoot (all the pictures above are from the first shoot) got rained out – and there was lightening… and that always terrifies me. So we got together at the studio a couple days later to finish up her session. And I’m so glad she did!

And then we busted out the prom dress! I mean, hello! How much do we love a prom dress?!?! LOADS! We love it loads! Especially when it’s so smokin’ hot!

Thanks again to Gina for being so crazy awesome! All the best of luck next year in Chico! Don’t have too much fun… I’m just sayin’! Check out her slideshow HERE or in the box below for more images of this beauty!

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  1. Karri

    you’re my hero. :)

  2. jennifer

    Gina is great and wooh oohLove the black and whites

  3. Julie Harris

    Gina’s mother recommended you for my daughter’s senior portraits. Now that I see Gina’s pics, these are great! I’ll be contacting you!

  4. Ryn

    So much fun…and of course she’s a superstar…all Chico gals are!!!! =) Go Wildcats, lol.