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So I was on Twitter one day and my dear friend Maria wrote “I REALLY need some family pictures.” As a photographer I KNOW how that feels. I know what it’s like to not have any pictures of your family with you in them. It’s the worst part of being a photographer! You have hundreds upon thousands of images of your kids and your husband, but none of you with them! I was thrilled to tell Maria I would happily take pictures of her ADORABLE family. I mean really, look at her babies! They are the cutest!

The first time I met Maria we were both attending a photography workshop. We were paired up for an exercise where we had to talk without any input from the other for 2 minutes. Both of us talked about our families and our cute husbands. Hearing her talk about her family meant the world to me. So, being able to make images of her and that family was a great joy, and a huge honor.

Seriously! How cute are Kash and Leah? Tut and Maria can sure make cute kids! I just adored photographing them!

It was a pleasure photographing Maria and Tut together too. Leah and Kash helped out by making faces at them the whole time I was shooting them… even still there is electricity between these two. When I was culling the images I thought, “This is what meant to be looks like.”

Also, the picture below is probably my favorite picture Dustin has ever taken. It is SO perfect!

Of course, these kids couldn’t stop being cute, so I couldn’t stop taking pictures of them!

Big huge thanks to Tut, Maria, Kash and Leah for making this shoot spectacular! I adored every second with you guys. Thanks for being such delightful friends. We love you! Check out the SLIDESHOW HERE or below for more images of this super special family.


what a cute little family! Love the one of him kissing her, the girl in the flowers, and the boy in front of the wall. Great location!

they are AWESOME!!! Thank you so much, it was a treat to play with you both while getting to love on my family!
THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

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