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Zoe Keating {portraits}

While I was in San Francisco I had the opportunity to do a super fast portrait session with the lovely Zoe Keating. Zoe was gracious enough to volunteer her time and incredible talent to a room full of photographers. Zoe is an amazing cellist. Her work is absolutely heart stopping. I bought her music from iTunes that night and I haven’t stopped listening to it since.Zoe calls her work “Once Cello x 16” and it is so stinkin’ cool! She uses recording and loops to make her one cello into 16+. She plays one part, records it with the help of a foot pad, and then records another part and another until the layers all come together to make some of the most incredible and intricate music. Listening to her play was such a soul stirring experience. I can’t thank Jesh enough for inviting her to be a part of such a joyful workshop.
Check out Zoe’s website to learn more about her and her music. Then do yourself a favor and pick up her disk! You can download her music on iTunes as well for a bargain. Thanks to Zoe for being so kind and sharing your talent. Thank you for giving my 5 minutes and the opportunity to get to know you a little. I look forward to seeing you play live sometime soon.


I got all excited when I saw “new Zoe pictures.”

She’s so pretty.

I totally thought the same thing…where’s Violet and Ben? Great pics and can’t wait to see what new, fun stuff you’ve got up your sleeve after this last workshop. =)

DUDE – she SOOO looks like Jennifer Garner! Go Sydney Bristo!

The first one with the contrast of the blue sky and her brown hair/eyes/’fit = fabulousness.

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