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Today I am thirty. Today I am Lauren’s mother and Dustin’s wife. Today I am Ed and Sonja’s daughter, Joe and Kristin’s sister, Meg, Phoenix, Mikey and Marin’s Auntie, and Jill’s best friend. Today I am a photographer, a creator, an artist. Today I am the one in charge of the check book and what’s for dinner. Today I am getting freakishly good at Guitar Hero. Today I am remembering all the people I carry in my suitcase heart. Today I am beginning something new – something different. Today I am where I want to be, with the people I want to be with doing things I am great at. Today I will sing and I will dance and I will celebrate even if I never get out of my seat. Today I am me. Today I am happy and I am blessed.


30’s are the new 20’s! You look great and life has just begun. I loved turning 30 and it always gets better from here 🙂

I never realized that you and I are only a year and 3 days apart. Mine was on the 9th. The 30’s are great! WELCOME, my dear!! 🙂

Happy Birthday!! Great meeting you this week! I’ll see you around!

Happy Birthday Sarah Girl! May your thirties bring many adventures to come!

Happy Birthday!!! You share the day with my baby! He turned 8 🙂
You are truly beautiful inside and out. I really do want to have that coffee date! We are so close in distant but so far away in busy…
I pray this year is an amazing adventure, one of joy and growth, and many blessings for you and yours!
Martha (Blooms)
p.s. my girls think you are the bomb! They loved their day at Miosa with you and check your work almost daily:)

Happy Birthday Sarah.


Happy Birthday!!!!

You are GORGEOUS at 30, my dear! Simply gorgeous.

Happy Birthday!!!

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